Sunday, September 27, 2015

Eyes That See Thru The Curse......deno......share freely.

       Some people are more focused on the thorns in this world instead of the Roses. The thorns and the thistles of this present life came from the sin of Adam that caused the curse to come into our world and lives...Don't let the thorns WHICH ARE MANY TODAY blind or deceive you or take your heart away into captivity from the great love of God that is seen in the giving of His Son....Never forget that GOD IS LOVE and that FOR GOD SO LOVED.....that He gave.
        In heaven there are no weeds, thorns or thistles in life that prick and cause pain. So don't let this present worlds mess filled with sins curses and Satan's multi-faced trickeries and deceptions that are laid out all over the place take your eyes off the beautiful Roses of life and blind you from the truth of the love of God that fills up all of heaven where Satan cannot contaminate.
        Heaven is all so Wonderful and curse free. No one hurts or kills or hates or destroys in heaven. Gods is love and Loves perfect and full will is done in all of heaven. But on earth sin and Satans will are all in the mix and that confuses people about God and the love of God..Keep your faiths eyes on Jesus. He is the love of God revealed and Jesus is the author and the finisher of what we believe....Love you in Christ.....deno......share freely.

If It Feels Good Do It....This Is The Doctrine That Demons Brought Into America That Has Been Weakening Our Nation From Within......deno.....share freely.

       It does not take a scientist to see that ever since men in this nation years ago rose up to take a stand against God and Jesus Christ and the gospel and made it politically incorrect to call upon the name of the Lord...And ever since it was called foolish to pray and to preach the Ten Commandments, and said in all kinds of ways to the crowds,  Let us together  take the yoke of Christ off and DO WHAT EVER FEELS GOOD and whatever we desire, ever since that all started Americans and America has been falling, YES EVER SINCE. 
      The hearts of men and women are waxing worse and worse. We are amazed at what is going on in the streets of America today and behind closed doors in what was before known and called by all the world for centuries, a God fearing Righteous nation.
       Oh how has the mighty fallen? They loved darkness more than light and esteemed a brief moment of sins pleasure again and again at the sacrifice of an eternity in damnation. Though they professed themselves to be wise they became fools and exchanged wisdom for folly and truth for the demonic whispers that destroyed them.....share freely.

Billy Graham Early Years:Los Angles Crusade Tent Day(1949)...A 3 Minute Sermon All The World Today Needs To Hear.....deno.

Jesus Only Is Worthy......deno.....share freely.

     Did it ever dawn on you that Jesus never did one selfish act while He was on earth? Not even One.  He never woke up and said, Well how am I going to serve and please me and myself today. Every single morning it was, Good Morning Father, thank you for the nights blessed sleep and for your presence with me during the night. What is YOUR PLAN for Me today. Lo Im here Father only to do your will O God. And Jesus did exactly that. Thank God for the greatness of Jesus' true and sincere love for the Father and for us.
      Every day as a living sacrifice Jesus denied himself and took up His Cross and followed the Fathers every step for him. Yes Everyday Jesus put on God's provided shoes for the days events and activities....That is why He alone is worthy of all praise, riches, wisdom, honor and glory. That is why we worship and honor the Son even as we do the Father.
      Jesus you are so beautiful and wonderful Lord. To you be all praise, glory, and honor. Forgive us Lord when we have misplaced your shoes for us and put on our own for the days agenda. Thou Art Worthy Lord. Only You....share freely.

The Lord Whispered.......deno.....share freely.

     The Lord whispered...One of the biggest delusions in My people today is their faith is set to use Me instead of them being used by Me. Who is Lord here?  Like a wishing well they try to use me without being submitted or surrendered to Me or My will and Fellowship.
     Well I am not a wishing well. I Am the Lord and I have a voice and a will. Why ask me this or that but you live for yourself and not for Me. I ask and you do not. I command and you do otherwise.
     He that has ears to hear let him hear. God is certainly dealing with the hearts of His people.....share freely.

Lord, What Must I Do To Be Saved?.....deno......share freely.

       You may not be called to be a preacher or a President, but ALL ARE CALLED TO SALVATION. That is why Jesus called and commanded us all from His love and from His knowing of what is ahead for the world, for us to Repent and to believe what He preaches.
       Take your child like step of faith and tell Jesus you are a sinner and you need him. With God humility comes before honor. Tell Jesus that you believe He is the Christ the Son of God. Tell him you do believe that He died for your sins on the Cross and rose again from the dead. Say Lord Jesus be merciful to me a sinner. I know and confess that I have sinned so much, save me from my sins. Come and fill me with your forgiveness, with your Holy Spirit and love. Open my eyes and lead, guide and direct me. Lead me to the fellowship you want me to be a member of in the faith of the Son of God. Into your hands I entrust my life, spirit and eternity. Establish me in all the will of God and help me to overcome all faith, hope, and loves discouragements in Jesus Name.
       Jesus I confess that you are Lord and I believe that God raised you from the dead. Amen.

Lord, she Cried...Where Are You?.....deno......share freely.

        Every time Jesus looks at his body and the holes in his hands and feet, he thinks of You. You are his flesh and bone members. God wanted to be so close to us that He made us His house, the new house He lives in, THE TEMPLE OF GOD. HIS DWELLING PLACE. We are His Body, the fulness of Him that fills all in all. Ephesians 1:22-23.

        Lord she cried in her distress, WHERE ARE YOU? She heard a voice say, Right in here. She said, WHO SAID THAT? Jesus said, I did. She said I WHO? Jesus said, it is Me Jesus. Lord she said, Where have you been?  Jesus said, I 've been right here. It is you that is always gone somewhere. Have you been with Me so long and you still do not know where I live? That's what happens when hearts have moved far from Me. Martha your heart is filled with so many cares of this life and so many voices of trouble and of this wold that you hardly ever notice or hear Me...You believe in Me I can see that. I can see your faith..Now Surrender to Me. I Am The Lord.
        Faith without surrender is like marriage without a vow of commitment from the heart. Love is lacking. Faith without love for Jesus is a most unhealthy spiritual relationship or marriage. We believe and call Him Lord, but we do not love Him as to do what He says. A whole lot of different kinds of unfaitfulness are found in loveless uncommitted relationships. 

John 14:21New King James Version (NKJV)

21 He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.....deno......share freely.