Monday, July 11, 2016

Give Them The Light That Heals.....deno.....share freely.

Give Them Words of Truth. Words that Correct and That Heals.
......Well though God is not prejudice and though the love in my heart is not prejudice, some hearts are.
.......Truth is, Black is beautiful. White is beautiful....God created both as an expression of love and of HIS BEAUTIFUL MINDS DIVINE CREATIVE IMAGINATION...And And And. God gave them both His Son...John 17:23.
......The real difference, the real truth is, all this evil and wrong going on in our nation is a heart issue not a skin color issue. Skin is mindless. No skin chooses what color it will be. The heart has to be taught to either love or hate its own skin color or others skin color. It is a taught behavior. Its what people are being taught that is the problem. These dividing teachings are from hell, NOT FROM HEAVEN.
.......If a white man is doing bad, it is not his skin color that is out there making the bad decisions. If a black man is doing bad, it is not his skin tone that is making the wrong choices. Its the evil in their hearts that is the cause. The color of their skin makes no choice ever. IT CAN'T....IT IS ALWAYS A HEART ISSUE.
.......Those who magnify our skin color differences to divide us, to cause friction or civil unrest and discord by hate, should be held accountable by THE PEOPLE. We Are All Americans.
......Black is beautiful and White is beautiful...That is what we should forever teach....I really thought we were so far beyond all this.....deno.....share freely.