Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Satan Bewitched Them and Stole Their Joy (Important Message)... He Attacked Their Liberty & Their Freedom Which We Have In Christ Jesus and Sought To Bring Them Back Under Bondage Just Like Pharaoh Did.......share freely.....deno.

......This needs to be heard....Friends you can be filled with Christ in your heart but toyed with and bewitched in your mind by the enemy that your not saved, your not good enough so you have to do more and more and more. (Galations 3:1-6). There does exist this strange but yet common conflict fighting against our peace.
...... I have known it so to be that you can spend hours upon hours seeking Gods face, interceding and praying for others and for this nation. You can offer up unto God often prayers and fastings. Be about sharing the gospel, helping others, visiting others. Helping at church in the work of the Lord and yet a strange your never good enough, or its not enough you must do more, or you could have done that better than that and on and on and on those type of things of unworthiness or short comings keep one by one back after back keep coming to your mind.
...... Well Jesus said, even just a cup of cold water, just ONE CUP given to another because they belong to the Lord God Sees and is well acceptable and promises to reward us for doing so, but even against that Satan will tell us other wise. He will tell us that is not good enough.Then the next thing you know we listen to that persuasion and we end up thinking well if i give that person 5 cups, that then will be acceptable, but that my friend is what the devil preaches to you, it is not what Jesus Preached. On cup was sufficient for the reward.

....... So then who is this, what is this other voice that always keeps whispering to us, its not good enough you must do more, or that your not good enough you must go get circumcised, or you must go do this or go do that when you are already overflowing with dedication to the Lord.
.......Friend the accuser of the brethren is often times the very rat railing shortcoming after shortcoming at our minds to bewitch us back into a back breaking, falling from grace religion of Laws that Jesus set us free from (He is seeking control, like if you be the son of God do WHAT I SAY, TURN THESE STONES INTO BREAD (he was seeking control). .......Let us Beware of this for so many believers, Satan has bewitched in their minds like he did the church of the Galations and they become what the church of Galatia became, a person, or a people, or even a church fallen from grace who fell in their redemption understanding backwards and they fell back under the Law that Jesus delivered us from with His own precious blood. The devil preached to them, Unless you men go get circumcised you will not be saved as if the blood of Jesus Christ was not good enough or did not profit them anything. Friends the devil is a liar.
.......Well under Satans control of their minds, of their religious thinking about this matter, some of them did that, they did go and they did become circumcised AND then they found out that even that was not enough so some more do's and dont's the devil added to the list and threw at them since he was now CONTROLLING THEIR MINDS (BEWITCHED) and those once freed men became slaves again to religious bundles from the - its never good enough, your never good enough preaching Satan. Read all of Galations and you will see this truth unfold..Its startling what happened. Satan stole their joy and deceived and bewitched them in their minds back into religious bondage and slavery.....Usually these same preyed upon people seldom find the good in anything or in any one else including themselves. But friends Jesus can make you free again and restore unto you the joy of his salvation. Galations 5:1-8)......deno.....learn and share freely

The Power Of Covenant Interceding..Praying For One Another....deno.......share freely.

      The Power of Believers Standing In The Gap For Others, Interceding for one another, even For Nations.

.......Hey deno, its Friday Night, lets go party. Sorry guys, been there done that. And I can tell you, there exist nothing that taste so delicious to the soul than the Spirit and Presence of Jesus in you. For me Friday night is a good night to offer myself up unto God as a living sacrifice, to use that time to stand in the gap for others, for our nations, and to Seek His Face, for I've learned with such sacrifices God is pleased. God is seeking such people, people to stand in the gap for this nation. How about you? Do you to feel the call? Will you make that sacrifice?

Exodus 32:9-14Modern English Version (MEV)
9 Then the Lord said to Moses, “I have seen this people, and certainly, it is a stiff-necked people. 10 Now therefore let Me alone, so that My wrath may burn against them and I may destroy them. And I will make of you a great nation.”
11 But Moses sought the favor of the Lord his God, and said, “Lord, why does Your wrath burn against Your people, whom You have brought forth from the land of Egypt with great power and with a mighty hand? 12 Why should the Egyptians speak, saying, ‘With evil intent He brought them out, to kill them in the mountains and to destroy them from the face of the earth’? Turn from Your fierce wrath and relent of this harm against Your people. 13 Remember Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, Your servants, to whom You swore by Yourself, and said to them, ‘I will multiply your descendants as the stars of the heavens, and all this land that I have spoken of will I give to your descendants, and they will inherit it forever.’ ” 14 Then the Lord relented of the harm which He said He would do to His people....Moses was standing in the gap.....share freely.

Monday, February 16, 2015

America and All Of Us Please Please Repent......deno.....share freely

Jeremiah 15:1
      Then the LORD said to me: "Even if Moses and Samuel were to stand before me, My heart would not go out to this people. Send them away from My presence! Let them go!

       AMERICA please please repent and return to the Lord. There is a place of no more grace. A place when God has given us all plenty of space, and of time to repent and get right with God, but as we can see in this verse and as it reveals, A people or a person can eventually go to far, even to the point of no return and Gods says enough PRAY NO MORE FOR THEM..Let them go....share freely.

Those 3 Hard Pressing Sins.....share freely.....deno

       Divorce, the redefining of what marriage is, and the pride of life are three sins pressing hard and down on America. Sin, our sins are above all past history. Sodom and Gomorah did not know the Lord, nor were they ever preached one gospel sermon and yet God judged those people for all their strange flesh activity. America was founded on the Word of God. America has been enriched by the gospel of Jesus Christ from even its conception and for centuries America joyfully kissed and embraced by faith the Son of God...... And now, now here we are all these years later treading upon the One and the power and the grace that birthed our nation, God. All because people have decided to love darkness more than light and they have cast off and away our nations first love, Jesus The Word Of God.....Bring us back home God. With all our hearts love bring us back home to You in Jesus Name.......share freely.

