Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Power of the Tongue.....Classics.......deno......share freely.

........Mark 11:23-24)..The disciples saw and heard Jesus look straight at a fig tree and  on purpose direct the power of his tongue against it. Jesus said to that fig tree, let no man ever eat fruit from you again. That fig tree being infiltrated with unseen spiritual substance, force, and power of the faith of the Son of Gods Spirit withered up from the root. That tree ended up exactly as Jesus said to it from his Spirit..
       Jesus also said of you and I that WE ARE TREES....And concerning the fruit of our tree he said....You to believe that those things you say shall come to pass, YOU WILL HAVE WHATSOEVER YOU SAY.
       Proverbs 18:21) Life and death are in the POWER of the tongue.
 You win or lose by what you believe and say.
        I'm convinced from this truth, that that is why the first words the Lord spoke to me audibly were and I quote, 'WATCH YOUR TONGUE."
        Words are more than communication sources. They are what God uses to release the power and the substances of His Spirits Eternal Power and Energies into His situations and circumstances to bring forth or to do away with. Jesus and the Father always maintain a GOOD VERBAL CONFESSION ABOUT THEMSELVES AND HOW THINGS ARE GOING TO END UP FOR THEIR GOOD.
         Go back and do a study about this truth. In the bible God and Jesus are ALWAYS SPEAKING GOOD AND WELL ABOUT THEMSELVES. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS. They confess I am this good thing. I am these good things. I am the Good Shepherd. I am the Bread of Life. My Words are Spirit and they are words of life. I am the light of the world. I Am Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end. I Am Almighty God, not I am a little bitty good for nothing God. I Am your life and the length of your days. I am the rock and the God of your Salvation. I AM the Lord thy Deliverer. My Name is Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God. I Am the Prince of Peace. I Am that I Am. I Am all you will ever need. I Am the Door. I AM Abraham's exceeding great reward. I Am The Most High God.
         On and on and all thru-out the bible we see Jesus and the Father confessing things about themselves. So should their children who are created in their image and in their likeness do likewise. Our words about ourselves should line up with Gods Word about us in Christ Jesus. Our words about ourselves should be way way way more uplifting than soul cast downing. Unfortunately the devil has warped the church with little worm talk instead of the sons of the living God decrees.
         Jesus also made confessions of who he was and of what he believed all the time. Study this out and you will find it so. Jesus never said one negative putting himself down word about himself NEVER. NOT EVEN ONE. And He always confessed and spoke what HE BELIEVED. He spoke words of  life to save and to uplift and to bless. Even when he did put fire to his words concerning his opposers, those words were carefully selected to warn and to inform those they were directed at of the dangers ahead if they did not believe and repent. They were for life and not for death. He said I did not come to destroy mens lives but to save them. So even his Woes Unto You words were to heal and not to break. Sometimes we have to be real strong and harsh with our words to get our children to wake up and to realize the danger of this or that, or of their ways, but the rebuke is well meaning from our love for them. If only they would heed them. Those love filled rebuking words.  
        With Words GOD (who is a Spirit) released the enormous power of His Eternal Life Giving Creating Spirit and the Universe was born. 
        Paul said we also are spirit, soul, and body. We to release unseen energy and spiritual substance thru our words. Jesus said by what a man says out his mouth, his whole body becomes defiled. His whole body becomes blessed with good substance or cursed with evil substances. Defile means to make unclean, to make impure, to pollute, to curse. We inject good or bad spiritual substance into our bodies and lives course by what we say according to the good or evil of the heart at the time those words are spoken. This Is Spiritual but of the power of TRUTH...scroll down.

         Life and death, blessing or cursing is in the power of the tongue. Jesus said, Believe that those things you say shall come to pass and you will have whatsoever you say. Unfortunately that can work for our good, or for our bad as Jesus demonstrated in his words that effected that fig tree and cursed it. Intercessions of Christ are often used to over ride and counter the hurt or evil our words were taking us to that we spoke in spiritual ignorance of their hidden power...WATCH YOUR TONGUE. See Mark 4:26-27..The Words of God and of men are the spiritual seeds......deno......share freely.