Thursday, January 24, 2013


.....It had been a busy week at work in the gulf and oh how I looked forward to my get away fishing trip that I had been planning for quiet some time. I was ready to have some private relaxation getting away from all the hustle and bustle that had been going on during that week in the gulf. I was ready for a time with God and nature at the lake of my dreams and hopefully catching the big one.  Little did I know I was about to experience THE BIGGEST CATCH OF MY LIFE. Finally I was home. Packed up my gear and hit the road to a place in wonder land America, the land of the worlds highest hopes and dreams.  In the America in which freedom, though it is being greatly challenged these days, it still rings.
     Arriving at the lake of my dreams I could not help but be in awe at the beauty of the blue clear water of the vast calm lake surrounded by rolling hills of deep green pine and cedar trees flushed together on every  hillside.  Off in the distance behind the rolling hills were towering snow capt mountains that looked like mountains hewned out by heavens finest. Between the rolling green hills and the towering snow capt mountains that stood way off in the distance, there was a strange looking rock mountain with only a few trees growing out from its reddish brown rugged surface. One tree stood out from the others because it was exceedingly taller but it was mostly barren of leaves.  One of this trees limbs branched out in thickness and in length over and beyond the side of the rock mountain. Its height  towered far above the ground below as  if to intimidate the deep valley beneath.
    On that branch I noticed and saw something strange. Something that seemed to slightly move here and there upon it but I could  not fully make out what it was do to its far away distance. I wondered what in the world might that thing be. I knew it had to be huge because this branch that extended out from that mountain of rock had to be in my estimation nearly 2 to 3 miles away, so  this blob looking thing that I could see moving back and forth on it I could not make out what it was due to the distance......hmmm...
     Well after scoping out the nature of things in this beautiful place in wonderland America I asked God for his favor and blessing upon the day and  FOR A GREAT CATCH, even one I would never forget. Be careful my friends what you ask God for. God is a big and great and mighty God with a great imagination accompanied by unlimited power. He is built to amuse. Nothing is beyond his imagination to perform. Remember with me what happened to Jonah.
      I went back to my truck, got my fishing gear and headed down to the place I selected to fish from. There was an old peer of gray looking wood that extended out into the lake nearly a hundred yards. At its end stood up two tall wooden post that were the thickness of telephone poles with a cross beam connecting them together. I thought wow, this is perfect. I'm fixing to have one of  the greatest experiences of my life. Beautiful green treed up rolling hills backed by majestic towering snow capt mountains in the far away distance and that rock mountain. Hmmm oh yea that rock mountain with that strange looking blob on that extending branch. Oh don't worry about that thing deno. Its a beautiful day. The water is clear and calm and you've asked God for the Big catch, remember?. Relax your in good graces. That's right I'm in good graces and Gods favor abounds. It was then i heard something...... A voice..... A voice so quiet yet ever so clear and it seem to speak from the wind of a soft and sudden breeze that strangely just came up,and it said... Deno recall the story of Balaam the Prophet. That's all it said. Balaam the prophet. What in the world does Balaam the prophet have to do with Deno the fisherman and this fishing trip? Now I knew the Lord spoke to people. The bible itself reveals that fact in its every line. But why now? Why when Im about to cast my line into the water I hear, Remember Balaam the Prophet.
      Balaam was the prophet who was running away from the will of God and an angels spirit possessed a donkey and spoke through the mules mouth to the prophet to warn him of danger. Of  DANGER that can come when people do  not heed WARNINGS and that do not obey God, nor put their TRUST IN GOD...hmmm I thought to myself. ...this day has suddenly taken a different turn. Somethings in the air. Boy it surely was and I was just a few moments away from finding it out.
     Well I cast my line into the water and I fastened my eyes on the cork. I have fished since I was a kid and have loved it from the start and this day was no different. Deno loves to fish. I was eyeing that cork with anticipation, faith and hope for I had graced the day with the prayer to the God of my life for the BIG CATCH and I was believing it was about to happen. And then something did happen. My Cell Phone rang. I had forgotten I had it on me being so caught up in the days many awes of nature and that voiced message about Balaam that prophet. I reached in my pocket, pulled my cell phone out and pushed the button to receive the call. Hello I said, Who is this?  Hello Deno Its Uncle Sam. I about dropped the phone. I entered into a double awe. I knew he said he would be calling me again according to the need but I did not expect it so soon and especially not on this beautiful day.  His last call to me was just a few months ago. Why today? Why now? Man I'm out here all by myself on this beautiful lake surrounded by all this God created glory I see in these green hills and towering mountains and I need some me time. Some R&R from the hustle and bustle. Why now? What could be so important that he had to call me and interrupt this beautiful day?