Sorry Friend, God Is Not Prejudice.......deno......share freely.

......God is Not Prejudice.....Galations 3:26-28) vs 26) For you are all children of God BY FAITH in Jesus Christ. 27) For as many of you that have been baptized into Christ, HAVE PUT ON Christ (Meaning Christ Jesus is their belonging and their identification and their all in all). 28) IN THIS TRUTH In Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek differences or gentile, there is no difference between the slave or the free. It also says that God in His love is so NOT PREJUDICE that even male and female are equal and the same because for all these mentioned in this scripture, CHRIST is now their EVERYTHING. All are equally loved and all are equally the same. Jesus said if I be lifted up I will draw ALL MEN, (People of all nations and nationalities) unto Me.
.......In Christ, our new born again NEW CREATURE identification in part is that we are Christ Body, His Flesh and Bone. Therefore as for as flesh is concerned I AM and YOU ARE one and the same flesh of the SAME BODY of the SAME ONE and His Name is Jesus Christ who is our EVERYTHING.
......In Christ and in His love there is not one prejudice bone in him or we could say IN HIS BODY. Is there one in you? Sorry if this truth offends you, but I'm obligated by the love of God and by the love of the truth that the blood of Christ speaks to write THE REDEMPTION TRUTH and that redemption truth we all find in John 17:23....Jesus praying to the Father prayed, and Father that THE WORLD will come to know that You love them even as You love Me (The Same).
....... God is color blind so to speak but He is sure not heart blind. He said if you claim to believe and belong to Christ but hate others and show partiality between people, evil is at work in you and your not in the light of the truth though your deceived to think that you are. (1 John 2:9-11) What does the voice of the love in your heart speak about such things?...So we write, check yourself to see if you are really in the saving faith truth. For Jesus said to those religious people that opposed his love message, he said, I KNOW THAT THE LOVE OF THE FATHER IS NOT IN YOU....share freely......deno.

Abraham & Five Men With Beautiful Feet........deno.......share freely.

.....Abraham rose to the top of what God planned for him thru the forsaking of an idol religion that had no real life in it, no love of God in it, nor the power of God in it. And He walked by faith and by the obedience of faith into the life and the heritage and the riches of Gods grace and blessings for Him. Abraham believed God and Abraham served God with his faith walking. Are we walking for the Lord? Is our faith talking matching our faith walking? 
....... If we are really in faith as Abraham was we will see increase in our lives according to Abrahams faith talk and faith walk. Increase of God in our lives in the form of covenant realities, joys, presence, blessings, gifts, graces, manifestations, supply, wisdom, more supping and more communing with the Lord, more fellowship with Christ, more praise, more thanksgiving and more of the reasons for the giving of thanks, and above all things MORE OF GODS LOVE IN US.
........ Without the increase of Gods love in us and thru us (LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY HERE), without Gods love increasing in us and thru us towards others, the rest is more a deception, a cover up, a strong delusion that is deceiving us from the truth. As was some of the case we see in (Revelations 3:14-22).

.......P.S. God does make men and women to prosper and some to become even exceedingly wealthy. Abraham, King David, King Solomon and others are some examples. But each one of them financed or provided for the work of the Lord. We would all be quite surprised how many God (behind the scenes) is now and was the hidden cause and effect of many becoming wealthy on the earth throughout the centuries so that His plans and works could be financed or provided for AND PROMOTED.......Now that is 5 men with beautiful feet right there (See Romans 10:15)......deno....share freely..


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Song......NOT FOR SALE........deno ...share freely................Play both videos at the same time.

If you are going to sing, sing for Jesus.
If you are going to act, act for Jesus.
If you are going to open your mouth, then speak up for Jesus.
If you just have to say something, say it for Jesus.
If your a writer, write for Jesus.
If you play instruments, play them for Jesus.
If you are a Doctor, then mend for Jesus.
If you have money, then give and feed the poor for Jesus.
If you are poor then be rich in praise to Jesus.
In all things let us be crucified with Jesus
and Risen with Jesus unto God. If we as dear children cannot do what we do before the Throne of God we should not be doing those things then. It all needs to line up with Christ love and  holiness unto God.

Living for Jesus

Living For Jesus A Life That Is True....Hymn Song.....Video

Ladies The Lord Stopped By To Say This To Us All With You On His Mind.....A Message to us all with a specific plate lunch Christ designed for our women........deno......share freely.

