Thursday, November 5, 2015

Intelligent Blindness and The Creation of the Earth......deno.

         All the result of the the power of God's faith and the strong determination of the glory of His Mighty Believing Eternal Spirit Substance. The Holy Perfect Spirit of the Lord.
         To create things, the designer which is God, He fills His Word up with all His Eternal Spirits substances, glory, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, with His desires, eternal powers and life forming energies, and completed blue prints and designs. Then in the power of the Spirit of His faith and Almighty Might He says, Let there Be and all the power and the glory of God in those spoken words leaves HIS ETERNAL SPIRITS ETERNAL POWERS and  enters into time and becomes the created things. That is how the Eternal Spirit of the Eternal God GIVES BIRTH TO ALL THINGS we see and are in what we call SPACE and TIME.
        The earth my friends is Gods Intelligence and His Eternal Spirits Life forming Life producing Energies and Power at work together in Released Words filled with Gods infinite imaginations and the brilliance of His brilliance placed in His own intelligent designs.
        God releases the Power of His Eternal Spirits Powers, Matter and Substances and Energies in Words. His Word is with eternal incredible Power....Gods far superior to us way of doing things and getting things done, it is truly like higher far more advanced alien technologies that the present world of men in their present  blindness and  deception are primitive to in thought, intelligence, and in deeds....But God did not evolve to that great level of incredible ability and greatness, HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THAT GREAT AND THAT SO HIGH. He is the Most High Almighty Eternal God.
         Jesus came down from heaven functioning in the high glory of God healing all that were oppressed of the devil and showing the greatness of God in love of God ways. He could have stopped the earths orbitation by the power of God and nothing would have been damaged or thrown into chaos . HE and the Fathers Eternal Spirit HAS THAT KIND OF POWER. Actually, God would only burn a couple of His Eternal Spirits Energy calories in doing that.
      Strange how it is that unbelieving men cannot fathom the power of God but they say they can  measure the power of NOTHING by how nothing brought forth the Universe, saying it just happened out of the force of NOTHING. How blind is blind.?...That is called intelligent blindness or ignorance which ever you prefer.....Jesus Is Lord......Share Freely.....deno.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Thus Saith The Lord....This is not a set back, but a set up (in grace).....Sheila Berry.....Precious Words.

Feeling overwhelmed with a load bigger than you?
Somehow suspended - helpless against the unseen?
Can't seem to get your feet on the ground?

Good; that's exactly where I want you
Look up. Lift up your eyes upon the hills, from whence comes your help... (Psalm 121: 1)


"I don't need your help; I need your helplessness.
This is not as it appears, neither is it as it feels.
Hearken not to 'your' voice, but to Mine.
This isn't about you beloved, but Me glorified in your life.

You're tender heart has given place for this to be so. I know how much you love Me...but beloved,
I love you too much to let you be in control.

Let JOY seap from your redeemed heart, a trickle, then a stream; not because of what you see, but because of what you believe. I AM is with you to do a new thing - All new My faithful one - for you.

This is not a setback;
This is a set up...TRUST ME, BELOVED.

Kimberly and Alberto Rivera You are so good Lord......

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It Still Takes Faith To Please God.......deno.

        In our new covenant with God as we grow in our obedience fruit, it is still faith that pleases God, for without faith it is impossible to please Him. The Law of Moses without Christ faith, blood, and love, is vain and empty religion without God from above.
        Remember with Me what Jesus their Lord told the children of Moses' law and  light, he said, you will not see me here again. Not until you call upon the Name of Jesus Christ for salvation. Then he said of God's departure from them. He said, Behold your house is now left you desolate, meaning empty of the Spirit of the Lord. They with their Law and their old covenant delusions were now on their own.
        In Christ we are the new wine skins for Christ New Wine of the Message and love of His Redeeming Cross. We live by faith in Gods New Way, by faith in the Redeeming Power of God in Christ. The more we really grow in God's love that is in the Cross of His Son, the more our hearts melt by grace into obedience to Christ Lordship over our lives.
        The Cross of Christ is God loving us into obedience....What is built from love will last. Love is the most uniting and heart tying force....deno.....share freely.

Do Not Bend The Gospel For the Fleshes Sake.....deno.

