Monday, November 21, 2016

Though We Have Sinned Let Us Return.....deno....share freely.

 .......Though we as a nation have sinned much, He will forgive us. Though we have broken His laws, he will pardon us. Though our national coast to coast rebellion against the Lord ways and Name has been as the sin of witchcraft and of the wicked ways of Sodom, God will cleanse us. Though we have freshly nailed His Son to a present cross from our doubts and unbelief, Jesus still intercedes for us saying Father forgive them.
........God loves with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3), those who repent and turn back to Him and cry for mercy instead of wrath. God is a good God and all His goodness is wrapped up inside His Son who loved us all and gave himself for us, dying on the Cross for our sins punishment and rising from the dead for the hope that is set before us by his resurrection from the dead.
.......America let us all turn to Him even with all our wrongs, sins, pains and brokenness and He will receive us into everlasting habitations of the lovingkindness of God.....deno.....share freely.