Sunday, September 27, 2015

Jesus Only Is Worthy......deno.....share freely.

     Did it ever dawn on you that Jesus never did one selfish act while He was on earth? Not even One.  He never woke up and said, Well how am I going to serve and please me and myself today. Every single morning it was, Good Morning Father, thank you for the nights blessed sleep and for your presence with me during the night. What is YOUR PLAN for Me today. Lo Im here Father only to do your will O God. And Jesus did exactly that. Thank God for the greatness of Jesus' true and sincere love for the Father and for us.
      Every day as a living sacrifice Jesus denied himself and took up His Cross and followed the Fathers every step for him. Yes Everyday Jesus put on God's provided shoes for the days events and activities....That is why He alone is worthy of all praise, riches, wisdom, honor and glory. That is why we worship and honor the Son even as we do the Father.
      Jesus you are so beautiful and wonderful Lord. To you be all praise, glory, and honor. Forgive us Lord when we have misplaced your shoes for us and put on our own for the days agenda. Thou Art Worthy Lord. Only You....share freely.