Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Write these things unto the Church in America......deno......share freely.

Write these thing unto the Church In America....The Antichrist attack against the Body of Christ in America and in the nations.

Acts 9:22-24....New King James Version (NKJV)
22 But Saul increased all the more in strength, and confounded the Jews who dwelt in Damascus, proving ( by Gods Spirit and the Scriptures) that this Jesus is the Christ.
Saul Escapes Death
23 Now after many days were past, the Jews (being enraged by Paul's strength from Christ)  plotted to kill him. 24 But their plot (their hidden agenda, schemes, and scheming against Paul the christian) became known.
......Here in our text,(after the resurrection of Jesus) we have some first expressions of the spirit of the AntiChrist against Christ and his christians. We see and learn that strong light from Christ in a christian agitates the AntiChrist spirit where ever it is and in whom it resides. Note....The greater the light of Christ is shining thru christians, the more the demons (who are the spirit of AntiChrist) feels disturbed and aggravated even as to MURDER those In Whom Christ and his light lives and shines from.
.......This present day massive attack and slaughter of christians all over the world and their beheadings etc. are all from the motivation spawn from the AntiChrist spirit (his demons) in men's hearts and minds. It is so prevalent in them that in their souls is the lion's cravings and thirst for the blood of christians. He hates and despises them. You can easily see this evil lion monster in their eyes and merciless wild behavior against Christ and christians.
........It would be wise counsel for leaders of the nations of Christ and his light to wise up to Satan's clever (last days evils) and manifold schemes to undermine them. Where the most christians are so is the most stealth like undermining work of the devil (AntiChrist) going on to take them down (even to destroy the strengths of that nation especially in the financial area). He knows and understands that pressure. He has caused it and he had seen it millions of times all over the world and the sorrows and the evils that accompany it. World history, individuals history, and family histories proves the point.
.......Satan knows how to crash  a person and a nation financially and what will accompany such a crash if that person or that nation's morals and faith has failed (Great Evils & Anarchy). His weapon? Its called unbridled debt and he knows exactly how to form that financial weapon against a person and a nation, even against a most wealthy nation, to snare it for a mighty fall.
....... He destroys many of them even by the plot of compassion without restraint. He positions liars and deceivers in high places of power, men on the take. He uses men who have no real fear of God, political wolves in sheep's clothing who have no honor or disciplined patriotic national loyalty. He uses some people who are like leeches that just lay around able to be productive but are unwilling to be productive for the nations well being who refuse to work, who fill the air with threats if not fed without working.  He uses unbalanced budgets. Undertable bribes. Greed. Out of control spending for compassion sake and for evils sake. This is going on today FAR MORE than the leaders of America and of other nations see or think as a purposed direct ploy of Satan the antichrist against them, against their peace. And if they do know it and see it and do nothing about it, they are under demonic powers of tyranny against that nation. They are drunk men, yet drunk without wine. They are drunk in their reasonings under the spell and control of demonic powers that have them off balance and in derision. Like unruly unwise children governing where strong and mighty Princes of nations used to stand.
.......America, all because she has so many who call upon the Name of Jesus Christ, because of this (like Paul experienced in our text), has been under these AntiChrist stealth attacks and plots for decades now to bring her little by little, yet more and more into subjection to his (the antichrist) throne of power and of authority (Revelations 13:1-9) soon to be revealed. Those who he used to crucify the Lord of glory in the day of our redemption are included in his use. Easily traced, searching men have found them even today at the wheel of many of these stealth plots against Christ Jesus and against christianity in America. They push the increase of our overwhelming debt and darkness while they by Law and tyranny strive to crush Jesus Christ Truth, Light, Commandments, and Gospel out of his way or at least placed under the bushels in his controlled atmosphere where Christians fear to call upon the Name of Jesus Christ publicly. Political correctness is a doctrine and persuasion of devils.
.......But as it was in Paul's life as we see in our text, so it is happening today, God is exposing the stealth schemes and plots of these who have risen against Christ Jesus and the christians in America. The American christians who are in the majority in faith in America for decades now have noticed the increase of the spirits of the AntiChrist in their nation and his works to crush the light of the gospel. Right now this nation is in an intense spiritual battle for her faith, soul, light, and national strength, health and course.
....... This next Presidential election in America is the most important of all and that is why we see such desperate passion from the left warring against the right and the stirring up of the bees in their own parties. (There is war and disturbances in the heavenly place of darkness clashing with light over this nations soul, light, and course). .......Satan fears to lose his Stealth grip on America to further ensure his dark agenda to bring this nation into financial ruin and subjection to his rule in the last days. He knows America will react to his false hope as spoiled desperate brats if he presents a plan for her recovery after the fall that promises her awe and wonder of recovery.
....... Now days, even every day the spirit of the AntiChrist preaches to the warring demons under his rule that Jesus and the christian light and salt must decrease that his dark agenda and his demonic darkness can increase. Shall we christians in America allow Revelations 13:7 to come to pass in this land that God gave us from the start to till as His Garden for His Son's Name, Gospel, and Glory? 
.......In closing saints I write this. The first church members came to Jesus one day when they had confronted Satan and said, Lord, this demon would not come out of his place after we commanded him to in Jesus Name. Lord why not?  We have had success in doing so before, but this time we failed. Why Lord, why did we fail to cast him out this time?? Jesus said, because of your doubt and unbelief you did not uproot him....Nonetheless, to cast this kind out, YOU MUST FAST and PRAY...There's A Sign....God still drinks from his peoples personal living sacrifices that are offered unto God without blood spilling. (See Romans 12:1).....deno.....share freely..