Monday, September 29, 2014

Intelligent Design Wit.......deno.......share freely.

     Scientist say of the picture on the left that this boot is obviously intelligent design. Why you can see that it is. It has laid out stripes of many colors. You can tell it is designed with a purpose. You know nature could not make such a instrument. Its not intelligent enough to arrange the fabric in such a precise, beautiful, colorful, comfortable manner and form it as a shoe for purpose. Then these same so called brains look at these beautifully designed butterflies and they REFUSE to admit or connect any intelligent design force to them. Nope they say, mindless energy and mindless time and mindless chance arranged all this. It was all a freak by chance happening, period. And these butterflies are living things of such high sophistication billions and billions of times more sophisticated to build and to construct than those man made, man designed boots......They do lie and they are lying to the world.....AND THEY KNOW IT.....As it is written in Romans that God has even revealed Himself alive to all men even by the things which He has made. He said it is so clear and so obvious that THEY ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE (Romans 1:19:20).......deno.....share freely.

The Witness of the Spirit...Combating Doubt.......deno.......share freely.

      When you know the Lord you need not others to approve or disapprove this knowing whether you know him or not. When His Spirit is in you you know this. His Spirit bears witness with our spirits that we are the children of God. This is an inward witness, and a inward verification from the Spirit of the Lord to and within our hearts that we are his and he is ours.... When that witness and that verification is real to you, other voices or other approvals we need not fetch. For My Sheep Jesus said hear my voice and I am known by them. This inward witness we speak of, it is as sure and clear to you as the knowing you have in your spirit or in your heart of whether you are married or not. It is that clear..
     Howbeit, in the mind which is often times the target and play ground of the father of lies and the prince of doubt and deceptions, if he can draw your attention out of the Spirit and into the flesh senses and flesh feelings and circumstances, and get you to start to interpret spiritual things and spiritual truth by what the flesh dictates to us and other wrong persuasions, if he can get us defining heavenly things and heavenly truths by what our flesh tells us, he can then cause even some of the most Spirit filled people that have ever lived to doubt truths, to question their true grace experiences, and things that are already established and true....
      Listen carefully.....Remember with me how John the baptist, how he was filled the Holy Spirit of God  from his mothers womb. He was so in tuned to the Spirit of the Lord that he lived a great sanctified life from his childhood because he knew, and he was fully sure in his heart that he was indeed GOD CALLED and God anointed. He even knew that the scriptures spoke of him and his calling and ministry and its purpose and knew exactly where all that light was in the scriptures about him and his calling. He knew he was the voice of the one crying out in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the Lord, make a straight path for his entrance. And also John was taught from his childhood by the Holy Ghost all he was to do and preach. He even knew the voice of the Lord. The voice of the Lord told him one day, When you see the heavens open and the Spirit of God descending like a dove upon a man and remaining upon him, THAT IS MY BELOVED SON THAT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING ON. "PROCLAIM HIM".....
      All that glory and grace happened to John just like Gods Spirit told him and taught him THAT IT WOULD. Then just a few months later after seeing, hearing, and experiencing those mighty grace events, Satan came against John and was messing with Johns head thru an arrest and thru threatening circumstances. This, the greatest Spirit filled prophet of the old testament (Jesus said that of John) that even exceeding in his calling importance above  Moses' pulpit, John the baptist, John was so negatively effected by the voices of the circumstances that had come against him and by the voices and the whisperings of the devil to his mind zone of his being, John, this most Spirit filled man and prophet of the old testament,  HE BEGAN TO HAVE GIGANTIC DOUBTS IN HIS MIND ABOUT JESUS BEING THAT PROMISED ONE though John had the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God alive and dwelling in his heart  since he was in the womb and had great visions and visitations from the Lord who called him. (THIS MY FRIENDS SPEAKS TO US VOLUMES). 
        You see, by all these attacks of the devil, John was lured out of the Spirit where the true and divine witness had been teaching all things to John and got him over into the flesh and into the upper region of the mind by the application of anxiety works, and hardships, and threatenings, and that my friends is the devils delight and play ground where he is a master at making even the most Spirit filled people like John was to doubt God and even question doubtfully their own experiences of GREAT LEVELS OF GRACE...Even after all those visions of great visual witness that he saw, and even after hearing the voice of God clearly speak that Jesus just a few months earlier in the Jordan was GODS SON, John in prison with his head so full of demonic attacks against his peace, sent some of his follower to to ask Jesus afresh. Are you really the One or are we to look for another?..... 
       Friends, the more we really walk in the Spirit, the more we will hear God and experience for ourselves more of His inward Presence in us and with us and for us. But if Satan can get us over in the flesh and in the natural mind, he will certainly start toying with our heads and we could become as double minded and not sure about our salvation, our callings, what is divine truth,  and even wonder about the great grace experiences that God has given us as He did John the baptist. So do, obey, and stick with what the Word and Spirit of Jesus has said and you will be where Jesus is. Jesus is the Word. Amen....deno......share freely.

Solomons Cry..Solomons Lessons.....deno....share freely.

