Thursday, August 25, 2016

Because of Christ Blood We Are Not Destroyed.....deno......share freely.

........All the high priest of the old Covenant entered into the Holiest, into the Holy of Holies by the blood of the sacrifice. He would not dare enter into the Holy place behind the curtain without blood. Such would have destroyed him the bible says.
.........Did you know the Holiest of all himself enters into us only by blood also and only by blood (Christ Blood)?. He enters our hearts, His new temple and holy place only thru the power of His own Sons precious blood.
.........We do not get into heavens holy place accept thru Christ blood, and the Spirit of the Holiest cannot enter into us, into our hearts and lives without the blood of Jesus Christ. It is only by THE POWER OF CHRIST BLOOD THAT ALL ENTRANCES ARE MADE FROM HEAVEN INTO US AND FROM US INTO HEAVEN AND IT IS ONLY BY CHRIST BLOOD THAT WE ARE NOT DESTROYED BY THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD WHO HAS COME TO INDWELL US.
........Even we who are Spirit of God filled and Holy Spirit indwelt, Christ blood is so powerful and working its power for us that even when we sin, His blood keeps us from falling dead and from being destroyed...Now do not try to tell me that Holy Spirit indwelt people never sin....You need to go read your bible again...THEY DO....I John 1:9 and many other scriptures.....
.........Folks if you understand what the blood did for those high priest in keeping them alive and safe and from being destroyed in the holy of holies tabernacle on earth, then you can understand the power of Christ blood inside us that keeps THE PEACE and keeps us from being destroyed BY THE Holy SInless Spirit of God that lives in us.....CHRIST BLOOD EXCEEDS IN SAVING SAFEKEEPING POWER MORE THAN WE ALL CAN FATHOM.....deno.....share freely.