Friday, March 10, 2017

Correcting our common thinking on a certain scripture.....deno.

........When Jesus said, What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul, many people hearing that immediately go into a negative stand against prosperity or against worldly profits and consumption but that was NOT THE POINT AT ALL...For in other scriptures thru-out the revelations given Paul and others and by what Jesus himself said to John, WE THE CHURCH WHO OVERCOME THE WORLD WILL INHERIT ALL THINGS, EVEN GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD. Paul said that Jesus told him. For all things are ours, things now and things to come, ALL THINGS BELONG TO YOU and you belong to Christ and Christ belongs to God. It is a full course supper that Jesus has given us all IN HIM yet so many of us have the let me just eat from the crumbs that fall down from the Masters table theology. So we expect little and not much.
........Christ words and main emphasis here in our text was not at all about worldly gains and profits as the point of emphasis BUT ABOUT LIFE LIVED WITHOUT GOD and CHRIST and SALVATION and being lost for all eternity. Man is in a terrible situation in this world and Jesus was fully aware of it. MAN WAS'NT.
........Man is born into a life, into a course, and a world lost and disconnected from God. Mans horrible situation is hell connected and his course is hell bound from birth. Born into this lost misguided and deceived world mans mind is filled with all kinds of deceiving illusions and thoughts and strongholds placed in him by the rulers of the darkness of this world to keep him in the dark about heavenly truths and realities. Man seeks a purpose, a reason to live and in his quest he seeks out all kinds of pleasures to gratify and profits and gains of this world to satisfy. Like Rome and its people from its rise to that nations great fall, all those people and all their great world achievements were built by totally lost and disconnected from God people (THAT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW).
........Rome was full of GREAT ACHIEVERS and world gainers who achieved much and were praised in this world by the world much, but Hell sad to say it is full of Roman citizens who achieved much, gained much but Satan cleverly kept their hearts and minds away from the One True God and from finding out about their souls serious trap by Satan. Satan deceived them by the use of mountains of Idols to hope in and philosophies and theories as their beliefs and doctrines. They gained the whole world but died as lost souls who never found the One True God..
........Being blessed and making profits and being fruitful are God given us doctrines if you know the whole entire light of the TWO COVENANTS of the bible. Go check the man that God gave a certain amount of talents (money) to but he went and hid that money in the ground and did not go and increase with it. That man got seriously rebuked and suffered loss for his failure to increase with interest on the money given him by his master. And go and read the first covenant promises of Deuteronomy 28:1--14 and see WHAT GOD WANTED for HIS PEOPLE by the obedience of faithful devotion to Him.
......No Jesus was not knocking profiting's and prosperity great or small in this life. that was by no means the point of the matter. He was warning us all even the whole world of the danger of living life here and gaining so much pleasure and riches of the world but die a loser of the soul for all eternity in hell lost and without God.
......But blessed was faithful Abraham the father of what we now believe in Christ. He found the One True God and lived his life on this earth connected to Him and was called Gods friend AND THE BIBLE SAID.... and God blessed Abraham and made him rich (Meaning more than enough in supply). Abraham's soul was not lost and in this world HE ENJOYED THE BLESSINGS GOD POURED INTO HIS LIFE for being a good and faithful servant who stayed on the course of God when all the rest of the world Satan was gobbling up by spiritual and intellectual misguidance....share freely.....deno..

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