      Is our hearts love, faith, convictions, and religion more about pleasing us or more about pleasing Jesus.? You know, King Solomon after God had appeared to him in a vision when he was a child when he received the promise of wisdom, wealth, honor, and riches from the Lord, for a while afterwards Solomon served the Lord, but eventually the world got in to him, unbridled non covenant gentile women got in to him, and the sin nature that we all have in our flesh took him down roads that when he was a child he thought he would never go down such roads contrary to the will of the God. 
       How many of us have done this very same thing as Solomon did? We started out loving the Lord. He was so real and beautiful to us. Our days were filled with His smile and His brightness blessings, but the tempter came and hissed at us hiding behind something or someone, and the next thing we know we are up to our neck in sin and disobedience and we start to live for our own good pleasure after the flesh again, instead of the Lords good pleasure after the Spirit,  a pleasure that we were created to give Him in the first place and when we backslid or fell in the temptations, we lost the joy of the Lord and His Manifested Presence that we were so deliciously tasting and enjoying. God has seen this over and over again in us the church and its many members.....
      Well for years God saw this same thing, this same kind of behavior in King Solomon, even to the degree of abominations. Solomon in his temptations and in his sin craving for relations with all those un-covenant gentile women began to take the wealth God put in his trust and hands, and he began to use that wealth to make those ladies who were IDOL WORSHIPERS temples for their Idols so that they could bow their knee to them, a thing which also Solomon did from time to time and that was the major sin of his sin legacy. The king of Israel that built the magnificent Temple of the Lord, went from that holy sacred place and built for his forbidden gentile wives TEMPLES TO for their idols to be worshiped in as well...
       Yet as time and age began to take its toil on Solomon he began his elder-ish level reflections of the life he lived on earth before God and before man. What he saw concerned him as it should have and as it should concern us all as we also look into the reflection of the real truth about us and about our lives on earth and how we have lived our life before God and before man. After all, the bible tells us that it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the Living God, esp. when your not on his good side, and not possessing his favor, mercy, and approval. As it is written, He shall judge the world in righteousness....
      Well, Solomon as he was more seriously reflecting back on his life, he, if i may put it this way, broke down in tears at how so often he had failed God. He saw how so often he had put his interest and pleasures and lust above Gods interest and holy pleasure when God had been so kind and gracious to him in so many ways, even after the Lord had appeared to him......
      In his reflecting of times past, he remembered the 2 times that the Lord had Himself appeared to him about those forbidden gentile women that He had specifically told him and all the men in Israel, Do Not Go Into Them,  and all those temples he had built with the money and wealth that God supplied him from his youth as if they (those idols) should be compared to Jehovah, the one true God and the glorious temple in Jerusalem. He recalled how when the Lord appeared to him when he was in his sin crazed madness and was marrying the gentile women and built their idols temples after God had warned all of Israel including himself to NEVER DO SUCH ABOMINABLE things and told him of these greater sins of his, how that he refused to repent. Yes the bible says that after the Lord himself had appeared to Solomon and addressed to him about these sins and these issues, it says yet Solomon did not repent.(AMAZING). He said no face to face to God and lived to tell about it. God said, I will be merciful to him that I will be merciful unto. God was exceedingly merciful to Solomon mainly for King David his fathers sake....
       He began to reflect back on all those wine infested banquet parties he used to have as king of Israel and all that that strong drink caused to erupt in Israel from the kings headquarters and party feast.. It was a big time party in the days of the great king Solomon.....
       But now that life and age was wearing him down as it does us all in its season, Solomon became a more broken down man if i may put it that way, and his heart then was TURNED TOWARD HIS CHILDREN to plead with them from his own life's sins and mistakes, to warn them from his own experience and wisdom banks, of the two paths that exist in life. The path of life and real blessings that comes by living only for Gods good pleasure and obeying His Commandments, verses the path of death and shame, and hurt and dishonor that comes from knowing God but not living a life that honors and pleases God above everything else and above every one else....
      As we read all this GOING ON AS HE PENNED in the Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, we hear the heart of an aging Solomon crying out in his wisdom and from the deep depths of his experiences pleading with his sons and all his children to choose wisdom and life, over death and shame. Over and over again we hear him cry, Hearken unto my words my son and attend unto my sayings, for they are life to those that find them and they are health to all their flesh, and they will show you in their light the path that leads to life from the path of darkness and of death. He would preach, listen , read, study, cherish my words and my sayings; Bind them about thy neck and never depart from them and it will go well with you in the land of the living.....He finished the multi-paged cry with this. He said in Ecclesiastes 12:13-14) He said...Children, let us hear the conclusion of the purpose of all this that i have said and penned, and of its whole matter, We all from our youth should love and fear God, and keep His commandment and ways, for this is the whole duty of man. 14) Why? For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing whether it be good , or whether it be evil........
      The fire of God and the heart of a most beautiful consecrated christian lady who loves God with all her heart and soul has helped me to also more perfectly see and come to this life purpose and calling that God has called us all unto. Solomons' long, drawn out sermon written in the whole 2 books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes combined called THE WHOLE DUTY OF MAN (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14-- the sermons beginning and ending text..There exist nothing in life more important, nor of higher achievement than this, than to love Jesus our Lord and our God and to believe and obey His Words. Keep His Commanndments. And Do His Will......Amen......deno.....please share freely.

This Is The Worlds Blindness.....deno.....share freely.