.......Jesus said concerning His Words and concerning the mysteries of the kingdom of God and the riches of this glorious grace given us in Christ and of His Presence, that there is not any part of Him or of those treasures hid just to be hid, as if to be just a tease to men, but to be sought after with ALL DILIGENCE and by the fire that is in that diligence, all those treasure of Christ and the riches of his presence and glory will all be discovered by the hearts of pressing and seeking people....Even as it is written in Hebrews 11:6 in the word of the Lord...vs 6) But those without faith cannot please God in any manner for it is impossible to please God without faith. Therefore he that comes to God must then first believe that God exist, Then secondly he must believe that God is a REWARDER of them who DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM. Jesus said, He and the Father will MANIFEST themselves to us.
.......Many grace years ago, the Lord told HIS PEOPLE who were wondering around in confusion and in delusions that were going on in their minds concerning things that pertained to their relationship with God, God told them why they were feeling what they were feeling and why they were going thru what they were going thru and God also gave them some fixing the problem HEALING RECOVERING LIGHT.
.......Israel, the chosen people of God, they knew they were the chosen people of God for such was evident to them thru their heritage, but somehow in the midst of that high calling and in the go go go of life they lost Gods hand and though God was there and they in His everlasting love and eyes, it was as if He was a million miles away and no where in sight and to some it seemed HE CARED NOT. They felt alone, lonely, even abandoned. They did not feel the invoked blessing (Numbers 6:22-27) of HIS FACE SHINNING UPON ISRAEL in those day. Instead of things like the blessings of the garden of their heart and souls being watered and sprinkled upon each day with the waters of Gods life, smile, and presence, life instead had become parched and so dry inside and in the land of Israel that was supposed to be yielding its delicious milk and the sweetness of its honey to them, even the land had become parched like a desert. 

.........They wondered WHAT HAPPENED? What in the world has happened to us, the chosen people of God. We were called and chosen by the Lord. We were His Own Hand Pick People. He called us to be Gods special and peculiar treasure on earth. Even His daily delight. But the called themselves sinned so much, turning themselves over and over again to pleasure, to the world, and even to other gods called Idols, that they had attained their new name called the lost sheep of the house of Israel. THE BLINDED BY SATAN.
........Well God told them what the problem was and friends most of the time its the same old thing. God told them that their sins had separated them from His favors and realities in their lives and that instead of giving Him the gold of their hearts love and devotions, they were given him the tin, in other words like the scraps or leftovers of their passions and energies. There is no way to get Gods favor, nor His presence blessings and real realities, nor His best by giving God the scraps of our lives. For the rule of the fellowship is this, give little receive little, give much receive much, and then He told them the needful word, which was their antidote to fix everything and so it is today. God told them, Repent, bring forth the fruits of repentance and Seek Me, and when you seek Me, seek Me with ALL OF YOUR HEART, it is then that you will FIND ME. Don't tease and play with God and God will not tease and play with us back. Church its time to get real with this thing. It is time for all of us to GET REAL WITH GOD.....deno......share freely.

P.S. Church there is also a grace place flowing with the finest milk and the sweetest Honey of the SPIRIT AND PRESENCE OF GOD. How much do we want of God and His Sweetest Presence on earth in the church and in our lives?....Let us repent and remember. God is the REWARDER of those who DILIGENTLY seek Him. He said, You will find Me, when you seek Me with all of your heart....Ladies, you know what the Lord is saying to you. Well do it. Do not draw mens hearts away from God. Do not call them to the forbidden things. Draw them back to God thru Christ and redeem yourselves thru spiritual birth pains as you intercede for the nations that more and more children will become BORN of GOD thru faith in Jesus Christ and His Gospel......Amen.


The Unveiling Begins Anew........deno.....share freely.

       In the Spirit and in the truth, God Himself Has Done Something Incredibly Great For Us in Christ Jesus. This is in part, part of its spiritual UNVEILING. Let us go now into the Spirit of Christ Mind.
       Ephesians 2:4-6) 5) Even when we were dead in trespasses and sins, in that terrible condition, God in his great love where with He loved us, He DID SOMETHING and that SOMETHING THAT GOD DID WAS INCREDIBLY GREAT AND UPLIFTING FOR ALL OF US who believe and belong to Christ. Lets look at this...vs 5) That even when were were dead to the Spirit of God, when we were dead in trespasses and sins, God made us ALIVE TOGETHER WITH CHRIST...but he did not stop there, HE KEPT ON DOING MORE GOOD THINGS FOR US AND IN US in our heavenly part within, in the inner man, in the spirit....vs6) And And And And God RAISED US UP TOGETHER and and and and MADE US SIT TOGETHER with JESUS in His heavenly places (meaning placement and Spiritual Positionings)(Its a heavenly thing John 3:9-12)..And the good news is Paul said Jesus taught him that all this heavenly and spiritual good news of our spirits located in the hidden man of the heart (1 Peter 3:4) was done FOR US by Christ and thru Christ and our being joined to Christ from the Cross to the Throne of his great ascension and not thru any means of our ourselves such as religious laborings under the Law. I He said It was all in the GIFT OF GOD (Ephesians 2:4-10).
        Friend, You nor anyone will never find the sweet fellowship and rest that your heart, mind, and soul craves and is seeking until you recognize how really in love with you God is and what all He did FOR YOU by HIS GRACE in the sacrificing of His Son, in the Cross of His Son and His Resurrection. It was the MOST POWERFUL PEACE OFFERING OF ALL or ever could be and none of it was done in vain. For friend mind you this glorious light, the Living God Himself became flesh and in that flesh by the sacrifice of Himself he tasted death for every man to make peace between Himself and all men that believe. And since God Himself became flesh and was Himself the GREAT AND MIGHTIEST PEACE OFFERING, well then you and I and we all can surely believe that PEACE BETWEEN GOD AND MAN WAS OBTAINED. God Himself Suffered and Bled And Died To Obtain it and to Establish It SO MAKING PEACE....And since God is fully SATISFIED with HIS OWN SACRIFICE, WITH THE SACRIFICE OF HIMSELF FOR THE PEACE TO BE ESTABLISHED BETWEEN GOD AND MEN then all the  Creatures and all the Creation can join God in His Full Satisfaction and enjoy that sweet peace and rest as Jesus does being seated at the right hand of God in the throne of the Father.....Oh Come unto Me Jesus said and LEARN from Me, Learn about Me and what all I have done and accomplished for you in the giving of MYSELF at the Cross and you will find rest for your souls.  Jesus, Lord Im about to run around the block here. Glooooorrrry to God I See It. I See What Your Saying Lord. I See It....Lord Jesus that light is so good. THANK YOU LORD. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
        Until you SEE YOURSELF in the inner man RISEN WITH CHRIST (Colossians 3:1-4 & John 5:24) and Seated with Jesus in Gods heavenly places, Satan will keep you a slave servant in your mind never measuring up and he will do his best to keep you from ARRIVING there in the area of your understanding of REDEMPTION. Colossians 1:12-13) Tell us, Giving thanks unto the Father, who hath, hath,( hath is passed tense) has already delivered us from the power of darkness and He has TRANSLATED US (Where ?) into the kingdom of His dear Son (to where or into what in that kingdom?).... into that SEAT that he has raised us up together with Christ TO SIT IN and To REIGN IN LIFE FROM and to SUP & to FELLOWSHIP with the Father in, in the heavenly places of His Name and love for us......WITH JESUS.....For the FATHER seeketh such, that is for us to walk with Him and fellowship with Him and to worship Him in spirit and in truth as Spirit in spirit, as Father in child and the child in the Father in Christ Jesus in that SEAT hewned out By God Himself for the Kings kids. (King of? kings) and (Lord of ? lords)......deno..

