Wednesday, September 21, 2016

An Atheist Remark about God......deno.....share freely.

Yula Flournoy ....Kathy Towns remarks..... if nothing is too hard for god, can you ask him to stop starving kids. Because that's really not nice.

Deno Smith to Yula.
      God gave us the power, the plenty, and the ability to raise the children, to nourish and to cherish them. It is not God or His heart that is the problem. He gave us all as His gift (THE PLANET) with all its vast resources, and God gave us all our children to love, care for, nourish and to raise. He gave us the know how and the plenty to feed all and to take care of all. It is our evil hearts of greed and selfishness that is starving the children and withholding from them, Not God.
     We should judge ourselves in this matter, NOT GOD. He did His part. He gave us the planet, the plenty, and the power over it all and the ability to till it. Instead of exercising our passions on blaming God for the children starving and trying to say that He is some sort of an evil monster, if we have the power to feed the poor and we do, and if it is in our ability to do so but we don't, WHO THEN IS THE REAL MONSTER?... WE THEN ARE THE EVIL MONSTERS, not the Lord our Redeemer who loved us and gave himself for us.. So I ask you, who is the evil one, God or us ?