Sunday, March 12, 2017

The White As Snow Promise......deno.

Though your sins be deep red as scarlet I will make you WHITE AS SNOW..
........Does your spirit wrestle with the White As Snow Part of Gods grace and glorious promise?..The WHITE AS SNOW part is where the love of God is. That's the part where the Joy of the Lord is found, the joy of salvation and full restoration...We go to God putting our faith in HIS LOVE FOR US and we give to Him all our guilt and shame in Jesus name. God in turn gives us THE WHITE AS SNOW PART. He gave that promise (THE WHITE AS SNOW PART seen in our text in honor of Christ His Sons Blood)...He gave to us that glorious promise for us to also believe, to be sure of, and for us to be happy about, and to help us overcome the power of sin consciousness, guilt, and condemnation...Only in walking in the light of THE WHITE AS SNOW PART will we find the PEACE & REST our souls seek..Until we believe the WHITE AS SNOW PART we are not enjoying rest but are wrestling against the love and promise of God thru unbelief and doubt.
......Jesus promised...take My yoke upon yourselves and LEARN WHAT I HAVE DONE FOR YOU and you will find rest for your souls....The WHITE AS SNOW part is part of that REST that HE GIVES...By faith in that promise WE ENTER INTO THAT REST...Without faith no one can please God....Without faith we cannot enjoy the SWEET PEACE and REST that Christ wants to give us.....share freely....deno.