Light That Fuels My Hope......deno.......share freely.

      First Satan stirred up the people against Christ and His Christianity, Suddenly the atmosphere of the nation became filled with hostility against Jesus and His name and cause. Many of the people couldn't understanding why all this sudden change and hate against Christ and his love and doctrine and cause. Just a few days before the crowds couldn't get enough of Jesus. They were singing and shouting praises to him up and down the street. Oh how things can change quickly. How the spiritual winds can quickly change direction in a nation for its good or for its bad.
       Then he had his boys crucify the Lord. From the Cross to the grave all seemed lost and looked like things were all going Satans direction and Satans sin filled way in the land of Israel. But hang on a minute the Holy Ghost whispers,  never judge a book or a situation by its cover or by how things presently look or by what things seem to be, especially when you are talking about and dealing with our glorious and wonderful Holy Heavenly Father, Almighty God. He can turn things back around over night EVEN IN A SECOND, EVEN IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE.
       In just Three days God fixed Jesus and the disciples whole life and situation and even the course of the world thru the glory and power that is all ours in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and that is fully given us thru his far above all exaltation that fills up HIS NAME. All that FAR ABOVE all in power, glory, and in honor that fills up Jesus' Name is given to usward who believe for our believing and calling upon HIS GREATER THAN ALL NAME. 
        It is truth like this that is shining to us from above as mentioned in the previous paragraph that fuels my faith and fuels my hope for America and many nations. God always has the last Word. He is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Put Gods Word First, Put Gods Promises First on your life and situations and GODS WORDS and Gods Promises will the end result and the final fruit of your life and of your trial or situation being by our faith made subjected to the Word and Covenant Promise of God. Put the Living Scripture Promises on your circumstance and situation as was put on Jesus on the cross and in the tomb, and dogmatically believe those promises & scriptures calling upon the Name of the Lord and those scriptures concerning your situation will COME TO PASS in your situation just as they did in Christ.  No matter how dead Jesus was or that your circumstance seems to be, GODS WORD IS OVER RIDING GRACE and OVERCOMING THE WORLD POWER. Jesus stuck to his scriptures and his scriptures stuck to him in his death to his resurrection.     .........Sometimes our situation may get so bad that it looks like the three days and the three nights of Jesus dead in the tomb. But friends who believe and trust and stand on the promises of God in the battle of faith, every promise may have a sudden opposite down turn as if to seem to be dead as Jesus was dead in the tomb.....BUT EVERY PROMISE OF GOD BELIEVED IF BELIEVED UNTO THE END WILL ALWAYS HAVE A RESURRECTION END. If we will hold fast to the beginning of our confidence i the PROMISE OF GOD all the way thru faiths trails, down turn tricks of the devil and thru faiths tribulations, WE BY THE WORD OF GOD, shall see the salvation of the Lord, in the temporal ones and the Eternal one.
      A PROMISE OF GOD BELIEVED is a Thus saith the Lord Word on our situation.  Gods Living Word believed will come alive on your situation and triumph. For Christ death and resurrection power, God has given us who believe and belong to Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 1:19-20). Usually when the three days and the three nights come during our faiths trials, when it seems that the promise that we are standing on is in the three days and the three nights faith period in the grave, it is in that strong delusion most people, like the disciples and like doubting Thomas, throw in the towel of faith.
       But deno you do not know how dead this situation is or seems to be. Well Friend, UP FROM THE GRAVE JESUS AROSE BY THE PROMISES OF GOD, WITH A MIGHTY VICTORY OVER HIS FOES. Your still breathing aren't you? Can't get anymore dead than dead dead, and it was in the dead dead Gods Words and Living Scriptures PREVAILED AND Jesus Rose Again REVEALING THE REVELATION OF HOW PROMISES OF GOD WORK even when the devil has done all he can to kill them. Even when it went all the way to death itself, Gods Promises are so ALMIGHTY GOD FILLED they brought Christ back from the dead. They can bring our situations back from the gloom and doom as well BUT WE MUST MUST BELIEVE. Just no way around us drinking the cup of faith that God has commanded all of us to drink without wavering. Those who believe all the way to the finish line of the trials WIN.
       With God all things, all things, all things ARE POSSIBLE. and ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THOSE THAT BELIEVE.......deno......share freely.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

