Monday, October 21, 2013

My Love For You Pslams and deno

How my heart longs for you.
My soul is thirsting for your satisfaction.
My flesh craves your precious touch.
My eyes so need the vision of your beauty in them. I'm in love.....So in has to be love...Scroll Down......deno.

My heart took flight and traveled to a distant land and therein i found the women of my hearts dreams. Her voice in my ear. Her beauty filling my eyes. Who is this sweet lady who caught my eye and fills my mind and heart with her constant attention? I love this constant knocking at my hearts door. Come in my love. Sit.  Rest...I'm yours. The heart of this home is yours. My walls are now down. My door is open. My resistance is gone.....Sweetest of hearts you fill my soul with Psalms and poems...I'm smitten. I've fallen.    It has to be love.....I love you....poem by deno....Remembering You. Remembering Us. Remembering Love.....please share freely.
P. S. I Love You.....