Monday, March 28, 2016

Defending the Word of Faith......deno.....share freely

......Some are out to bash the Word of Faith message. Paul said in Romans that it is the Word of Faith that we preach. That if we will confess with our mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in our heart that God raised Jesus from the dead We Shall Be Saved. He said, It is with the heart man believes and that faith is now his righteousness in the sight of God, and it is with a mans mouth he makes the confession of his faith unto his salvation (Romans 10:8-11).
.......From these words above we can see that real faith HAS A CONFESSION. Faith always has a confession. Paul said, I believe therefore I have spoken. We believe therefore we speak or confess with our mouths what we believe.
........And so what else does faith do? How does faith advantage us? Well in so many ways but here is one for sure...Ephesians 6:16...When we are wrestling with the devil, which is almost a constant battle in the warfare, God gave us His Armor to wear in the fight. The part of the Armor that he said was the most important of all was the mix of faith in all of it. He said in verse 16) Above all the rest, be sure to take up the Shield of Faith, for by the shield of faith you will be able to destroy Satans every attack, even all the fiery darts he throws at you.
.......So lets just use some 2+2 common sense here. The scriptures here tells us that the Shield of Faith will do something. God knows what it will do. It will do something we all seriously need today. The Holy Spirit said that the Shield of Faith will destroy every satanic attack of the devil. Put to nothing every fiery dart he launches at us. So who do you suppose wants the Word of Faith message suppressed in the church????? It is that old hungry lion that Peter said is thirsty for our souls and blood (1 Peter 5:8-10)....Satan.
......Even as Paul wrote about faith in Hebrews 4:2) He said, if God's Words of the gospel or our confessions are not believed, are not mixed with faith then we do not profit anything from them. That whole Armor of God that God has given us all to put on in the battle, WE HAVE TO BELIEVE IN All THAT ARMOR'S PROTECTION POWER AND PURPOSE or we are shooting blanks and in the battle we are highly exposed.
........So what have we learned in this light. Faith is powerful. Faith is a Shield. Satan is no match for the Shield of Faith. Faith always has a confession that accompanies it. Paul said, I believe therefore I have spoken. We believe therefore we confess what we believe.
....... So since faith is a shield and faith always has a confession, then the Word of Faith or the Confession of Faith is the shield IN USE. We rickoshea the devils darts with Words. We rickoshea the devils attacks with Words Believed and Believed Words SPOKEN. Jesus was never quiet or wordless in his casting out Satan or binding him. He never just looked and stared at the devil and got results. Jesus every time said Words in faith to him and the devils screamed and left. Quiet lips want sink the devils battle ships. Words Believed and Words of Faith will...Have faith in God and in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ our Savior......deno......share freely.