      People that do not really know God will hang out with any name, any spirit, any spokesman, any song and dance, any doctrine, any theory, and any beliefs other than Jesus Christ His Son...John 2:22-23) The scriptures say (and Jesus said the scriptures cannot be broken or err, they say), Who is a liar but those who deny that Jesus is the Christ. These are antichrist.....23) Whosoever denies and says that Jesus Christ is not the Son of God and the Christ, they do not have God and they are antichrist...
      God put His own period at the end of that truth just spoken above. Only the deceived and deceivers add to this.....When they do they suddenly preach that God has many forms and many faces and in every culture their cultures beliefs, though they differ greatly, is God talking to them... etc..
     This just said is the blindness of the world...Satan has constructed and formed this lie into the worlds heart and mind to keep them from seeing their need for the Cross of Christ which is the true way of God unto salvation. For Jesus died for our sins and rose again for our justification..But all that redeeming power does no one any good if not believed and received. So as long as they feel God has spoken to them in all their cultural forms, beliefs, and traditions since the founding of their nations they feel they have no need of Jesus. This is Satan's big trick in the worlds heart and mind.
      Father in Jesus Name open their eyes to their need of Jesus Your Risen Son unto their salvation.....deno....share freely.

Gods Storm Stopping Power In Promises.......deno.......share freely.

     If my tears and my anxieties were the key to God fixing my problems and meeting my needs every time, then I would have it made by now and all my mountains would be gone, and all the rough place made smooth. But I have learned and found out this sobering truth. God does not always move according to peoples needs, nor does our tears move Him to automatic action. In His love and mercy He sometimes responds to these, but in tears there is no guarantee or full assurance that He will. If that were the truth then no one would be sick or lacking food no where in all the world. This is a sobering truth.
      Faith which works by love is what moves God. I mean God wills that everyone be saved for that is every ones need. Its even the whole worlds greatest need. But more go to hell than heaven so the need itself needed does not solve the problem. The need itself does not automatically meet the need just as our need of salvation does not automatically save us. The real truth of this matter is WE MUST BELIEVE SOMETHING. We must believe His Sons WORDS & GOSPEL MESSAGE. Then and only then is the needed connection made and your salvation need met. And so it is with all the lesser needs. This to is a sobering truth.
       In Hebrews 4:2 we read that only by mixing our FAITH with Gods words, only then do we profit or gain. When you mix one thing with something else, there is an entrance, there is a blending. In Christ Jesus when our hearts believe, the hidden man of our hearts reaches his spiritual hands on to the Word & Promise of God and lays holt on to Gods presence, gripping His power on earth that is packaged and in-housed inside Gods Words & SENT TO US PROMISES. And if his (the hidden man of our hearts-1 Peter 3:4) FAITH HANDS are the strong type that grips and cleaves to God thru the counter attacks, that is he does not let go of those Words & Promises until whatever he is believing  God for comes to pass, then those words and those promises COME TO PASS.  Jesus truly truly said they were. The four gospels and the book of Acts are full of people like you and I that really did this, really believed and really receive. They all made THE BOOK, the bible.
      This FAITH TRUTH ABOVE is where a whole lot of spiritual wrestling goes on. Satan and his helpers are constantly fighting against us trying to pull those Words and Promises that we are believing out of the hidden man of our hearts hands which is our hearts faith. These dark forces wrestle with us- in spiritual warfare- desiring we give up under their many deceiving tricks that they launch against us in the fight of faith. hoping we throw in the towel and faith faint.
      Jesus told us in the faith battle that it is those who ENDURE IN FAITH UNTO THE FINISH LINE, they are the ones that shall be saved and shall receive what they are believing for. So in the storm  Jesus says and ask us what he said and asked his disciples when they were together on the boat in a mighty opposing STORM that had rose up against them. In the midst of the storm Jesus says to us all, WHERE IS YOUR FAITH ? (Luke 8:22-25). 
      Lets note this. When Jesus mixed HIS FAITH with that raging storm that was huge and threatening, he showed us that proper FAITH MIXING can solve any problem and bring peace in the most threatening situations. Jesus rose up. He faced the storm as one having authority. He believed in his heart. Then he spoke with his mouth his faiths purpose and his faith went forth and entered into that storm and the MIXING BEGAN and his faith after being MIXED with that storm totally put the brakes on it and the storm ceased to be. Scroll down....
          Whatever our storm is we can take the promise of God that God spoke and filled with His Storm Stopping Authority and Power that covers our need or desire and fill our hearts with its spiritual substances and light, believe it is true for us in our hearts, and pray and speak in faith (as our Master & Teacher did) those words, letting the mixing of faith begin and put the brakes on our storms until the light of life, salvation, healing, the desire of our heart, and more abundant living dawns into our worlds reality... Read Mark 4:10-21, Mark 11:12-26....deno......share freely.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

My Personal American Conviction....In Honor of My God and To His Son Jesus Christ My Redeemer and My Redemption, and to My Earthly Father and Mother Who When They Were Here With Us Were Believers, Preachers, and Patriots Who Loved Our Nation.....deno.....please share if you also agree.

