Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Jesus said. Come unto me all of you (the invite is to everyone)who are weary and heart heavy and i will give you rest (peace of soul, lite in heart and mind), Take my yoke (my guidance) upon you and learn of me (Me being The Word of God, The Word of The Good News His Sacrifice Would Pour Out For All To Read, See And Learn), for I am humble and gentle and you will find rest unto your souls.  ...Friends thank God in the Word of Truth we find that there does exist the reality of a great rest to our hearts, minds and souls from Christ to us. Matter of redemption fact, Jesus went thru all the horrors, agonies and discomforts of his cross, to fully purchase for us thru all those sufferings and pain, a peace for our hearts and souls which passeth all natural logic. The beauty of the manifold sacrifices of Christ was to bless us in every part of our being, and in every area of life here now on earth and for all eternity, in peace. Yes Jesus purchased for us all Peace with God thru the blood of his Cross, and peace for our spirit, our hearts, our souls, our minds and body thru all his pains and sufferings. He left no area of our life or of our being untouched by the peace offering of his achieving and incomparable sacrifice...........But let us note something in our text above about this peace, this rest to our souls he speaks of and gives....NOTICE WITH ME THAT IT IS NOT AN AUTOMATIC TRANSACTION THOUGH YOU COME TO HIM...Now coming to Jesus is the first step. Coming to Jesus in faith believing he is the Christ, the Son of God does cause us to enter into the covenant of salvation, the covenant of peace between God and man. ( Now this is not an emotional peace first, but a relationship peace )... but we do not find in His words here that just coming to him will automatically wipe all our tears away, and remove from us the heavy heart and burdened soul. He says yes come unto me all of you who are weary and heart heavy but he does not stop speaking there. He then demands action, a faith type action from you and I, of a seeking and learning kind.  He says, AND TAKE MY YOKE (my guidance and guiding light and anointing, his presence) upon yourselves AND LEARN, LEARN, LEARN OF ME, ( ME the Lamb. Me the Peace Offering, Me The Anointed One Sent to Heal the broken hearted)...... In this invite to learn, we have Jesus inviting us one on one directly to himself, into his daily presence to learn. But notice who he wants us to come unto to learn from, FROM HIM......this is a supping with our Lord invite. This is a calling from Him to us of One to one, One in one fellowship of a continuous kind.  He knew we cannot depend on the world or others to give us the peace that our own individual heart and soul needs.. The peace he gives he said is not of this world and that the world has not the means to give it. His peace would come to our hearts thru His own powerful PEACE OFFERING that he was going to offer up unto God. But it is to be noted that this kind of peace, this great peace, can only be enjoyed and comes only by learning the awing power and benefits that his sacrifice, the great peace offering, achieved for us and by the mixing of our hearts faith with its great news.  It is after we do this required mixing of faith with the knowledge of what Jesus did for us thru his great peace offering that the peace to the emotions come..Its much like what Jesus said about how the truth will set you free. He did not say the truth will set us free automatically as some think he said. That is not what Jesus said.,( for if the truth itself by itself set all men free and saved all men automatically without any faith of men required, then there would be no need to preach it or teach it to the world for the believing of men.....see Mark 16:15-20..... BUT quoting Jesus accurately we find the truth of what he said. HE SAID, CONTINUE YE IN MY WORD and you shall KNOW< KNOW<KNOW (this is a learning the WORD OF JESUS calling) and its that knowing of the TRUTH THAT WILL SET YOU FREE.   Learn he said, Learn Learn Learn.......FRIEND are you learning? Are you growing in the knowledge of the Lord?  Are you increasing in the  knowledge of the many good things his great peace offering achieved for you?. He is inviting you to the table of his bread each day to eat and drink in all the good things his blood speaks. He invites you to learn, for in learning from the Lord there is fellowship and a satisfaction that passes all natural logic. COME UNTO THE LORD AND LEARN...COME UNTO THE LORD AND EAT. COME UNTO THE LORD AND DRINK FROM THE WORD OF HIS GOODNESS THAT CAME FROM HIS GREAT PEACE OFFERING.........We close giving you this great promise from the Lord who wants to give us all his great peace offering peace, benefits and blessings. Hebrews 11:6 )...BUT WITHOUT FAITH NO ONE CAN PLEASE GOD.... MATTER OF FACT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE GOD WITHOUT FAITH....FOR ALL THAT COME TO GOD, ALL MUST FIRST BELIEVE THAT HE EXIST AND THEN SECONDLY WE MUST BELIEVE THIS PROMISE...THAT HE IS A REWARDER OF ALL THEM THAT DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM....Jesus said, Seek and you will find...Learn from him and you will find the rest  your heart and soul  is seeking.....GOD BLESS YOU FRIEND...HOOK UP TO A GOOD WORD OF GOD MINISTRY AND START DILIGENTLY SEEKING THE LORD..YOU WILL FIND HIM AND THE REST YOU SEEK WHEN YOU SEEK HIM MOST DILIGENTLY.......HE PROMISES.....and like in all things concerning our walk with the Lord REMEMBER we must of necessity BE  BELIEVING ......AND REMEMBER ALSO, the gospel is not the word of guilt and shame, nor the word of fear and condemnation. It is the Power of the Cross of Christ that sets free all people from every form of spiritual and physical bondage... The Scriptures tells us plainly the gospels message in these two scriptures. One..How God was in Christ Jesus reconciling the world back unto himself, not holding against them their trespasses and sins. 2 Cor 5 entire chapter,,,now that is good news.....,AND ACTS 10:38...How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and Power, who went about doing Good, Healing all that were oppressed and in bondage to the devil FOR GOD WAS WITH HIM.....These two scriptures together are perfect guides to help us more fully see the full message of the Power and the Glory of the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST......Freedom from sins condemning power and all that is included in that light and freedom from satanical grips, strongholds, miseries and bondages.....If the Word your hearing does not include both of these, a fulness of the good news which is what gospel means, then is lacking,  for in both scriptures God was in His Son doing these works, not men......AMEN....DENO....AMERICA FOUNDED BY BELIEVERS FOR BELIEVERS..........JESUS THE WORD OF LIFE AND YOUR LOCAL CHURCH AWAITS YOU......GOD BLESS