Sunday, July 31, 2016

Satan's Way Of Attacking A Society That He Has Targeted......deno...share freely.

.......Create a generation of unusually vain and proud people both male and female who crave to be admired. Conform their minds thinking to think that studly IMAGE is everything. Chisel at and form their society to crave massive attention and self idolizing. Create stages that these vanity possessed people can takeover and inhabit to feed their ego and vanity. Those stages are movies, television, and music in concert and others.You will find that these people who have that extra vanity to be admired and that craving for fame will do anything to make the stand out, the stage, and the screen.
.......This mentioned above is the same spirit, the same type of craving and vanity that was in Lucifer that cost him his fall from heaven to hell for eternity. These possessed by that heart and spirit of pride and of vanity that have an abnormal craving for fame and attention and for stand out, they want fame so much they are willing to betray all salt and light and all modesty and decency and Jesus Christ himself. This is what the movie footloose was all about. HELLO.
........ Unfortunately many if not most of these who crave to be idols of peoples worship are so vain that they are willing to go forth in their vanity strut to show friends, family and the whole world the heart and way of a non God fearing, non God minded person in society TO ASSIST EVIL IN CHANGING SOCIETY... The people that finance these vain peoples ungodly shows and anti God fearing life expressions use them to UNSALT SOCIETY....If not stopped, eventually Satan the murderer and the destroyer will invade heavily those societies and the last state of those people is worse than the former.
.......You cannot give place to the devil and things turn out for the better. Oh for awhile at the beginning things may seem gleamy and tantalizing like your first hit on a joint or some other amusing deceiving drug or sinful pleasure. But eventually the sweet of the beginning will be turned in time into the most unpleasant bitter, a thing the devil always hides from those he preys upon.
.......The apostle James wisely wrote....Resist the devil and he will flee from you..Let him in and he is not leaving without a vicious fight. Unfortunately today people are so unwise to not resist the devil, they let he and his wolves more and more into their lives and societies and countries and they are starting to reap more and more the dangers of doing so....God resisteth the vain and the proud. He gives His Grace to the humble.......deno....share freely.
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