By Deno Smith
     In a nation that has become a mass of many different cultures and beliefs, I understand that a President should not nor cannot publicly choose sides and that is understandable, but he damn well better choose this, and that is to enforce the Constitution that is the law of the nation that says we all must respect one another's religious differences without blood shed, and not fight for minority beliefs to over ride, control, and dictate over the majority conviction in a democratic society.
        For those that would murder in cold blood as to behead another on the basis of religious differences is far from true light, love, righteousness, and holiness, and is nothing less than a devils habitation hiding behind the face of a religious purpose and cause to murder and cause blood shed to their beliefs opposition(John 8:44-45)......
      When our founding fathers established for us in America the freedom of religion, none of them set this freedom in stone so that Satanism or Atheism could be RELIGIONS in America. Satanism, nor Atheism that the courts have now also redefined,  entitled, and re-titled as RELIGION, they were not included in the religion list that the founding fathers considered when addressing the purpose for the freedom of religion right. No matter how the Constitution is bent and twisted by the crooked, deformed, and twisted mind, these both were considered by our founding father as enemies of the state and of Americas Religious Liberties.....
      But now people hearts have become so cold to God and so warm and welcoming to lies, deceit, delusional thinking, and to sin that they sit on thrones as Supreme Court Judges over this nation and they have themselves opened the door to Satanic Wiles to be every where in the land and the atheist now are using their new found platform in America and are bullying and pushing THERE BELIEFS on us all everywhere all across America shutting down God and Prayer in government, in schools, and if they can get away with it, they will also push their beliefs inside the walls of the church's to hold the pulpits in bondage to fear of what they can preach by LAW SUITS......
      I'm sorry but this is the absolute truth and it is the REAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL works that are being now allowed and perpetrated on us in America. But thank God for the American Center for Law and Justice.....Their Fighting Back For Us And For The Truth That These Words Speak.......Please Join and Support Them......deno........share freely.

P.S. Unbelievers want Jesus shut down in America. Many Jews still want Joshua shut down in America. The Muslims want the Christians shut down in America. Lucifer and Satanism want their enemy Jesus out of America. Atheist want God and Jesus shut down and forgotten in America. Well guess who else wants Jesus shut down and cast out of America? All these peoples power and backing, THE ANTICHRIST AND HIS SATANIC SPIRIT. Folks this is the raw, root truth of this whole matter.

Song.. His Eye Is On The Sparrow...So Beautiful......The bible says out of every nation, kindred, tongue, and people God by His Son Jesus Christ (that He will not Deny nor Dishonor)has called us all unto his so great a salvation and everlasting love in glory.

Jennifer Holliday - His Eye Is on the Sparrow...(Beautiful and Inspiring).....deno....share freely.

Oh Happy Day When Jesus Washed Our Sins Away......deno

We Are Entering A Different Atmosphere In America......deno.....share freely.

    We are entering a different atmosphere in America and the world. Old battles are going to be fought again. Partly in the name of what we believe. But these battles were fought before, even centuries ago. One side is sinful and imperfect but believing in redeeming love, grace, and mercy that is in Christ Jesus the Son of God. The other side is sinful and imperfect but religious evil who humiliate their women, stone and murder those who disagree with their sword. But Jesus told them and us, throw away the stone. He said, he that is without sin amongst you let him cast the first stone to kill her. They were all convicted and dropped their stones. Those of the false religion have taken back up, not only the stones, but the axe and the knife to judge, condemn, and then murder the sinner, even behead them, though none of these are without sin. They are obeying Satan and not Jesus, but they are blind in knowing this. (John 16:1-4)(John 8:44-45).
      We should never take peace for granted in America and on earth. We must be on guard militarily now here at home as well as abroad because religious based enemies are the worse kind. Their armies are ALREADY HERE with fighting units stationed all over America hiding behind the fronts of  Mosque. Religious murderous wolves in sheep's clothing. 
      We have committed and tolerated so much sin and evil in America and our religious enemies see us as a polluted people that must be subdued, though they sin much the same, its just not as fancy and splendorous looking. We must admit that we have made beautiful, glamor looking diverse industries out of sins pleasures. Honest people know we have. We should confess this sin and ask forgiveness for ourselves and our nation. We should intercede for America, which love for God, Country and for one another will. But our religious enemies do not pray and intercede for us who are not of their faith. They are taught to despise all that do not agree with Mohammed and take them out by the most tortuous and brutal and evil manners. Its all in the Koran.
     But what people believe is one of the most sensitive buttons one can push. God in the man Christ Jesus our Lord was crucified as a man years ago because He and His words pushed those buttons. Those words are pushing buttons today....
      The true Spirit of the Lord and of the Throne of God will  never change and will not compromise the truth that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life, the Messiah, and that no man of any nation shall come unto the Father except thru faith in Christ atoning blood, death, and resurrection. These words of truth above are the Sword that greatly divides people apart, spirits apart, and divides all of heaven and hell apart, how much also the world.   Demonic personalities transformed into Religious Appearing Deities would and they even write religious books in other names that contradict the redeeming glory and value of the blood of Jesus Christ the Son of God by whom God made the worlds and by whom He redeemed us thru the blood of his cross and resurrection. These religious opposing this truth evil forces are all part of the spirit of ANTICHRIST (1 John 2:18-23). Remember friends it was a very RELIGIOUS PEOPLE Satan used to oppose and to crucify the Lord of glory (John 8:44).....deno.....share freely.
I am a Romney Fan 2016.....deno

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Will I Ever Change......deno.....share freely.

