Thursday, October 17, 2013

How Can We Be Silent In A Time Like This In America ?......deno

       How can we be silent in a time like this in America. Diverse voices are shouting against one another to top the other voices in order to be heard and to gain say over, to capture the minds, the votes, and attention of this nation for it's swaying to their agenda. From religion, to politics, to world views, and moral defining, VOICES are being heard every where as each pushes their own agenda in the land of freedom of expression and of speech.
       And though this is true and is going on like never before, I want to bring to your remembrance brothers and sisters in Christ that we, (The Redeemed) are the empowered of God. Jesus said, All authority both in heaven and on earth has been given to Me, In My Name this authority is invested. Use It. Use My Name And Rule And Cast Out Satan and the darkness with My light. The only advantage that we have over this worlds powers is God In Christ Jesus in the heart and on the lips of the believers in authority execution and intercessory prayer, in standing dogmatically on Gods Word, Truth, and Promises and nothing else. Fighting in our own natural wits and natural strengths only has some value, but gives us no advantage or power over the ruler of the darkness of this world the shapes and forms the evil and darkness of this world and it's thrones (Revelations 13:2). Darkness must be fought against with Christ Words of Light and Lucifer must be put underfoot with the Spirit and Name of Jesus Christ.
       In closing this script I feel it is good that we be reminded together what Jesus said is AVAILABLE to us as Believers....Luke 21:15) Jesus said...For I will give you a mouth of such My wit and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to gainsay over or resist. This let us ask God to do now in this hour of it's great need in America and around the world.....deno......please share freely