Saturday, August 29, 2015

Interceding Prayer Is SERVING GOD......deno.....share freely.

.......To intercede is to SERVE....It is SERVING the Living God and Men who need it....Moses and Abraham served God and men with their intercessions......Intercession is tearing down dividing walls that need to be torn down in peoples lives that men may find their peace with God and re-erecting walls that need to be raised up to keep judgement and the evil one at bay.....All this is done by serving God and men with prayers of intercessions.
        If iniquity is abounding, often times it is because what is supposed to be HOT before the Lamb of God on the earth, they are lukewarm whose prayer is the breath of a human instead of the fire from the Breath of God that the lukewarm quenched,
        Luke 2:37)....and Anna was 84 years of age and she did not depart from the temple of the Lord, but SERVED THE LORD day and night with her prayers (Intercessions) and fastings. Intercessory Prayer Is Serving The Lord.....deno......share freely.