     Maybe we wonder sometimes as Christians will I ever change. Well it is important that we believers who are IN CHRIST know that we have already undergone an incredible change. A change not of our flesh, but of our spirit. In 2 Corinthians 5:17 we read, "If any man be in Christ Jesus he is a NEW CREATURE, old things are passed away and behold, all things are become new."...Jesus said in John 3:6-12 & John 6:62-63 that HIS WORDS are not about the flesh of man but they are about the spirit of man and about heavenly things, which means things of the Spirit of God and about things of mans inner man, his spirit, the man that leaves the body when the body dies...
       In Christ our spirit, the hidden man of the heart is a NEW MAN, a NEW CREATURE. He, by God, thru faith in Jesus Christ has been changed, created new, made alive from the dead. He has been born again and created new in righteousness and true holiness *Ephesians 4:23-24*....
      Learn and let your NEW MAN inside you who is spirit and who fellowships with God in the Spirit inside the TRUE TEMPLE OF THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD, guide you....
        You may not understand this truth we have taught today  at first but it is true. Your born again spirit is a HOLY MAN. Read again all the scriptures in this writing. What we need to do IS LEARN to walk in the spirit (THE NEW MAN IN CHRIST) and we will then learn not to fulfill the sinful desires of the flesh.(Galations 5:14-26).  Scroll Down.
      The same sinful flesh that has been bugging you today will be there bugging you tomorrow. Our sinful flesh will not be changed until the resurrection of the body day. The fleshes sinfulness is constant. That's its present nature.. So the good we do must come from the new man within, from our new born again spirit who is By God In Christ created in righteousness and true holiness. Even the apostle Paul said, He had to discipline his flesh lest it leads him astray (1 Corinthians 9:27).....deno......share freely..

In Christ Jesus I Am Identified & Blessed Confessions.....deno......share freely.

       Sons and daughters of the great and greatest I AM, we are. Therefore a son of the great and greatest I AM, i am.

Father In Jesus Name, thank you for bringing forth the life and the good fruit of all these prayer/professions in my life and in the life of all them that believe....Amen

        In Christ Jesus I am. I am saved. I am forgiven. I am washed in the blood of the Lamb. I am redeemed. I am sanctified and set apart unto God my Father. I am not of this world even as Jesus is not of this world (John 17:14-17). I am an heir of so great salvation, defense, shelter, protection, intercessions, and deliverance. I am an heir of God and of great inheritance as a joint heir with Christ. Jesus is my redemption and my translation fulness and completeness. I am complete in Christ Jesus. I am delivered from the power of darkness and i am translated into the kingdom of Gods dear Son. I am seated with Christ in heavenly places. I am enjoying redemption's sweet peace with God and glorious rest and consolations being seated with Christ at the right hand of God the Father in love. I am delivered from evil for to God is the kingdom, and the power, and the  glory forever and ever. I am an heir of eternal redemption and everlasting life. I am a joint heir with Jesus of all the Fathers good things in heaven and on earth. I am receiving more good things from God by Jesus Christ. I am comparing spiritual with spiritual. I am seeing thru the eyes of Christ and I am learning and knowing more thru the mind of Christ. I am being continuously refreshed, renewed, revived, and restored in my spirit, soul, and body by the Spirit and Mercy of the Lord renewed every morning. Christ Jesus is glorified in me and i am glorified and justified in Christ (Romans 8:15-17 & Romans 8:28-39). Thank you Father.
        In Christ Jesus I am. I am bought with a price, with the precious blood of Jesus, for Jesus died for our sins and rose again for our justification. I am born of God. I am abounding in grace and wisdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am born again in the spirit of the incorruptible, imperishable seed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank God I am born again. I am filled with the Holy Spirit. I am a student of the Holy Ghost studying & learning more at the feet of Jesus. I am loving God and Jesus Christ. I am loving. I am love filled. I am love of God rich. I am greatly loved. I am filled with Christ marvelous light. I am eating of the most delicious bread of heaven and I am drinking the Holy Ghost sweetest wine. I am much favored. I am richly blessed. I am one Spirit with the Lord and with His goodness. I am crucified with Christ and I am risen with Christ. I am made alive in the spirit unto God the Father. I am created in righteousness and true holiness in the hidden man of my heart, in the spirit. I am a world over comer. I am more than a conquer. I am seated with Christ in heavenly places. I am blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. I am in Gods love. I am in Gods presence.  I am in Gods Eye. I am filled with the joy of the Lord. I am free. I am in the Father and the Father is in me. Thank you God.
        In Christ Jesus I am....I am a king in a royal heavenly priesthood. I am led by the Holy Spirit into all truth. I am endued with power from on High. I am happy in the Lord and glad. I am amongst those and one of those whose names are written in the book of life. I am growing in grace and truth and I am increasing in the knowledge of God. Christ is my head and i am his flesh and bone, this means i have great belonging and even eternal great possessions of God our Fathers power, presence, and plenty. I am in Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus is in me. I am a branch and Jesus is my vine. I am strengthen with Gods might by His Spirit in my inner man. I am comprehending Gods love for me more abundantly.  Thank you Jesus.
      In Christ Jesus I am. I am filled with living, everlasting hope and much assurance from God. I am filled with loves high expectation and my hope does not disappoint me for the love of God has been shed richly in my heart and every day life by the Holy Ghost. I am encompassed about with servants and angels of the Lord Jesus all around. I am receiving revelations, dreams, and visions from the Lord.  I am growing in the grace and knowledge of The Lord. I am basking in Christ love, spiritual beauty, and marvelous light. I am living and walking in the light of life. I am drinking of the living waters of life freely. Thank you Holy Spirit.
      In Christ Jesus I am.....I am asking and I am more receiving. I am seeking and I am more finding. I am knocking on Gods door and those doors are open to me. I am having sweeter fellowship with Jesus and the Father in Spirit and in truth. I am enjoying life in Christ Jesus and I am enjoying God the Father and Jesus in my days and in my nights and in my life, living, and being. Thank you Father.
        In Christ Jesus I am. I am learning more. I am seeing more in the new covenant light and glory and better promises scriptures. I am hearing the voice of the good shepherd. I am understanding more what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.  I am bringing forth more good fruit of the grace of Christ in me. I am abounding in hope thru the power of the Holy Spirit. I am rich in faith, hope, and the love of God. I am prospering. I am a New Creation in Christ Jesus. I am continuously calling on the Name of the Lord. I am believing and i am loving. I am more patient and more kind. I am more peace filled and more humble in heart. I am receiving from the Lord good things. Thank you God.
       In Christ Jesus I am. I am sharing my faith in Jesus Christ with others. I am a vessel of Gods mercy unto honor proclaiming Christ Good News to others. I am co laboring with God and Jesus Christ in edifying saints, and blessing others in Jesus Name and in winning souls. I am more and more loving and adoring Jesus our King, Redeemer, and Maker and more submitting and more surrendering to His Lordship with the help of God. I am greatly helped. I am daily rejoicing in the Lord my Savior. In Christ Jesus I am all His and Jesus is all mine forever. I am one with God and God is one with me. We are walking as one in the fulness of Christ redeeming love and grace forevermore. We are Family. The Father, Sons and Daughters, and the Holy Ghost. I am not ashamed of this truth for it is founded upon Gods  greatest love and good pleasure. For Jesus taught us the love that this truth is founded upon saying, Father that they would come to realize and know that you love them EVEN AS YOU LOVE ME...(John17:9-10)(John 17:23)...Thank you Jesus.
       Father in Jesus Name Thank You. Thank you for all this AMAZING GRACE AND OUR WONDERFUL LIFE in Christ. Amen.