     Well I knew his phone calls always had significance so I took a deep breath and said, I'm here Uncle Sam. My ears are yours..... He said, Hang on Deno....I'll be with you in a few minutes....hmmm...ok I said....I'll wait...Strange he calls me in urgency and now he says, HANG ON DENO. I WILL BE WITH YOU IN A FEW MINUTES.....
     Well as I was waiting on this long wooden peer for him to return to the phone I started looking again at the beauty of this wonder land in beautiful America, the land of hopes and dreams because of freedom. My eyes began to scan the green hill sides down towards those distant majestic snow capt mountains and thats when I noticed it. That blob thing that I had noticed earlier on the thick branch that extended out over and beyond the side of that rock mountain was no longer there. It was gone. I thought I wonder what that thing was.  I hardly got that thought out from the lips of my mind when suddenly I heard the loudest scream. It was a scream that sounded like an eagles mighty cry but far louder than normal. The cry was so loud it alarmed me. I had never heard such a loud eagles cry as this one. It sounded almost like a thousand eagles all crying out together at the same time. Again another cry and another. Its voice and sound seemed to be getting closer and  closer, louder and louder, when to the shock of my eyes down the smooth calm terrain of this great lake I SAW IT. The mightiest,the largest, most awing, most beautiful eagle creature one could ever lay eyes upon. He was gliding in incredible speed hovering just above the water of the lake headed in my direction. The closer he got the more frightened I was becoming. For the closer he got the more I realized that this was no ordinary eagle. This eagle was a Giant Eagle of extra ordinary proportions.
     As he kept approaching the peer I was on, I stood up ready to run for my life. I took a few steps backwards then tripped over my tackle box crashing to the peer back first with my heart racing with fear. As I was down the giant eagle made it to the peer and back flapped his giant wing spread which covered no less than 12 feet from tip to tip. When his giant wings flapped you could hear the wind roar like thunder at the strike of his wings as he split the air with his power. I saw him stretch out his huge claws that could palm a basket ball and he landed on the cross beam that connected the two tall standing peer post. When he landed the peer moved from the stress this giant eagle put upon it. Suddenly again he voiced his mighty eagles cry and the land echoed the glory of this creatures incredible sound. Strange how this wonder land in America, this land of hope and dreams that i had picked for my fishing trip, seemed to know this mighty creature and seemed  to be familiar with his voice and presence. But I sure was not familiar with him or his presence. This creature was one of the most awing yet frightening sights my eyes have yet ever seen.  This eagle was to beautiful for my words to justly describe. His eyes were full of seeing piercing strength as if he was a creature of wisdom and intellect and one of deep knowing....And then it happened to another awe of my ears in this monumental day in my life. The eagle SPOKE....Remember BALAAM.
      Now I admit I did recognize the voice as he spoke but that mattered not. When this giant Eagle began to speak to me in the English language I got up off of my rear end and took off running with all my might down the long wooden peer back towards the bank a hundred yards away from land.. I don't think my feet had ever covered territory as fast as my feet were treading in this sprint for my freedom and life. I heard behind me the eagle shout afresh his mighty thundering eagles cry. I looked back to see his whereabouts and noticed in fresh alarm that now he was in flight and headed right towards me in the speed of strong determination as if he was flying by jet engines.  I heard the roar of his wings as they beat the air for its submission for flight and the closer he got I began to prepare myself for the fight of my life and to maintain my freedom.  I wanted desperately to live and I wanted desperately to live free.
      As the chase went on I noticed my sprint was no match for the speed of this giant winged creature of awe and splendor. I could hear the sound of his great wings getting closer and closer until suddenly my shoulders were under the grip of his mighty claws as they fastened down. Though this mighty winged creature gripped me with his claws of strength and might yet I noticed the grip that seized seemed to mean no harm. It was a strong grip indeed but painless and uncutting. Suddenly in this mighty eagles strength and grip He carried me to flight into the skies of Americas wonders and splendor and as we flew I noticed he was carrying me to the limb of that tree that I saw the blob upon a short while earlier. You remember,  that thick limb that extended out beyond the rock mountain in a height far above the valley below.
