Sunday, September 27, 2015

Eyes That See Thru The Curse......deno......share freely.

       Some people are more focused on the thorns in this world instead of the Roses. The thorns and the thistles of this present life came from the sin of Adam that caused the curse to come into our world and lives...Don't let the thorns WHICH ARE MANY TODAY blind or deceive you or take your heart away into captivity from the great love of God that is seen in the giving of His Son....Never forget that GOD IS LOVE and that FOR GOD SO LOVED.....that He gave.
        In heaven there are no weeds, thorns or thistles in life that prick and cause pain. So don't let this present worlds mess filled with sins curses and Satan's multi-faced trickeries and deceptions that are laid out all over the place take your eyes off the beautiful Roses of life and blind you from the truth of the love of God that fills up all of heaven where Satan cannot contaminate.
        Heaven is all so Wonderful and curse free. No one hurts or kills or hates or destroys in heaven. Gods is love and Loves perfect and full will is done in all of heaven. But on earth sin and Satans will are all in the mix and that confuses people about God and the love of God..Keep your faiths eyes on Jesus. He is the love of God revealed and Jesus is the author and the finisher of what we believe....Love you in Christ.....deno......share freely.