......and so much more we are in Christ but i think by now you see the good point. This is a good confession. Confessing with our mouths what we believe and what and who we are in Christ as revealed to us in the scriptures......

        Mark 11:23-24) Jesus said, Believe that those things YOU SAY will come to pass, then just like the prayer you believe with your heart when you pray, THOSE THINGS YOU SAY WILL COME TO PASS.

       Philemon 1:6) That the sharing and communication of your faith may become more effectual by your acknowledging (Confessing) every good thing that is in you IN CHRIST JESUS....This post is just a start to a great positive confession that your and my spirit will the more love and rejoice in as it hears us confess these truths and good things of grace more and more abundantly with thanksgiving....ALL PART OF THE RENEWING OF THE MIND.....deno....share freely.

What The Spirit Of Jesus Is Saying......deno.....share freely.

     One of the things that I sense the Lords Spirit saying is the days of Sunday school play time faith are now in the past. That evil and its face shall be seen like never before on earth and only the strong and the overcomers shall stand under the pressure of the times for the season of the DRY as Jesus foretold is come upon the world (Luke 23:28-31) ..... That the time of the great trials of our hearts true love and what we most treasure is come. That we as Christians must overcome the delusions of the church of the Laodiceans as spoken of by Jesus in Revelations 3:14-22 (Please Read)...Those that love this world, their hearts shall be crushed by this world for this world shall betray their love and trust and shall fail them in the last days...That selfish men of evil are at the controls of nations and the monetary system and they have ANTICHRIST PLANS....and that it is so time for Colossians 3:1-4......deno.....share freely.

The AntiChrist Scheme......share freely.....deno.

      America please listen to the Spirit of this verse of prophetic scripture. I assure you, the way he OVERCAME them (the saints influence) started with TOLERATING EVIL, TOLERATING WRONG DOING, TOLERATING RELIGIOUS AND POLITICAL LIES AND DECEPTIONS AND CHANGE...
       This tolerance more and more let the evil spirit of the antiChrist increase and spread in the world. Then when that spirit reached it's peak measure, the ANTICHRIST himself shows up in the flesh so sweetly smiling (2 Thessalonians 2:1-13). Even right now his evil spirit is working its deceptive manipulations in the heart, in the worlds mind and thinking and in the shifts of the worlds power, wealth, and peace. He must stir the world up with his manifold troubles to give his voice and his message its pulpit and reason as a false world Savior/Messiah.....
       The antichrist spirit exalts and magnifies the word tolerance that he can continue to work his hidden schemes for his appearing on the worlds stage in due time so that he then can be highly exalted by lies.......
       Here is the verse of WARNING...Revelations 13:6-7) And the AntiChrist opened his mouth and he spoke great evil words against God and against His Sons Name that is also His Name, and against His works on the earth in the places of worship, and he spoke great evil words against those that are in heaven. 7) And it was given unto the AntiChrist by the devils backing TO WRESTLE AGAINST AND TO MAKE WAR AGAINST THE SAINTS, and to OVERCOME THEM......
       This evil spirit is already warring AGAINST THE CHRISTIANS AND THE CHRISTIANS FAITH IN AMERICA.....If we tolerate him, he will overcome this nation. If we resist him, he will flee. The choice is ours. He is hoping we will love pleasure more than the righteous cause. He is hoping we TOLERATE and resist not all his change he is trying to push down the throat of America and then the world. If he can bring this christian nation to his knees unto HIS LIES, the rest of the world is a piece of cake. That is why we are so now targeted in America for his deceptions and schemes.....Let us resist him.....share freely....deno.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Creation #3..THE CREATION OF GOD.....deno....share freely.

