Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lord, What Must I Do To Be Saved?.....deno......share freely.

       You may not be called to be a preacher or a President, but ALL ARE CALLED TO SALVATION. That is why Jesus called and commanded us all from His love and from His knowing of what is ahead for the world, for us to Repent and to believe what He preaches.
       Take your child like step of faith and tell Jesus you are a sinner and you need him. With God humility comes before honor. Tell Jesus that you believe He is the Christ the Son of God. Tell him you do believe that He died for your sins on the Cross and rose again from the dead. Say Lord Jesus be merciful to me a sinner. I know and confess that I have sinned so much, save me from my sins. Come and fill me with your forgiveness, with your Holy Spirit and love. Open my eyes and lead, guide and direct me. Lead me to the fellowship you want me to be a member of in the faith of the Son of God. Into your hands I entrust my life, spirit and eternity. Establish me in all the will of God and help me to overcome all faith, hope, and loves discouragements in Jesus Name.
       Jesus I confess that you are Lord and I believe that God raised you from the dead. Amen.