Monday, October 31, 2016

We have been called to peace.....deno.....share freely


........Only when we with all our heart, with all our faith, with all our trust and hope put our total confidence in Jesus Christ and Him Crucified and risen from the dead, and in the Power of God to save us, that power being in The Cross and Sufferings of Christ, only then shall we find true rest and peace to our souls.
.......Until then, as long as you are a part of your gospel equation, and you feel you must be circumcised to be saved or do other things like that or you want be saved, you are not resting in the Lord, you are not resting in the power of God, you are not resting in the Ark of your Salvation that God built and provided for you with His own hands in the Cross of His Son for your peace and rest. As long as you are not sitting with Christ and enjoying His presence and the fellowship with Him, you are working and wrestling with a deceiving devil who is trying to make you miserable in your questioning mind....We have been called to peace.....deno.....share.