      When we understand that the Universe was already outstretched and in place by the Word and information placement and positioning of God in a far reaching laid out Universe Blueprint grand design all the way out to the outer realms of the Universe and God being the Parent of the design of that plan and the source of all the creative life giving power and energy to make it come forth alive and into physical being, that when God said LET IT THERE BE, LET THERE (THERE BEING ALL THE PLACES THE UNIVERSE PLAN BY WORD AND INFORMATION PLACEMENT WAS ALREADY AT AND ALREADY LAID OUT IN PLACE), it was then that God turned the light switch of His Generating Power on and that Power Ignited and activated every word and all that incredible information that God had already laid out in His Heavenly Blue Print of the Universe in His Invisible to us realm of His glory and power and the whole Universe Word and Information became alive and living flesh/physical reality in moments/seconds/and minutes and times. 
        As that life giving, creating energy power of God-faster than lightning fast-went forth from the great COMMAND "let there be light; when all that light and life giving power of Gods Eternal Spirit  life energies connected with the Pre Word Placement and word of God information that makes the planet and the stars, all those words and information of Gods Universal drawn out plan so precisely connected to one another far universal harmony in function, all the way out to the outer realms of the Creation became alive by sudden Spirit and Word agreement and connection and all of it was transformed into physical, material, matter and energy from the spiritual of Gods Word and information that formed them and birthed them that were already in placement in the spiritual realms of God in what is to us invisible in just moments and seconds and in twinkling of an eye moments in time....It is written, By the Word of the Lord were the heavens made...And also, Without the Word of God was nothing made that was Made.....
      So by this revelation we can see that the Word and information of God was in the THERE FIRST and that the pre-set forth design and plan of the Universe was fully laid out as seeds precisely planted in the wittiest position by God and filled full of incredible information that we cannot fully fathom, and then it all came into life and being when God activated it all at nearly the same time when He said Let THERE BE light. At that moment in Gods time His creative power and energy activated it all in close moments of time. At that incredible moment in time The Word of the Creation and The Eternal Energy and Power of Gods Eternal Spirit fully came into agreement and the Creation was born to walk and function as One as The Word of the Lord and the Spirit of the Lord walk and agree as One. (HARMONY).
      What is light years to us to travel in distance came into being mostly all at once in the Creation hour of God...Let there be this and let there be that was in seconds massively wrought and born and so it was...scroll down.
       It may take us light years and light years to go from One Galaxy to the other. But by the pre set forth Universe design plan of God as revealed in this light, those Galaxies in the day they were brought forth came into being in less than seconds apart by the Almighty Energy and Life Giving Power of God that activated and made to come alive His pre set Universe Design that was already fully laid out in full in the Spirit dimensions of God by blueprint plan and fully functional laid out design by enormous wisdom and knowledge information that only God contains......deno....share freely.








Drilling By Faith Into The Promises of God.....deno......share freely.

       UPDATED......You see, here now on earth, all around us RIGHT NOW, are living power filled words of God in the sent form of covenant promises. These invisible living words in the form of promises are always all around us waiting for us to mix real faith with them so that they can be activated and enter into our life for blessings and so that God in Jesus Christ would be glorified. 
       You see the scriptures tells is that IN GOD we all live and move and have our being and everyday He beckons all to feel and press after Him. He said if we will seek Him with all our hearts we will find Him (meaning we will tap into HIS PRESENCE that is already here WITH US). 
       Even so it is with the sent to the earth by Jesus Christ Promises of God. Those words are as alive as Jesus is alive. They are here with us even as Jesus is here with us. They are full of grace and truth and the power of God. These promises are all around us waiting for us to press by faith into the activation of THEIR PRESENCE in us and in our lives.....
       As Jesus promised us that He is with us ALWAYS even to the end of the world, EVEN SO are Gods Promises filled with the glory of God always with us likewise even to the end of the world and beyond waiting to be tapped into by the mix and drilling of faith.....Its time to believe...Its time for us to take our faith AND START DRILLING filled with even refreshed hope.
       Find the promise of God that covers your need or desire, and begin to believe and confess it over you and your life. Keep believing with your heart and Keep confessing that promise with your mouth with thanksgiving in Jesus Name (that is the drilling part) and you will hit what we call in the oil fill THE PURSE or PAY DIRT...
       Jesus wants to see believers on earth everywhere drilling by faith into His Presence and into the resources of His Promises given us thru the precious blood of His Cross...It is only in believing and in the OBEDIENCE OF FAITH that we can experience the full life Jesus said he came to give us.....deno....share freely.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Creation #2....deno.....share freely.