When God Filled Me With His Spirit In My Car. Be Edified. Be Blessed........More of my testimony......deno

       JUST UPDATED THIS........When God filled me with the Holy Spirit in my car that day it was for real like a rushing mighty wind. My spirit was empowered that day but my mind and my understanding was still so much in the dark about heavenly or spiritual things. Often times I have said about all these happenings, I wonder what this means or what that means? It was like there was a war going on against my perception of these things striving hard against me to keep my understanding in the dark concerning them.  And then the Serpent, you know,  that old dragon called the devil showed up.
.......And Satan, when he showed up to tempt and to take me on, he tossed and flipped me all over the place. I had no idea what was going on, nor did I understand why deno suddenly became an attraction and a target for the spiritual gun sites of demons and evil spirits to show up and war with. I was heavily in the light in my spirit, but I was so deep in the darkness in my mind and friends that is an awful miserable place and situation to be in for Gods people, yes Gods people the bible says, are even destroyed because of their lack of knowledge. In my case it was a major lack of spiritual knowledge, heavenly things (John 3:9-12) and spiritual understanding.
.......My childish idea of resisting the devil in those days was basically just show up at church a couple of times a week as if the SHOWING UP ITSELF contained some mysterious resisting the devil power to it, and reading a couple of verses of  the bible in bed at THE END OF THE DAY which most of the time in those days I fell asleep while doing so. Then the Lord in his gentle kindness and great mercy showed me that one of the first demons he cast out was in a man right there in the synagogue, right in the congregation of the people of God and how Satan is also a scripture reader and quoter. So much for my going to and just showing up to church theology power.
...... Well from that light, there went my kindergarten spiritual babe size theology. It was time to go on to bigger and better things and for years and years God has been at work with me and believe me, he has exercised a whole whole lot of love, grace, patience and mercy with me, not by religion, but in a Father in Son in child relationship fellowship. All that i have done and all that Ive went thru and been thru in all of this, had I been under the law I would not have survived the intense fire of this friction, but because it was wrought under grace and love, backed by strong intercessions going on for us at the right hand of God, and was from a Father in Son in child of God relationship I had all of God for me and never one time in all of it against me.  THANK GOD. Now He has often times raised the rod but I deserved every mark and I cherish all of them because I know, I need no man to tell me for I know He did it all because He so loved......
........ A WHOLE THRONE ROOM FULL OF GRACE is the measure of the grace and mercy. He had to because I was a special spiritual ed kind of kid in the faith. Sometimes stubborn and so hard headed, so shallow and simple, and contaminated with a strong selfish self will having been said to all my life these words, Well what are you going to be when you grow up? From our youth we have all been trained for idolatry and we are the idols we so worship and obey. We mostly follow our own dreams, our own desires and ambitions. We strive and are pushed by the evil prince of pride & self exaltation to do all we can to make ourselves look fit for applause, for praise, for pleasure, and for worship of friends and peers and from the world, to stand out some way as if to sit and reign from the thrones we have built from the materials of our own vain egos. Satans kids thrones, HELLO. 

........We do all this self worship from the evil spirit that spawns from the DO WHAT THOU WILL UPBRINGING ALL OVER THIS NATION, when all the while all of heaven has been famished by the lack of CROSS BEARING and self living sacrifice that is so needed to experience the deeper and broader realities of God in us, with us, for us in our nation and on the earth.
....... Spank Spank was Gods communication to me many many a times in this adventure because of the stronghold of a stubborn self will that I had so wrapped within me. I had a difficult time committing to anything other than goofing off, having fun and seeking a good time. Seems all I wanted to do was have a whole lot of fun in life and take nothing to seriously until my clay God began to press upon and my gold He set on fire to refine over many years according to His plan and not mine. I have had to be broken down, some due to a hard head and hardness of heart and learn to submit and to surrender my self to God with so much in me that so often screamed back NO. Friends I know God is merciful, full of compassion, glorious is his kindness and rich in longsuffering as the most tender and loving Father for such God has been to me. Father in Jesus name THANK YOU and thank you for not giving up on me thru all these many seasons.
....... Friends oh how I thank God my dad our preacher, when he was with us taught and showed me and my brother and sisters how much God is love and how much He really does love us his children in Christ. He went to the Cross for us and as discomforting as that was and because of our need and because He loves us so much he endured the Cross. Well changing  several thousands of dirtied spiritual diapers of baby deno he handled with the same love FOR EVEN YEARS.
...... To be filled with the Holy Spirit in the heart, in the spirit and yet be so Carnal in your mind, in your thinking is so clashing against itself (Even can be depressing after a while). I was like a kingdom divided against two selfs and how for years I found it hard to stand up due to all my stumbling. I had so so much to learn. Still Do. But not as a job, or for a career move,  no not at all, but as a child of God in Christ loved so greatly by a mighty loving God our Father, who yearns to be loved by His children and to do everything together with them with Jesus always as Lord. For we all honor the Son even as the Father honors Christ. Look at the Cross friends. Jesus surely is SO DESERVING OF ALL OUR LOVE AND PRAISE, AND HONOR, AND GLORY, AND WISDOM, AND GLADNESS AND ALL RICHES.