          Until the heart is ready to be hated by all men for the true gospels proclamation, there is a chance Satan will tempt us to dull and to alter the uniting Sword that also divides. (MEANING TO BEND THE GOSPEL TO AN APPEAL TO THE FLESHES DESIRES and not to self denial and to the sacrifice of worldly appetites that accompanies the taking up of the cross)
       Friends the sobering truth is this....In this world not every act of kindness reaps the kindness of this world.
       Jesus commissioned Peter into the ministry of His love and kindness with the Spirit of glory upon him. But also with that hgh calling came the sentence of his bodies death attached to it that would come to pass in his life in the hours that he had  learned to never compromise any truth of the gospel to appease men.
       Peter was persecuted and killed because his kind of gospel kindness was not loved by the world...He learned to really love the Lord was to obey Him and never compromise any of his gospel to appease the itching ears of the fleshes wantings and appetites....That's the real Cross....BE STRONG....deno....share freely.

Mighty Clashing of the Spirit and the flesh.....deno.

       Its important that we as children of God in Christ, whose spirits are born of God and made the new creatures, the new spirits created in Christ Jesus in righteousness and true holiness, it is important that we really realize and  KNOW that we are REALLY NEW SPIRITS created in Christ Jesus. That truth is so important. Without really knowing that truth you will not understand the spiritual bread that Jesus taught Paul about the spirit and about spiritual things. Without knowing that  truth and what it means you will base most of your religious views and perceptions by sight, by physical senses and physical feelings and emotions that are often times associated with misleading feelings and with the deceitful lust mentioned in Ephesians 4:23 and not after  your spirit man  which is patterned and created New after the holy and righteous image of the Spirit of Christ
        Remember with me the mount of transfiguration, the disciples had seen and known Jesus after the flesh with invisible to the eyes healing virtue ever present to heal and in some places they saw that invisible power and glory heal whole towns of the sick brought to him.
But now they were going to see the invisible REAL JESUS . God was going to allow them to see what others could not see. On that mount they were going to see Jesus' Eternal Glory. They were going to see His Real Son of God Self, His Holy Spirit Self come from behind the fleshes veil and be seen by the disciples in the glistening glory and light that He really is and has been forever in Spirit.  All though He would only allow them to see portions of His real eternal power and brightness, for no natural man can see the Lord in the full strength of His Eternal Power and glory and live. He has to veil Himself to us because of our present sinful flesh. We see him according to the measure permitted, as the Spirit wills.
       But what i want us all to see in this  light is that Jesus after the Spirit is not the same as Jesus after the flesh. The Spirit of Jesus is sinless and pure and holy in nature. His Spirit is eternal in life and eternal in power. His Spirit has always been and ever shall be. His flesh body was not the real Jesus, they were not one and the same, and  NOR IS OUR FLESH and our spirit one and the same. THAT'S IMPORTANT.
        Our spirits in Christ Jesus are NEW CREATURES created in Christ Jesus patterned after the righteous image and likeness of the holy Spirit of Jesus. (Ephesians 4:22-24). That is what happened to our spirits when we became born again in our heavenly man that is inside these bodies as Jesus' Spirit was inside and veiled behind his physical body.
        Our flesh nature  and our spirits nature in Christ Jesus are not one and the same in self and not one and the same in their nature. The spirit is holy in nature being born of the Spirit of God, but  our present flesh remains sinful flesh and is vile, corrupt, sinful and craves sin and we feel the war of these opposing natures and these two opposing men. One is a spirit man and the other is the flesh man just as Jesus demonstrated and showed the big difference of on the mount.
        So the conditions of the present sinful flesh are not to be our guide nor our guiding light in figuring out spiritual things or about spiritual definition. For Paul said, the spirit and the flesh desire opposite desires. You cannot learn rightly spiritual things by what the present flesh dictates. The fleshes sinful cravings are not called by Paul the deceitful lust for nothing.     The flesh with all its many unbridled lust can deceive you. If you try to figure things of the spirit by the things your flesh senses tell you and its carnal thinking, that will lead you into all kinds of spiritual error. Like it did Nicodemus, Jesus told him a spiritual truth of spirit reality when he saying, Nicodemus unless a man is born again you will not enter into the kingdom of God. Nicodemus' mind is all about flesh senses and flesh wisdom...Nic says to Jesus, How can a man be born again? Can he crawl back into his mothers womb and be born again? What at thought?? Lets not laugh. You and I back then would have probably said the same thing or something close after the flesh.That's all he knew and all we would have known to relate to those words. We need the Spirit of Jesus to teach us spiritual wisdom like he did to Paul. 
        Galations 5:16-17) This I say then, Walk after the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh. For the fleshes sinful desires fight and war against the Spirits holy desires, and the Spirits holy desires fight and war against the fleshes sinful desires AND THESE ARE CONTRARY AGAINST EACH OTHER  so that you find it hard to do the good that the holy Spirit and your infant new born holy spirit beckons you to do.
         So in this light we have learned thru Christ that the flesh and the spirit are not one and the same. Even at death we see the difference thru the severance. The body dies but the spirit lives on. Why. They are not one and the same man. The flesh man dies. The spirit man lives on.
         So the New Creature in Christ Jesus of 2 Corinthians 5:16-21 is found in our spirit man and nothing of the flesh. We must base everything about the New Creature in the spirit, by the Spirit of God and His Word and by the spiritual revelations Jesus gave Paul...Not by the deceitful feelings of the sinful flesh that will always try to make us think we are all bad and all evil with all its yuk sinful craving and emotions. For we christians who are born again in our spirits, who also are baptized with the sinless holy Spirit of the Lord, our flesh sometimes shows us its evil side thru its sinful craving, but the Sinless Spirit of God does not in any way mix, mingle, or blend with that sinful desire and association. Where then is the Lord when our flesh shows us its sinful side....He is hidden away with our spirit in compartments of grace and of heavenly places within and behind the veil of the flesh that few know about and few so little understand.........deno......share freely.