      As we arrived to the branch, that thick limb,  this mighty eagle gripped me more firmly and began to back flap his wings, then he landed  me upon the branch close to its end and edge. I fastened my legs and my arms around that branch with all the strength I had left, but I admit by this point I was exhausted and warn out.
     The eagle after dropping  me off on the limb, he circled around the area in continued flight shouting his cry and all of nature seem to listen and know the message in his voice as if they had been his audience for years and years.  He circled and circled then suddenly he banked left and was headed to join me on this limb. He lands as if he had belonged there a thousand years. He folded his wings to his side and this 8 foot tall winged creature looked at me with his piercing eyes that seemed to be called the WISDOM OF FREEDOM and then He paused a moment as if in deep thought in silence. The silence only lasted a few seconds when suddenly that familiar voice that I had heard earlier that made me run I began to hear again... and He Said.........
      Deno I am the spirit of uncle Sam and the all of this day from its start was ordained for this which you now are experiencing and see. Your are not on this limb by accident. I did plan the conversation with you to be upon the peer and the flight would go in willingness, but since you decided to run I figured I would loft you to my branch for here you have no place to go but down so I do not see you going anywhere or doing anything but staying right here where you are to listen. Now do I have your undivided attention? Yes Uncle Sam I have.
      He said son I commend you again for sharing with America my other phone calls. Some important ears and eyes have come across my message in them. Others will soon do likewise. Son America is a land of my dreams of freedom and of hope. I inhabit this eagle for he has the heart that loves freedom and would have it no other way. In him I can come and go and roam upon the free skies in every form of freedom as God intended and though I leave, when I return he always welcomes me back in for he loves freedom even as I love freedom. I am the spirit of Americas freedom, her  freedoms  hopes and dreams. My other name is  American Patriotism.
     Son God created all men equal and free. Anything in man and in mans life that is not based on freedom is a transgression against the constitution of original liberty that man was originally created with. Deno man is far beneath the mark of the freedoms that he was originally created and crowned with in the beginning. The closet things on earth to mans original liberty is the redemption you have in Christ our maker and the Constitution of the United States of America. No other people, no other nation has ever been or is as free as the American people whose faith and trust is in God.
    But Deno freedom is under fire again today. It is looked at and is viewed today by some in America  as debatable, negotiable, changeable. That it is and should be replaced by means of compromise for the way of socialism. This wisdom has never been good for any man or nation in the long run. It always ends up bad for many people. History is clear about this. Why don't they ever learn? Their blood cries unto God of what bondage did to them by those at its top. It starts out as a one world community dream but because of  the evil in the hearts of men history has proven it ends most often as a nightmare. But it is strange how the people of the earth forget this proven and recorded history.
     Son any and even the smallest compromise of Americas freedoms is a giant step backwards and will lead to a slow domino factor of freedom erosion. A little leaven eventually works itself thru the entire dough. You have inside your own gates in America enemies of Americas freedoms and men who together oppose the constitution of liberty. I used to roam freely in this nation in the days all Americans loved freedom and embraced the cost of it with honor,  as they honored those who shed their blood for Americas liberties to be established. But today you have a generation that loves the blood of the aborted but think not about the blood that was shed for redemption and Americas freedom. You have a reckless generation that has little real honor, nor understands the glory of freedom as the former generations did and what great price was paid to make America a totally free and independent nation.  Now men use this ignorance of this generation to advance their socialist agenda. They preach that the national quenching of freedoms is better, and that limits to freedom lead to every ones  greater gain. What a sweet sounding message, but so was the voice of Hitler and of Stalin in their beginning. This  kind of delusional preaching quenches my free Spirits movements Deno. This word believed will become a cage to the wings of American liberties and independence. 
     But Son let us together analyze  this. What if Americas freedoms are compromised and you find yourself being told you can no longer come and go as you please.?  How would you feel if you could not express your faith in God as you see fit? What if you did not have the freedom to follow your own dreams, nor had the liberty to make them come true by hard work and by your own personal strong determination and ambition?  What if you did not have the freedom to say whats on your mind or to disagree in a crowd.? What if the state told you what you would be instead of you following your own desires and ambitions.? What if suddenly you find yourself along with all of -WE THE PEOPLE- subjected by socialism force that 50 % of your hard earned money must now be confiscated for the cause of the price of socialism. In America you have right now great freedoms today because former people fought for them to be (America) the land of the free and of freedom.  A land of hope and even of gigantic dreams where ones own personal dreams have the freedom to be heard and come to pass by the free will of the people in full agreement and support of this great freedom to dream big, work hard, even to the highest prosperity measures.