........Do you know Him and His love (Ephesians 1:3-6) or are you the one weighed down with religion with no relationship? If you cannot come boldly to the throne of your God. If you cannot crawl up and sit in your heavenly Fathers lap in His chiefest seat in His place of business, then you do not know (rightly or more perfectly) the heart of the greatest loving Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His perfect love really known and really understood casteth out tormenting fears (Read Ephesians 3:14-21). Pray this prayer often. I have and continue to do.
........Maybe you have a problem with pride and with humbling yourself as a little child to ENTER SUCH MEASURES OF SO GREAT LOVE EXPRESSED thru the glorious acceptance (Ephesians 1:2-8)  and peace given us thru Christ by the justification which is by faith (Romans 5:1). Believe me, I understand that but I also have learned this. Jesus said to us all,  And  he that overcometh (said Jesus), him while I grant to sit with me IN MY THRONE even as I have overcome and AM SEATED TOGETHER with My Father in HIS THRONE. For God so loved....He really did....and He really does.
....... Friends our spirit is one thing and our minds are another and our bodies are even another. Gods Spirit walks with and in one of those. He teaches and opens the understanding of one of the remaining two, AND HE OFTEN TIMES REBUKES, AND DISCIPLINES, AND CHASTISES THE OTHER PART FOR HIS SINFUL STUBBORNNESS AND FOR HIS SELF CONTROL ISSUES....Paul prayed, And I pray that God will sanctify all your parts, spirit, soul, and body (1 Thessalonians 5:23-24). Most of our problem as Christians is not so much as in the spirit but in OUR MINDS and all the warfare that goes own to dominate and to control that territory and it's perceptions and spiritual sight....Thank you Jesus for this Holy Spirits breath of fresh air and its grace.......deno.....share freely.

Satans All Out War Against The Prayer Of Agreement and The Unity Power of Two Believing Hearts........deno......share freely.

       Two hearts on earth filled with Christ Spirit and Zeal in them and with the fire of Gods love, when they unite together in the name of the Lord, they have the highest potential to become a powerhouse of God on earth for the prayer of agreement when they two become one in the heart in love in the beauty of oneness and divine harmony in holiness unto God. 
      The enemy of our faith and the enemy of God, he fights and wars overtime to keep such two people and their hearts miles and miles and miles apart. To keep them from connecting and meeting or their paths from crossing. He works against them to keep them as far away from each other as he can just as he tries to keep souls far far away from the gospel and from uniting with Jesus Christ at the Cross. 
       There, in those two above mentioned places is the Power of God unto salvation and unto getting GREAT THINGS DONE on earth thru the power of the prayer of agreement as Jesus taught. If Satan fails to destroy christians heart to heart unity, or if he fails to keep those two special and graced hearts from meeting, then he and his works on earth are in BIG TROUBLE. If  he fails to keep them from making that divine heart to heart connection, he will then go into attack phase number two and due all he can to cause those two hearts that have met to get at odds with one another thru some form of strife bearing to tear them apart being that he sees the hidden danger they possess inside them  in the realm of the spirit of agreeing in prayer. He moves against them to either extinguish the threat or at least minimize the power and to minimize their damage to his schemes and works on the earth.
       Unfortunately Satan has won in many of these connecting battles and even the hearts that have come together and have connected and who have become one, he has and is ripping apart and ripping up there oneness at the seams by all means possible. The result? Divorce like never before and break ups by the zillions ending in strife and in friction which are PRAYER KILLERS as Paul taught Timothy.
Two hearts on earth filled with Christ Spirit and Gods love, when they unite together in the name of the Lord, they become a powerhouse of God on earth for the prayer of agreement when they two become one in the heart and in love in the beauty of oneness and divine harmony in holiness unto God. The enemy of our faith and the enemy of God, he fights and wars overtime to keep such two people and their hearts miles and miles apart. To keep them from connecting and meeting. To keep them as far away from each other as he can just as he tries to keep souls far away from the gospel and from uniting with Jesus Christ at the Cross. . There, in those two mentioned places is the Power of God unto salvation and unto getting GREAT THINGS DONE on earth thru the prayer of agreement as Jesus taught..If Satan fails to keep them from meeting he will due all he can to cause them to part ways knowing the hidden danger they possess inside them that he, in the realm of the spirit sees....Unfortunately Satan has won in many of these connecting battles and even the hearts that have come together and have connected and who have become one, he has and is ripping up there oneness at the seams by all means possible. The result? Divorce like never before and break ups by the zillions ending in strife and in friction which are PRAYER KILLERS as Paul taught Timothy.......Its all about destroying true spiritual unity power that is in Christians who are promised by Jesus what God will do when two hearts on earth agree as touching anything on earth in HIS NAME.
....... The christian husband and the christian wife have the greatest chances on earth to be that AGREEING POWER HOUSE ON EARTH...That is the core reason for all these sensual temptations on the earth in these last days to thwart a GREAT AWAKENING and for the divorce attack and for the attack on traditional marriage. It is all about Satan weakening this nation more and more in the spirit and in the physical...It is all about the clash between heaven and hell, between God and the desperate panicking Satan......share freely.......deno

        Its all about destroying true spiritual unity power that is in Christians who are promised by Jesus what God will do when two hearts on earth come together and really agree as touching anything on earth in HIS NAME.
       The christian husband and the christian wife have the greatest chances on earth to be that AGREEING POWER HOUSE ON EARTH...That is the core reason for all these sensual temptations on the earth in these last days to thwart a GREAT AWAKENING and for the divorce attack and for the attack on traditional marriage. It is all about Satan weakening this nation more and more in the spirit and in the physical...It is all about the clash between heaven and hell, between God and the desperate panicking Satan in the latter days who knows from the looks of things his time is getting short.......share freely.......deno


Beware Of SoothSayers in the Church. Beware of Bewitchings......share freely.....deno.

