Monday, November 21, 2016

You place my tears in your bottle...Psalms 56:8-13.....deno....share freely.

......Are not all my tears in your bottle O Lord. You know them all like a written book. They write my story. You gather them one and all into your bottle and pour them out upon the pages. There they are interpreted and there before the eyes of the Lord they do pray. There they reveal my longing and my hearts most earnest desire. Come Lord, answer as you read my defined rivers.. My tears are the most truest emotion of my heart. O Lord you do try all the hearts of all people to know the mind of each spirit in every man.....Inspiration from Psalms 56:8-13.
......As Gods heart is now freshly turned towards us, we must turn our hearts to God and to our children and to their needs and tears, and to one another for healing to come to our nation......deno....share freely.Image result for tears in the bottle scriptures