       Deno in this great agreement of- WE THE PEOPLE- no dictator can function in this type of atmosphere in a land of the people, for the people and by the people who dare not to compromise any form of her established freedoms and liberties. But hear me son of freedom and grace, Freedom has never been won by the weak but by the strong. Freedom cannot be maintained in this present world without the strong faith of a believing people of faith who are courages, brave, confident and who are fully willing to take the uncompromising stand.  People who love freedoms blessings and privileges so much that they believe and profess in the spirit of True America give me liberty or give me death as Patrick Henry did. He feared no man nor any future. He was a man of faith. A freedom lover and desired for this nation the beauty of an endless and everlasting legacy of freedom for his generations time and for the children to come. Remember the blood of those who laid down their lives for the establishment and the advancement of American freedom Deno. Their blood I still can hear crying from the soil of this nation all over America saying, Not in vain. Not in vain. Never let our blood be called SPILT IN VAIN..
     After uncle Sam said these first words to me from this great winged beautiful creature, he looked at me with the eagles awing piercing eyes and I saw a tear streaming down the eyes of his concern. I could tell uncle Sam felt deeply and with great passion about freedom. We all have felt his presence at one time or another in our hearts like at a ball game when we place our right hands over our hearts and sing in American unison and agreement with pride the Star Spangle Banner. I wept with him as my heart felt the tug of the emotion of his great love for freedom..... And then suddenly ever so gently came a real calm upon him and his face and I felt his sudden ease spread upon the branch. Like the calm before a great storm hidden but approaching, so was this strange sudden mood shift.
    I thought to myself, what in the world is he thinking about now? I'm in the listening mode captivated by this mighty eagles splendor and freedom wit.  Plus I'm very tired still holding on to this thick branch, this limb. With my eyes starring at his every move in wonderment of what could possibly be next. He hesitated for a brief moment with a strange sigh. After that he then opened up his beak that gives his face its beauty and distinguished look and took into his lungs a great inhale that had the sound of a rushing mighty wind. His feathered buffed chest suddenly swelled with vigor and flex. Then suddenly came forth the loudest and longest scream yet from this magnificent creature and its sound echoed thru the rolling hills and valley with the force of thunder behind its purpose.
    Then after his great thunderous shout into nature I noticed he took his claws and he began to squeeze very tightly the branch, the limb we both were resting upon.  He began to squeeze it so tightly that I could hear the wood of this limb cracking as it bowed to the eagles might and strength in submission. I screamed out... uncle Sam... uncle Sam what are you doing?  He shouted out again the mighty eagles cry and then he began to engine up his wings and flap them up and down, up and down with a mighty force. Uncle Sam I cried as I was being bucked about on the end of this limb, STOP PLEASE STOP. Must I remind you that you've got wings but I don't. So please take it easy here ok?  Your going to make me fall off this branch and to tell you the truth Id certainly rather not. Its a long ways down to the bottom of this rock mountain. He went on as if he did not hear a word I said with his mighty shakening of this limb and me. He shook the limb even more and then more and then even more. So much more that the entire tree was now being shaken under his force. I began to lose my grip on the limb and my body was slipping away. The force he was exerting made for some reason really loud noise and it seemed uncle Sam could not hear my cries for him to stop. Suddenly with one last gigantic shakening of the entire tree the mighty eagle leaped from the limb into a downward flight and when he leaped the branch sprang me up like a diving board, then off that tree limb I went. I was diving down down down descending toward the valley below in speed. All I could do was cry out unto God in tears...God help me. Please help me...CATCH ME NOW.
     As I was falling strange things were starting to flash through my mind. My family. My Children. My Friends. My Life And Then Finally America and The Freedoms Of America Also Flashed Across The Same Screen as if to be competing for my attention and focus. My mind was going through my life's history and Americas freedom images like images racing against each other in the speed of light. As if one was seeking dominance over the other but in my simplicity I could not for the life of me figure out or understand why.  I kept on descending down, down, down as all those images of my life, of my family, and of Americas freedom images were flashing on the screen of my mind.. Then  I heard in this going on in my mind like millions and millions of people singing in unison Americas patriotic songs. Oh beautiful for spacious skies. I sure liked that one at the present moment tremendously. And the home of the brave...Then I heard the voice of the patriot Martina Mcbride singing Let Freedom Ring, Let The White Dove Sing...Its Independence Day...On and on these songs sung by the millions of voices rang loud in my hearing along with all those other images in lightning fast formations.
