Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus and GODS RECORD KEEPING....deno.

 John 8:13-14 

13 The Pharisees therefore said unto him, You bear record of yourself; thy record is not true. 14 Jesus answered and said unto them, Though I bear record of myself, yet my record is true: for I know where I came down from, and where I am going back to; but you cannot tell where I came from and the place where I shall return unto.

.......Jesus bore witness of himself, of his life, and he bore witness to the fact that he even came down from heaven and that God was his father. Christ whole existence in heaven before our time and beyond and his presence here on earth before these people were HIS RECORD. Concerning Christ record these that opposed him said, YOUR RECORD IS NOT TRUE. They were calling Jesus a liar, but they were the ones lying about the record of Jesus. Jesus as always, was telling the truth.
.......Do you realize that we all have a RECORD and that record bears witness to the real truth about us all? I mean every word we have ever spoken in pleasure or in pain, or in idleness or in fruitfulness are recorded on our record. Every good thing we have done and every time we sinned is recorded, and is still being recorded. Even all the secret things of our hearts and of our imaginations fill up the day to day pages of our record kept in heaven concerning us..
.......These men who were opposing Jesus were trying to lie about the RECORD of Jesus, but the true record kept on each of us every day, cannot by the lies of men be alter'ed or changed. NO WAY...Now on earth between men, people can lie about their records, cover up about their records, but not before God. God sees all and it is the absolute truth that God deals with in his dealings with every mans record. No one can con God. NO ONE. We may can fool people, but God sees all and He has the last word about all.
........But there is some GOOD NEWS. Jesus, the bible said, he went about all Judea, teaching about the Good News..Let us look into some of that Good News and into correct doctrine..
.........Paul preached that everyone of us are letters being read by all. Since our birth our own self has been the ink and the pen and our lives the pens lettering that writes our own daily record before God.
The pages are surely filled. They are filled with the good things we have said and done, and those pages are filled with all the bad words and all the sins we have done. Our record contains all those things we did in the secret places of our hearts and those we do more bodily and even in the open at times in front of others. Our records are full and kept and they contain the all about our spirit, soul and body life deeds, words spoken, and functions. Even at this moment as I write this light and as you read it, this to is being recorded.
........Knowing the truth about heavens full and complete record keeping and that it is we ourselves writing our own justification unto life in heaven or writing a record against ourselves unto condemnation, such truth should alert and alarm us all.
........Take a brief mental moment and think what you have written in your record about yourself throughout the years. You are your records own author. You and only you place all the periods at the end of each spoken word and at the end of every carried out deed you did.
.........You may be reading right now your past record and what you are reading scares you and fills you with lots of regret and shame, even embarrassment. You think to yourself and say, what am I going to do about all that. You go grab a rubber eraser and you scrub your record like crazy with all your might until you get blisters on your hands, only to find out that the eraser you applied does nothing to change what is written in your record. That ugly embarrassing part or pages you wrote still remains.
.........So in your concern you try to think religiously. You say, oh i know what to do. So in your wisdom you start going all over the place, all over your neighborhood and other cities, and in them you go about doing GOOD DEEDS to friends and to strangers. You even go feed poor people and cloth some naked children. You even go to church anew and you give alms and offerings to help others and to help the spreading of the gospel and in your wisdom after doing all those things, you say, now, NOW SURELY ALL THESE GOOD THINGS AND DEEDS I AM DOING HAS CLEARED OUT MY RECORD OF ALL THOSE SINS AND THOSE UGLY EMBARRASSING THINGS THAT WERE ON THOSE MANY PAGES OF MY PAST.
.........You run to go back and read your record again anticipating some good news. But your in shock at your finding. Your record is still the same. All those sins and embarrassing ugly things you did and said, they still stand out to condemn you and all those good deeds you found out were powerless to erase from your record the sins and all that ugly from your past.. Your now at a loss.
..........You go and sit down weeping and crying because you know nothing else to do. But little do you know, that where this has taken you, is exactly where the Lord and the blood of his Cross's wisdom and power is located to be found and is seated there in your helplessness with you, to find you. What we could do for ourselves and what we cannot do for ourselves God did in the giving of the blood of His Son.
..........Gods word says without the shedding of blood there is no removal, no erasing of sin. Without the shedding of Christ blood all sin remains. ALL OF IT...This is the Wisdom of God that God poured out for us all, only to be found in the blood of HIS SONS CROSS.
..........John wrote that we are all to be washed in the blood of the Lamb, the blood of the Lamb of God Jesus Christ that takes away the sin of the world. His blood, Christ blood can only erase sin and is the only thing on earth that can save us from our past AND FROM ALL THAT EMBARRASSMENT.
.......... The bible says that love HIDES and COVERS and CLEANSES US OF ALL OUR SIN, but for LOVE to cleanse us of all our sins, God uses the blood of Christ to accomplish what LOVE HIMSELF wants to hide.
...........I don't know about you but how I thank God for the blood of Christ. Because of HIS BLOOD I can face tomorrow when I stand before THE KING KNOWING THE KING WAS FOR ME AND NOT AGAINST ME AND HE WASHED ME AND MY RECORD IN HIS OWN PRECIOUS BLOOD EVERY TIME I CONFESSED MY SINS UNTO THE LORD.
..........That which the Sons blood has washed away is no longer on OUR RECORD....As it is written, I will be merciful says the Lord thy Redeemer. I will be merciful into their unrighteousness and their sins and their iniquities I will not remember ever again. Our Redeemer also said, Though your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as snow. Then he took the GOOD NEWS even further for our joy to be made more full. He said, I WILL SEPARATE YOU FROM YOUR SINS AND SHAME AND THAT SEPARATION SHALL BE AS FOR AS EAST IS TO THE WEST.
...........Friends those scriptures are from the GOOD NEWS that Christ blood speaks unto us. Good deeds have their place, but no good deed of ours can remove sins from our RECORD, on the BLOOD OF CHRIST HAS THAT POWER....Are you WASHED in the BLOOD of the Lamb Jesus Christ? I'm washed daily....AMEN.....deno......share freely.