       SO IMPORTANT.....Sometimes, and even maybe to often, elders, preachers, bible teachers and others go before the great congregation and speak forth more their own minds faith proclamations and try to pass them off as a thus saith the Lord Word in prophesying. (This is called SOOTHSAYINGS of SOOTHSAYERS in the bible, Be aware of them).
       Now though ones faith proclamation can have an appearance of and a tone of a prophetic utterance and sound as to be from God, we must rightly discern what is of the spirit of the hopeful, what is of the spirit of a man and what is of the Spirit of the Lord, for bewitching devils do the same thing. Its all in the bible. What is of the Spirit of the Lord always comes to pass without question. What is of the spirit of man like a shooting star sounds like a burning light at the launch but it soon burns out having not the Eternal Spirit of the Lord in the words that makes them ENDURING AND COME TO PASS.
       Today there is a whole lot of fortune style fore telling going on in the great assemblies from men's own spirit and fore tellings of their hopes and dreams and presumptions and not of Gods. Let us all be alert to this for it's a subtle sly BEWITCHING of the saints. It is the serpents hiss instead of the Son of Gods Kiss upon the lips of his children....Note & Know the difference......deno.....share freely.

The Real Truth About Todays Liberals and Their Proclomations......deno......sahre freely.

      Liberals in our nation have become so warped, and so twisted in their liberal madness that they go around preaching from their secular anti God pulpits all kinds of lies and deceptions. They proclaim that when God gave us certain COMMANDMENTS about certain specific human relations and certain specific human sexual behaviors and activity that it was GOD HATING ON US. But friends that warped and twisted lie and thought is so far from the real truth. The reason God gave us those specific COMMANDMENTS was from His Love for us. It has always been that way. For God so loved the world that God gave us those COMMANDMENTS and it was because for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, now that is the real truth. What the liberals preach about God and about all this is a lie.
     God gave us His Son to step in between the wrath of God and us. You see God swore in His perfect holiness long ago in His wrath against Satan and all rebellion that one day He was going to RID HIS CREATION of all unloving, ungodly, unholy, satanic activity and when He swore that in His Wrath, friends that which God swore, well right then both God and all of us and all creation, we all were stuck with it. There was no turning back now for the mouth of God had spoken. There was no turning back ever from those words once God swore them. And the only hope any of us have to save us from that SWORN WRATH to come was Jesus Christ and Him Crucified and suffering immensely as the punishment for our transgressions, from all our breaking of Gods laws.
     Without the sacrifice of Christ the Son of God himself, all mankind would have eventually  been totally destroyed with that everlasting fire from the wrath of God for the mouth of God had SWORN and the scriptures sworn cannot be broken by God or undone. They all come to pass. 
      Listen very attentively right now. The heaven of heavens were in shock and awe when they saw Gods Anger side when Satan rebelled against God and attacked Gods HOLY SCEPTER, position and throne. They had never seen Loves wrath side or His hate for sin and ungodliness. Sin and ungodliness was not in existance, it had not been born yet. No created creature ever before dared go cross grain against the holiness nature of themselves or of Gods Perfect Love and Holiness, but be ye astonished o ye heaven of heavens, Lucifer crossed over of his own choosing to be the prince of darkness and the lord of all sin and evil. Of that he could be the creator. Of evil he could give it birth. 
      Satan created sin and brought all ungodliness into the creation NOT GOD (John 8:44 reveals to us the he was the father of it all NOT GOD WHO IS LOVE, HOLY AND GOOD). But in the day Satan fell from heaven like lightning the CREATURES OF THE HEAVENLY HOST IN THOSE DAYS SAW GODS HATE OF SINS AND OF EVIL AND OF THE WAYS OF REAL HATE AND UN-GOD-LIKENESS. That sight, it shook the heavenly host and the creation tremendously from the thunder and the lightning they saw that exploded from God and was magnified upon the THRONE of HIS GLORY the day perfect holiness Swore in His Wrath and poured out His righteous muscle against Satan and all those that joined him in the rebellion unto demonic transformations, ending in eternal damnation.
     Friends, going back to the original Liberal point in this writing, God knew that those certain types of sins that the Liberals now parade on our children and on our society that we have mentioned, those so called ALTERNATIVE LIFE STYLES, God, the true and loving God knew those sins were dangerous to one personally, to ones body in this life (Aids and other things) and to a society, and God knew that those specific sins were extremely dangerous to the soul in judgments in the eternal after life encountered from the events from the SWORN WRATH OF GOD to come against all rebellion and against all real hate and ungodliness. But oh how the liberals, the anti God crowd who are now in these last days the twisted, the warped and those whose minds and moral compass that has been sired as with a hot iron say otherwise about these things to their own downfall and destruction with Satan as if they know better than God. They are the children of the devil. They are the cursed children foretold in the bible. They are the preyed upon in the head with STRONG DELUSION as to call God the hater  for giving them and us from His love for us the THOU SHALT NOT COMMANDMENTS concerning these most gravest of sins and human perverse sexual behavior when the real truth of the matter is that Satan has deceived them and it is a sad story THEIR ENDING unless they repent shall be just as his......share freely.

Friday, February 13, 2015

We Shall Behold His Glory......deno......share freely.

      At this moment I CAN ONLY IMAGINE.....Yet on that day it shall be face to face in all of HIS GLORY (1 John 3:1-2 & 1 Corinthians 13:12)....Jesus said, Father so that they can behold MY GLORY (John 17:24).....Jesus knows He and the Father and their glory is amazing and incredible and more awing and more beautiful than the present human mind can fathom and is far beyond all we could ask, think, or even imagine (Ephesians 3:20-21)....And in their glory there is never ever a dull or dry moment in heaven, in the glory of God and Christ paradise. From eternity it all has been blooming and blossoming according to the time in the Word of God. The word of the God of all beginnings, all endings and all NEW BEGINNINGS. Jesus said. Behold I make all things NEW......And John said, And I saw A NEW HEAVEN AND A NEW EARTH for the former heavens and the former earth had passed away......deno.....share freely.