     Now in tears as I was in emotional reflection over my life and over America and her freedoms, as I was nearing what I thought could  be my human end on earth, I heard the voice of that great eagle shout his mighty cry again and I could tell his voice was very very near. Suddenly I could hear his wings cutting through the wind and in my great surprise the eagle was now positioned between me and my fall and my heart leaped with sudden joy in relief and hope. He gently eased his way up under me and with a gentle touch he compressed by body to his redeeming strong back and all my fears and anxieties of the crash were now rolled away. I was so relieved  that I could not help but shout in joy for this so great a salvation. Thank you God I said and cried. Thank you God, Thank you God for saving me. Thank you God for letting me live.
      Now in this great salvation moment, Deno and the mighty eagle were flying together as one again only this time Im holding on the shiny feathers upon his neck and back and I am so happy. His coat felt like the strength of fur or like the hair upon a stallions neck. What a ride. What a pleasant sight in this eagles flight. Then once again the mighty eagle added to our oneness  one more awesome eagles cry and Oh I have to admit I LOVED IT. For the eagle had saved me with the BIGGEST CATCH OF MY LIFE.
     As he and I planed by the spread of his wings over the waters of the lake, he gently banked left and our flight took on the course towards  the wooden peer of this days beginning. It wasn't long until at the peer we arrived and the great eagle began to slow down for our full descent with the back flapping of his huge wings. I slid off his back on to the peer and kissed the wood of the peer out of sure gladness. He took off and in a circular fashion over the lake, this magnificent creature flew in his beauty and glory that God had given him as if in a strange way to give his Maker a triumphant flight of praise.
      After watching the great eagle strut in awing flight for a while, he eventually again turned his course toward  the peer that  he gently carried me to on the wings of a mighty eagle. He landed again upon the cross beams between the two wooden tall poles at the peers end. He took his wings and folded them to his side. He bowed his face for a moment and then turned his profound face with his piercing eyes straight at me and his look pierced right through my eyes penetrating deep into my soul.....And He then began to speak....
     When I heard him, as before I recognized his voice but this time I was not afraid. He said Deno I am the Voice of Uncle Sam. The Spirit of American Freedom and Independence. I'm a messenger of the liberties of God unto the nation of the United States of America. I serve the Lord as do the prophets of freedom and liberty and I have been involved with this Nation from the first days that freedoms seeds were planted upon the soil of this great land.
     Son this is America. A land on which God shed His grace on thee. A land  unto which the people of  faith, hope and love risked all even life itself to come to, to establish a new idea of full liberty in the birth of a new nation. I was there from its beginning for it was a land of destiny for the earths latter days in grace. A land where God would establish a freedom for His people to worship Him unhindered by the Pharaohs of the earth. A land where every man had a voice and could speak his mind under the law of a moral shield. For without morals there can never be true freedoms son, not here nor in heaven, mark those words.... And speaking of freedom he said.....Deno incline to my voice and hearken unto the cry of my heart for the words I'm about to share with you are amongst the most important your ears will ever have heard next to the gospel of heavens greatest King.
      Son  when I forced you off the limb with my violence, when you were in your great dive and descent did not your life, your children, your family and friends flash in images across the canvass of your mind? I replied. Yes uncle Sam they did. How did you know?  He said I'm the spirit of American dreams. I just know. What else did you see? I said I saw something else. I saw at the same time image after image after image of the beauty and wonders of America and images of her freedoms and liberties flashing across my mind as if to be competing for my attention at the end of my life. Uncle Sam why was that ? Why did it seem to me that they were fighting for my final attention at the end of my life. The images of my life, my family, my friends, loved ones and those of America and her freedoms were together flashing across my mind like in lightning speed seeming to signify something of grave importance in their competing for my focus.... Uncle Sam replied...Deno what Im about to tell you in the answer of this question you have just asked me is the reason for the destiny of this day in your life. All you have seen, heard and been thru this day of tremendous importance was ordained for you even before its sunrise in the history of your life and of America.
      Son he said....Incline your ears right now. Do not resist or belittle the words your ears are about to hear. This is to important for the freedom loving people to count as being insignificant....If they do and they fail to respond to these words with strong determination and courage as one united force as your founding fathers and freedom patriots did in their generation, the cost shall be tears of regret and remorse and freedoms as America knows them today will be as by words of days past and gone.