Status Update
By Deno Smith
       The Universe was first designed and mapped out by God in the Spirit and in the Spirit Realm. All space and all time and every Word full of all the information for every star and planet making was set in place and then locked into orbiting position and placement as pre known and as pre understood by God in the glory of His infinite wisdom and understanding OF EVERY GALAXY TO EVERY GALAXY.....
      He filled the great void first with the word and light of His Presence and with the word of His Universe Size THINKING and information in all its designed and dissected parts and functions and interwoven laws and agreement so that the Universe would harmonize together in a delicate yet so precise and accurate balance. All this light of God was only like a single volume of the many volumes of His Infinite Understanding. God Is So Awesome.
       Once everything was in place and in position functioning in the spiritual realm like an invisible blue print of design stretched out to the massive distance reach of the encompassing of the physical Universe which was about to be born. Once all of the living God breathed Words of His power and information was in place in the spirit realm, then God turned the connecting light switch on and the switch and transformation was made. Those Words and all that God information became all the physical matter in the Physical Universe, the Creation of God.
      He said Let it be, Let there, be light and let there, be this and let there, be that. Once God turned the light switch on with the let there be, THE THERE was already filled with the Word of God information that creates all things and (THE THERE) WAS WAITING FOR GOD TO TURN ON THE MAGICAL LIGHT SWITCH OF HIS GLORY AND POWER BY THE GREAT COMMAND..(The whole Physical Universe was born out of ONE SPOKEN SENTENCE OR A SINGLE COMMAND OF GOD AT THE LIGHT SWITCH)...
       When God turned on the light switch ALL THAT INFORMATION THAT WAS already IN POSITION AND IN PLACE IN THE SPIRIT REALM OF GODS GLORY IN UNIVERSE SIZE STRETCHED OUT DESIGN, BECAME TRANSFORMED INTO PHYSICAL REALITY ALMOST INSTANTLY. The already laid out, stretched out into position invisible word of God filled information loaded heavenly blueprint of the entire designed by God Universe was in seconds transformed in to physical living reality to the GLORY OF GOD...
        The distance and the stretch was already OUT THERE BY SPIRITUAL DESIGN AND GOD WAS AT THE SEAT OF POWER TO TURN IT ALL ON AT ONCE......
     We travel light years from star to star or planet to planet or galaxy to galaxy to travel distances in between the stars and the planets that came into being and were all lined up perfectly in just seconds of the power of Gods workings..GOD IS GLORIOUS and Jesus Christ is His sent Son. The Word became flesh.....deno.

The Creation #1......deno.....share freely.

       Everywhere you see a star, a planet, a galaxy, Gods Word and living information was there first in position and in place before they became that physical matter or material or energy. ..It is written, And all things were made by THE WORD of GOD and without the WORD OF GOD was nothing brought into being that was made (John 1).. And when God said Let It Be, Let there be light and the physical matter, The Word of Gods incredible spiritual manifold substance WAS ALREADY in place, in position and in the set pre determined and pre calculated location and then those Words and all that vast information that had first filled the void and that was first spiritual, then after those spoken words and released great understanding were put in their positioning and placement, then afterwards became all the physical material substance in the creation as the spiritual substance of God that was already put in that place and position became transformed into the physical.. But remember, THE WORD & WISDOM OF GOD that designed and created it (like a blueprint so to speak already designed and drawn and in place thru out the great void) all was first in position and place BY GOD and then the Universe was massively and even almost instantly born when God turned the light switch on at the LET IT BE GREAT COMMAND OF GOD....By this rule and spiritual Law of the Word of Gods Power first there and then afterwards the physical was born second from that IN POSITION Word, it did not take God billions and billions of our years to turn the already there spiritual into the physical material.. Its design and information needed for all the physical creations being and function to be born in the virgin womb of the great void was already in place by the previous massive spread of the Word & Wisdom of the Lord, then the Word in place and in the spiritual space and sent into the place PROSPERED and became flesh and the physical creation was born at the command of God when God said to that which was already in place THE BLUEPRINT AND DESIGN AND THE WORD OF CREATION, Let It Be and Then It Was. The Word became all the physical substance, matter, and material in the Universe almost instantly. All showing us and revealing to us a glimpse into all the glory and the incredible greatness of God, of His Power, and of His Wisdom and Infinite Understanding......deno......share freely.

One Small Drop Of Gods Power......deno......share freely.

Ephesians 3:20) Now unto our God, who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to His Power that works within us.....Jesus said, Men err because they have no real clue to the Power of the Spirit of God.....One small drop of Gods power released in His Words is Galactic......deno.

Your Light Will Dawn.......deno......share freely..

      I have been to the place of grace where my faith was so alive and thru that spiritual position of the heart Joy was so rich within and hope filled my life with the fragrance of heavens hope Himself. As it is written...That Christ may dwell, may be real to you and your heart and life BY FAITH.....And yet I also confess to you that I have been to the place where like Peter when though hope was there, yet in my mind I was wrestling with a voice that kept telling me to give up, quit, its hopeless....How I hated those words and those mixed feelings and moods. Then when all seemed lost. When I thought this is it I cant take it anymore, The power of the Lord Literally came upon me and I suddenly felt like I could conquer the Universe. It is amazing what Gods Spirit can do to us and for us and in us....
      Many times we enter great episodes of the power of darkness right before God shows up in big ways of grace. Those dark powers come to thwart a blessing that they see sent and coming to us in the spirit world. That is how they know often times how and when to attack us at those delivery moments to get us to QUENCH THE GRACE AND THE BLESSING by pressuring us into unbelief....Jesus said, By our words we shall be justified or by our words we shall be condemned. By words believed we win. By words doubted we lose. Also Jesus said, I give you the keys to the kingdom..Whatsoever you bind (LOCK UP) on earth shall be bound (LOCKED AWAY) in the spirit world. Whatsoever you loose (UNLOCK) on earth shall be loosed (UNLOCKED) in the spirit world....Remember you have the God given you KEYS. Keys can either lock up or unlock blessings and many good things....So when the pressures from the powers of darkness come...its then in the midst of all those yuk unwanted feelings, moods, and pressures that we need to praise the Lord for the promise we are standing on and for the victory..Press on thru..Your light will dawn......deno....share freely.