The Warfare Going On Over America in the Heavenly Places........deno.......share freely.

      Bold and fearless Christians full of love, wisdom, faith, full of the gospel light and boldness, filled with courage and whose affections are set on things above where Christ is seated with the Father in glory, who have the name of Jesus Christ on their lips and the strength, fire, and power of the Holy Spirit in their heart, they make demons tremble, Lucifer scream, liberals faint in fear, and cause atheist to cuss and spit and wish to the God that they claim does not exist, they wish to Him that we were not even on the planet. It is really that hot and that sizzling level of friction going on in this warfare that is under the scrutiny of the eye of Jehovah Jesus Christ our King in this nation.
       The invisible heavens are clashing with this present spiritual warfare going on in the heavenlies right now OVER AMERICA and they are fighting over the future course and direction of the United States .....While the Holy Ghost is praying thru the yielded servants of the truth and in the saving faith of Jesus Christ for the casting down of imaginations, and of every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and His Sons Jesus Christ so as to bring down every thought to surrender to the obedience of Christ, Satans dark spirit in his vessels pleading to him, they are warring against the saints (which is the church of the living God), they are fighting against us to rise Satanism, dark worship in America for a throne to be established for the antichrist. Play church and Hide in your worldly and religious fantasies all you want, but this is the present truth going on in and over our nation.
        Its us against them now and they are now bold themselves. In our face bold now not fearing to hide their associations with dark magic and with Satan himself....The time is getting short on the earth.....deno.......share freely.

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Come Away My Love. God Is Romancing You......deno.....share freely.

Truly God Is The Holiest and the Sweetest Love of all.

        Come away My Love, come away into the arms of My Grace. I have heard your heart. The voice of your love for Me has been heard. Love and faith attract Me. I am Eternal, Holy, and True, the God of all creation. Your love, your trust, your faith has caught my Spirits Eye. I'm drawn to faith like passion draws a husband to his wife and I respond with My satisfaction. Faith drinks the cups of My extended love. Faith calls Me from afar and I always hear its voice. By your faith, My Spirit and your spirit have been joined together and Jesus My Son paid for the holy ceremony of our reconciliation.
.......You, yes you have touched Gods heart in recent faith and love expression and He is risen to romance you back in spirit and in truth. Holy is His Name. Be Blessed for all His visitations of love and grace......delivering a message.....deno.

What Is Your Fruit? What Is Your Harvest?.....deno.....share freely.

      We and our life is like a living seed sowing machine. Every day we are planting things for future fruit and harvesting both spiritual and material.....Jesus said in Luke 6:38 Give and so shall it BE GIVEN to you....This is the kingdom of God way. You plant the seed of giving and in time God Said thru His Son so shall it be given to you. This law works in the positive or in the negative...Go around every day and all day long and just keep biting on people and giving them a piece of your mind. Just cuss them, scream at them, gripe gripe gripe. Sow or plant negative seeds all day long and see what you will soon and even at times suddenly GET BACK. It will not be pretty.
       It pays now and it pays eternally to be kind. It pays to love. It pays to be merciful and be nice. It pays to be gentle, to help people, to save souls, bless souls and to edify people. Give God your time and attention steadfastly and you will reap God giving you His attention and His time steadfastly. Ignore God and well our life's cups will see little of God in them. Remember the rule, Draw near to God and you will reap God drawing near to you......But also remember thru all this sowing of GOOD SEEDS never compromise the truth. Jesus our Lord was and is the greatest GIVER & GOOD SEED SOWER there is, but in doing so he never compromises the TRUTH, the truth of Gods Word. Heaven or Hell he preached it. Right Jesus exalted, sin he rebuked AND FORGAVE. God is a merciful God.
       What do you desire in the garden of your present life and in the garden of your eternal life? Lay up then that which you want. Plant the good seeds toward it, both the spiritual seeds and the material seeds. We will reap if we faint not which means in part to lose faith......deno.....sahre freely.

P.S. Even in the Judgements, all shall REAP what they SOWED on earth good or bad.


Words From The Fire, The Fire of Refinement........deno....share freely.

Words from the Fire, the fire of refinement.

.....Seek not the fame of the world. Desire no applause from people. Care not whether the world loves you or hates you. But seek after the heart of God only. Do all you do and say to catch His eye. Those that seek to catch the eyes of people have their reward.Thru your renewed commitment and love let your love for Him be known by your saying only and doing only what He requires and what satisfies and pleases Him calling upon His great name. Be established in this path of life and waver not from it and you will experience a life filled with God and His loving arms stretched out strong on your behalf filling up your cups to the overflowing with His presence, with his instructions, with his goodness, and guidance. Obey the Lord for how can two walk together unless they agree. To transgress puts you in a state of disagreement with the Holy Spirit. This is grieved fellowship and quenching of power and prayers.

.......Lukewarmness is a forbidden fruit in the garden of grace. Let not your prayers be amongst the spewed for there are so many in this wayward generation of show and tell, and show and sell. Remember the promise, Draw near to God and He will draw close to you. He is your Father in Christ Jesus....Psalms 42:1,2) As the deer pants for the water brooks, So pants my soul for You, O God. 2) My soul thirst for God, for the living God......deno....share freely.