They Said.....Come Down Now Off The Cross.......deno.

You will never look at the gospel the same again after reading this given insight. Revealing what was at stake and what was on the line when The Word Became Flesh....Keeping it Real....deno.

        They said to Jesus, If you be the Christ, Come down now from the Cross.
        If only you would  read this.....and not just look at the pic....The Lord in this light has something he wants us all to see and to know....It reveals so much about the anxiety of Christ Jesus, the 2nd Adam sweating as it were drops of blood in the garden of his despair.

       And the blind said to Jesus when he was upon the Cross....If you be the Christ, the Son of God, save yourself. Come now down off the Cross.
        Had Jesus come down off that Cross and failed to fulfill the Words of God (The Scriptures) concerning the passions of the Christ, all hell would have erupted and broke loose on earth and into all the regions of heaven itself FOR THE FATHER AND JESUS WOULD HAVE BEEN FOUND TO BE LIARS and Satan in the great war would have been given even further incredible place. (Note this the first Adam's sin gave Satan the world and the souls of men..See Luke 4:5-6, 2 Corinthians 4:4, Revelations 13:1-2. Jesus Christ the Son of God, the  2nd Adam, had he lied or sinned or fell in temptation, he would have given Lucifer the Spirit and Soul of God, even the Throne, for that sin would have been God Committed and on that Highest level so would be the consequence).
       Satan did not come and temp Jesus just to be doing something that day. Satan knew the law of sin and death and the things that accompany transgression. If God sinned just one time against His own Word or commandments, there is the blemish and darkness would have been found in God, and the blood of the sacrifice tainted with sin impurity. That is why when Jesus said, Satan comes but he can find no flaw in me was more than just conversation material. It was a victory statement of the integrity of God warfare against God that Lucifer had launched against the King of heaven long ago in hope to bring the house down.
        Jesus the Son of God from heaven, was the only One who could be entrusted with such God Integrity SAFE KEEPING. The rest of us would have failed God MISERABLY BECAUSE OF OUR IMPURE SELFISH HEARTS. The throne of God was on the line in the integrity warfare and only a member of the Godhead who really understood the full of what was at stake concerning Gods throne and mans redemption, could  be entrusted with that HIGH CALLING that exceeds all callings.
........Only one in the Godhead becoming flesh could be entrusted with the fulfillment of all the words of God concerning Christ and his passion. Jesus thru all the rips and the pains sinned not, not even in his heart. You and I probably would have sinned in our hearts as soon as Lucifer  showed us all the kingdoms of the world with all THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OF ITS EVERYTHING. He has it down to perfection in causing sin to rise and to be committed in our hearts and just one sin of the heart would make the sacrifice blemished and unfit. Friends we owe Jesus all our love, honor and thanksgiving, for never sinning, not even in his heart no matter what sin and Satan threw at him. What a Savior.
       Believe it or not it is still true. All things of God are upheld from creation to the throne of God by the word of Gods Power and His Words perfect unfailing integrity upholding strength . For man, men, or God Himself to transgress Gods words and commandments IT IS SIN and it has grave/separation/robbing/self destructive consequences. 
       One jot or one tittle failing to come to pass would bring the whole house of God down from the throne down, for the Throne had committed transgression against itself. That is a mystery of truth revealed.
       If God ever lied or sinned, then follows the cryptonite effect. That's why we see the fright, the fear, and the soulish pressure in the garden of Christ despair as his mind and soul were under temptation being pressured to side step the Cross scriptures of the Word of God. Satan in his desperate fight for self survival was using all his darkness mind manipulation power to take Jesus captive in his thoughts to use fear and anxiety by the horrors of the Cross to pressure Jesus from drinking its cup. That would have been Word of God transgression for the Cross of Christ had been prophesied by the mouth of the Father and of the Son, even from the foundation of the world.
        If there ever was a chance for God to transgress His own Word this was it, the pressure of the Cross event. This was the hour of the power of darkness against the Son of God and also it was Lucifer's greatest opportunity in the warfare to possibly cause a lie in the Godhead. All Satan needed was one lie, one transgression and the Kings guilt would be as guilty of all. A liar is a liar and the lie Satan is the father of and the ruler over.          
