Sunday, August 30, 2015

Caution...These words stir up the bees.......They will pressure you away from these words sort of like what Peter said by Satan to Jesus when Jesus said he was soon to be betrayed and crucified, he said, BE IT FAR FROM YOU....The deceiver and the thief will try to offend you away from this light....Use the name of Jesus against him. BE STRONG.....ENTER....deno.....share freely.

       It is time for the church to experience and taste the HONEY of the Grace of God in Christ.  But to get to the end times Honey of His Grace we must do our part and fight our way thru the opposing bees of the enemy and do so in the power and in the authority in the far above all name of Jesus Christ.....Asking & Receiving....Seeking & Finding....Knocking & Doors Opened....In Jesus Name commanding the evil spirits off, out, and away. Binding & Loosing...Sending the Angels with their chains to those evils spirits to void them harmless......And above all things Walk in the love of God and believe in the love God has for us clearly revealed in the sermon on the Mount of Golgotha thru the Cross of Christ....Living by faith in the expectancy of the goodness of God and of what is clearly revealed in Matthew 7:11....Dead to self but alive unto the Will of God. Always seeking first God and His will and living in the add ons from doing so.
       When we lose our life in the way of full surrender to Gods will then we will find the life and THE HONEY but not until and not without challenge and not without persecutions.
       We all know in our hearts that there is supposed to be more love, more presence of God manifested, more joy, more peace, more high, less low,  more power of God, more of the riches of Gods Grace, Presence, & Goodness, even the EXCEEDING GREATNESS OF THESE THINGS, OF GODS POWER AND MORE OF THE RICHES OF HIS GRACE AND GOODNESS. This is whispered to us over and over again. There is more, more grace, more light, more joy, more power, more His presence, more Strength, more God in us with us realities, greater fellowship, greater works, more to love, more to do, more to learn, more to visit, more to cloth, more to feed, more to help more more more.
       But like Israel so it is with us. When their feet landed in the soil of the promise land, In Christ by Colossians 1:12-13 light, our feet have also landed .........But like Israel so it is with us. When their feet landed in the soil of the promise land, In Christ by Colossians 1:12-13 light, our feet have landed in the promise land in the Spirit being delivered from the power of darkness (Egypt) and we have BEEN TRANSLATED into the Kingdom of Gods dear Son (The real Promise land). 
       We in the Spirit are not kingdom of God bound but we are TRANSLATED IN THE SPIRIT INTO the kingdom of God now and the kingdom of God is WITHIN YOU by the Holy Spirit. Like Israel, right after the souls of those feet landed on promise land soil, God tells us what He commanded of them, SUBDUE THE LAND, SUBDUE YOUR OPPOSITION, CAST THEM OUT....RID THE LAND OF THE ENEMIES WHO WILL FIGHT AGAINST YOU TO KEEP YOU FROM POSSESSING ITS RICHES, ITS MILK AND ITS HONEY, ITS GOODLY THINGS...OVER COME AND PREVAIL OVER THEM.....Possess the land, its treasures, its milk and its honey.....I have come that you might have life and have it MORE ABUNDANTLY.
        They had to physically fight with physical swords and arrows and clubs victoriously to take it, but the weapons of our warfare in Christ are not physical but spiritual (The Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God) and they are mighty thru God for the pulling down of strongholds, to take the land....That is how we possess the end time HONEY GRACE AND GOODNESS OF GOD. Thru obeying Gods words and His will for us and fearing nothing, but believing only.
        In the spirit thru obeying God, living the love of God life, always forgiving, fasting and praying in the Spirit and believing the clear promises  given  us In Christ Jesus, we take out of the enemies hands all that he has been striving to hide and to keep away from the saints. The thief must be bound for us to get out goods back.
        Its time for the thief to be treaded upon massively and the kingdom riches and grace taken from his Lying, THIEVING HANDS  with violent spiritual force by those who are the flesh and bone of Jesus Christ who God has given all power and authority unto both in heaven and in earth...Doubters need not apply but step aside. Just stay on the milk, but the milk Peter says is for babes in Christ.
       The HONEY is the mighty grace and Spirit of God Glorifying Jesus glory, and the riches of HIS KINGDOM. The  STRONG spiritual warriors take it by spiritual weapons, power and force from the enemies who war against us to hold back our increases of the kingdoms light, power, love, joys, and riches and glory that God has given us who are HIS SONS FLESH AND BONE on the earth.
       We the courages with a mighty determined unwavering devotion, faith and love,  we fight our way thru the opposing bees and lay holt of the honey, BELIEVING  & OBEYING GOD as good and faithful servants and skilled spiritual soldiers.
       It has been poured out.... THE HONEY, for the filling up of our cups unto the overflow of the church and its members unto being filled with all the fulness of God as Paul revealed attainable by the church on earth. AMAZING GRACE HOW SWEET THE TASTE. (Ephesians 3:14-21).......deno.....Jesus Is Lord.....share freely.