Sunday, March 12, 2017

Richly Knowing Gods Love For You Casteth Out Tormenting Fears.....share freely.....deno.

.......Do you have a love relationship with Jesus whereby your spirit and soul soars with love, light, and joy, or do you have a fear based walk with Him of dread as to be stoning your own self every day in the mind and in the conscience whereby all joy is suppressed and brightness finds no place to shine? 
...... Christ our Savior sat down, ate with, talked to, and fellowshipped with the chiefest and most despised sinners in Israel when he was on earth and by that God in Christ spoke volumes (For God So Loved). Many that were legalistic, law minded, and very religious, even the elders of Israel did not understand the love of God as many do not to this day (John 5:42 & Ephesians 3:19).
...... All who came to Jesus, he never turned them away. Some walked away of their own accord not understanding the love that they were talking to or hearing, but He still cried to them and to all this cry....Come unto Me all of you that are weary and heavy burdened (By the Law, By the weight of its Stone that was imposed on them) and I will give you rest (He knew His Cross carrying was going to remove the laws condemnation power off their backs by the Sacrifice of Himself and open up heaven for the Spirit to be given to all them that believe). He said Take My yoke (the gospel which means GOOD NEWS) upon yourselves and LEARN of Me (He is the Gospels Good News). FOR I AM GENTLE (not mean, heartless, short fused or abrasive, nor Satanic in fault finding as to constantly all you do is accuse accuse accuse), for I am gentle and lowly (He is so humble He will walk with anyone who is in faith. Let us remember, He got on his knees before his children (John 21:5) and washed the disciples feet) and YOU WILL FIND REST UNTO YOUR SOULS.....Before Him in love..Perfect love understood casteth out our tormenting thoughts and fears about God. 
.......The fear we are to have of the Lord is not tormenting fear but a reverence that actually enhances our life with more of Christ, his love, peace and joy....Fear not, Jesus said, and believe only and you shall see the glory of God (shine on you with life and light and miracles of Gods presence). One kind of fear keeps this from happening, thats the tormenting fear that robs faith, hope, confidence, joy and love from us. The other kind of fear is the good fear, even the beginning of wisdom and confidence and faith building. It is more of an awe of God and Jesus, an awe and a marveling of the heart and of the mind that such love and greatness exist and is real, and that calls us (Whosoever) to sit down with Him at His awesome table of family fellowship here on earth and in the glory of His Paradise above in His great love.....deno.....share freely.