Sunday, August 28, 2016

Two Fruits of Darkness.....written by deno......share freely.

Two Fruits of Darkness....
.........There exist a darkness whereby men are blind to heavenly things. They say in their heart, there is no God. These in their heart sometimes try and test the limits. They say, let us come against those that believe. Let us unite and cut them off from the earth, for who sees us above? There are no divine eyes. Blood has not a voice to cry from the ground up. It cries unto no one in the heavens to be avenged.
.........These blind hearts and minds known as atheist have murdered millions and burned and torn down churches in the nations revealed in history. In their hearts they see not nor hear the voice of the Lord. They are stone in heart and the fear of the Lord is not found in them. Only in hell have they a wake up call but for them its to late and they perish without remedy of soul and spirit.
.......There exist also this darkness of darkness. Men's hearts deceived and misdirected about heavenly things. They are children of the substitute. They are hearts of the counterfeit. They are the offspring of the ones who follow THE OTHER VOICE that Jesus spoke of. They are the misinformed.
........Like the chaff they are severed from eternal hope like chaff is from the wheat by the winds of demons who transform themselves to be perceived as messengers of light. Deceiving spirits have laid holt upon them. They are the ones that think in their hearts that by killing Christians and Jews they are doing Gods will and business. Oh how great their darkness is that they think is light and preach as light.
.......These appear to be religious but are wolves in religious apparel. They thirst for the blood of those who disagree. They make chants of friction and live to spread dread by the terror their darkness brings. They are the wild and unruly donkey's of the true scriptures who are a thorn in the flesh to all men. Their heads hard as a bulls horn. Hard as the bulls forehead so is their resistance to God and His Son the true Messiah.
.......Like a wild donkey they kick and buck against what is the real divine truth. Their deception is deep. Their darkness thicker than the darkest night. They have lost sight of the doctrine that even Satans feet once walked upon the holy place of God in the highest of heavens. He knows what heaven looks like. His eyes have beheld the shape of The King. He knows what God looks like and sounds like as to form his counterfeit to deceive. And he has deceived the children who are wild as an unruly donkey who refuses to listen to no man except by the affliction of fierce painful rebukes of Arms stronger than theirs. These torture and kill others thinking they are doing Gods work and for heavenly merit. But how great they are deceived. They reap more pain than they sowed. No heaven they find after their dissimulation of their bodies into bits and pieces. They were the religiously deceived, Satans favorite prey. Their soul is now the daily meal of the lions lying spirits that deceived them.
.........Yes both of these groups mentioned above are people of great darkness. Jesus said, If what you have in you is darkness but you think it is light, How great then is your darkness measure that is inside you.? In other words, How great then is your deception within you.????....Jesus is Lord.
.......Jesus is the Christ the Son of the Living God..He loved us and gave himself for us....He died for our sins punishment and rose again from the dead for our assurance of eternal life and true hope.....If that which is in you disagrees with these words, your light then is really darkness......share freely......deno.