Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Soul Seated With Christ #2.....Peace & Rest......deno.....share freely.

        Matthew 11:28-30).....Jesus Said.....Come unto me all of you that are weary in your work and heavily burdened down and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon yourselves and learn of Me (learn what My Cross Shall Do For You for the Blood and Power of His Cross is the heart of every message of and about Messiah), for I am gentle and lowly and by what you learn (of Me and MY CROSS) you shall FIND REST UNTO YOUR SOULS. 
       In these above words of Jesus we learn that Rest is Given by Jesus and Rest is Found by the believers. Jesus said I will GIVE YOU REST and he said, and you SHALL FIND REST unto your souls. It (that rest) is not earned by self justifying works. It is given therefore it has to be received. Rest Given is a gift. Therefore being a gift it has to be received, not labored for.
       In the text Jesus THE SEEING and KNOWING ONE wants to take off of them the burden and the weight of their own labors, the labors of self justifying works of self righteousness which was of the Law, and bless them with the gift of peace and the rest that comes from knowing one is justified By faith in Christ and his atoning sacrifice without the deeds of the Law.  Jesus is taking their eyes off of themselves and off their works, unto Him. He is saying COME UNTO ME, and place your eyes and confidence on the New and Living way that God has now consecrated for their new entrance into the kingdom of God and Christ. He says Come unto Me now. Jesus is taking them away from the old, it has served its purpose, and now tells them, now Come unto Me and Drink of My Redeeming Blood, the blood of his Cross THE NEW. He is taking them to the power of God, which was the power of His Cross ahead. (For the Cross is the only true place of redeeming peace and rest). He knew He was the mighty guilt offering and he knew that he was the great peace offering. But they needed to know that so He says, Come unto Me. Come unto Me AND LEARN.....Go and read Romans 10:1-13.
      The soul seated with Christ in the heavenly places of Ephesians 2:1-9, serves the Lord as the rested not as the weary. He who seeks to justify himself by his own works is always on the edge of self merit and questions himself saying, is it enough? He lives carrying the burden and the weights of doubt and from the weariness that comes from the lack of blessed assurance....But he that is justified By the power of the Cross of Christ has peace with God of the soul, for he rest his faith in the words, IT IS FINISHED.
       Romans 5:1) Therefore we being JUSTIFIED by faith (faith in the blood, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, in the IT IS FINISHED), we have PEACE within and PEACE WITH GOD thru our Savior, Jesus Christ the Son of God.
        Study this for yourself and you will find it to be the truth. It is the New Covenant of Peace with God thru the atoning blood of His Cross and not of Friction. (Isaiah 54:5-10).....deno........share freely.