Friday, August 28, 2015

From the Dry back to the Green. We cannot endure just living on a memory. Be Revived and Renewed in the Lord......deno.......share freely

       Sometimes we are so full and so filled with His presence that our joy and excitement ascends thru the roof. We leap like calves in the stall. Even when we walk in the fields and in the beautiful parks the trees clap their hands with us in the Joy of Gods fragrances, the fragrances of His creation blessings. On the inside we feel so much His touch our hearts rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.
      Then there comes those days when it seems we are living on the power of a memory, on a memory of the joy and of the way it was when our spirits leaped with joy at just the thought of Him.
      We all have had our own spiritual honeymoon with the Lord in the beginning of the infilling of the Spirit and of his grace. In those days we were high as a heavenly dove.  But its been awhile and today we feel the lesser, even what seems to be like  the absence of His presence. Sometimes that is a sign that you and Jesus need your own personal anniversary get away.
       Turn your present dry back into green pastures by His still waters. Let the world go. Remove its weight and get into the presence of the Lord that He may revive you. First love remember?......deno.....share freely.