Thursday, November 5, 2015

Intelligent Blindness and The Creation of the Earth......deno.

         All the result of the the power of God's faith and the strong determination of the glory of His Mighty Believing Eternal Spirit Substance. The Holy Perfect Spirit of the Lord.
         To create things, the designer which is God, He fills His Word up with all His Eternal Spirits substances, glory, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, with His desires, eternal powers and life forming energies, and completed blue prints and designs. Then in the power of the Spirit of His faith and Almighty Might He says, Let there Be and all the power and the glory of God in those spoken words leaves HIS ETERNAL SPIRITS ETERNAL POWERS and  enters into time and becomes the created things. That is how the Eternal Spirit of the Eternal God GIVES BIRTH TO ALL THINGS we see and are in what we call SPACE and TIME.
        The earth my friends is Gods Intelligence and His Eternal Spirits Life forming Life producing Energies and Power at work together in Released Words filled with Gods infinite imaginations and the brilliance of His brilliance placed in His own intelligent designs.
        God releases the Power of His Eternal Spirits Powers, Matter and Substances and Energies in Words. His Word is with eternal incredible Power....Gods far superior to us way of doing things and getting things done, it is truly like higher far more advanced alien technologies that the present world of men in their present  blindness and  deception are primitive to in thought, intelligence, and in deeds....But God did not evolve to that great level of incredible ability and greatness, HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THAT GREAT AND THAT SO HIGH. He is the Most High Almighty Eternal God.
         Jesus came down from heaven functioning in the high glory of God healing all that were oppressed of the devil and showing the greatness of God in love of God ways. He could have stopped the earths orbitation by the power of God and nothing would have been damaged or thrown into chaos . HE and the Fathers Eternal Spirit HAS THAT KIND OF POWER. Actually, God would only burn a couple of His Eternal Spirits Energy calories in doing that.
      Strange how it is that unbelieving men cannot fathom the power of God but they say they can  measure the power of NOTHING by how nothing brought forth the Universe, saying it just happened out of the force of NOTHING. How blind is blind.?...That is called intelligent blindness or ignorance which ever you prefer.....Jesus Is Lord......Share Freely.....deno.