       Had Jesus side stepped the scriptures concerning the Cross that would have been the greatest sin and Word of God Transgression far above all others and it would have given unto Lucifer the greater place of authority and dominion over the Son, even to the throne of His Authority and Dominion which he had been after for a long time. Satan took Adams kingdom and keys and dominion of authority away from him by ONE transgression, and he was after the keys to the kingdom of God and Jesus Christ, tempting Jesus the second Adam to sin thru the sight of his own blood and the pains of the mercy filled merciless Cross. The scripture says, for you have not yet resisted sin unto blood.  This scripture was written all about Jesus as he sweated as it were drops of blood mixed with sweat as he was being TEMPTED to NOT FULFILL PAST PROPHESIED THUS SAITH THE LORD WORDS OF GOD as to not drink the Cup of the Cross . Folks it was not the blood of the cross that was the temptation, it was the SIN NOT that he was resisting in that hour that Satan was pressuring Jesus in the mind and in the soul to TRANSGRESS A MIGHTY WORD & COMMANDMENT THAT GOD GAVE HIM to DRINK. Over and over again and again echoing in Christ mind and soul was what sounded like  Peters voice saying by Satan concerning the Cross ....BE IT FAR FROM YOU, BE  IT FAR FROM YOU.
      When Jesus was in the garden sweating like drops of blood under extreme pressure from the weighty pressures pressing against him hoping to keep His tasting the death of the Cross FAR FROM HIM, all the Powers of darkness were united together against him in the heavenly realms of the mind, soul, spirit and body. United in the warfare against the Son of God they were doing all they could to scare our Lord, our Hope, away from the cross of Christ Word of God scriptures, in hope that a jot and tittle of the Word of God would fail to come to pass. Then by that transgression Satan would have gotten the Second Adams keys to his kingdom also. But Christ kingdom has no limit in measure as Adams did. Christ kingdom as Creator of all of heaven and earth encompasses the whole creation, even the throne of the Creator. 
      As Satan came against Eve and Adam to transgress a Word of God, even so he came against Jesus in hope to cause him to sin against a commandment given him as well. The Cross of Christ was a commandment given Jesus by God and avoiding the cross would have been sin, it would have been transgression against a commandment. Gods command of His Son to taste the fullness of death by the way of the Cross was Satan's best opportunity for his temptation to possible work to cause 2nd Adam transgression whereby he would lay holt of the keys.
      Had Jesus backed away from the Cross and failed to fulfill its scriptures, this would have meant the delicate balance of Gods Word that upholds all things would have been upended and the root that upholds all things in creation would have fallen by the power of GOD HIMSELF LYING. GOD LYING would be the end of God as we know him and the creation as we know it. Well thank God Jesus went to the Cross and stayed on the Cross even when all the evil spirits that use men and live in their hearts and in their thinking kept taunting Jesus to come down off the Cross. Thank God Jesus resisted sin even when suffering incomparable anxiety, pain and suffering in blood for the sin of all the world. 
    We to my friends must not let anyone, friend, family or foe talk us into coming off of, or coming down from, or going around the gospel of the Cross of Christ for salvation. If Jesus came down off the Cross even the Father and Jesus himself would have suffered severe condemnation and tremendous FALL from perfect light for lying. If you or I come off the Cross truth and power, or come down off the way of the Cross of Christ, being deceived by the serpent by other ways to follow other means of salvation, we to then would be found to be liars and we would suffer the severity of the condemnation of those who cleave not to the Cross of Christ. Such would be FALLING FROM GRACE and that fall has no end for it is a bottomless pit.
        And the Serpent will say to us, If you are saved, If you are a child of God come now down off the Cross and go to other means to save yourself....To do so, to do that would be spiritual suicide.....Stay Crucified with Christ and Risen with Christ......All of redemption and the so great salvation happened thru Christ drinking the Cup of the Cross...We must remain in the faith eating His Bread and Drinking the blood of His Cup in remembrance of His Great Sacrifice and Overcoming or there is no eternal life in us....Keeping it real.....deno.....please share freely.