Monday, March 28, 2016

The Ark is being built according to the Scriptures.....Ken Ham (Answers In Genesis)......deno......share freely.

......Ken Ham....President of Answers in Genesis so loves our risen Lord and defends His word and truth from the beginning of the scriptures to the end. They are building Noah's Ark according to the scriptures.. All the world will be able to come and tour the Ark inside and out. In all you say and do, do all to the glory of God and in honor of Jesus Christ.
.......Note... We who believe the gospel of our salvation that Jesus died for our sins and rose again from the dead for our everlasting hope thru grace, have Entered into the TRUE ARK, which is the Huge Auditorium of our Lords RISEN BODY, and inside that Body together we have Risen with Christ Col 3:1) and Ascended Far Above (Eph 1:1-9) with our Lord. And the Ark that we ARE IN, (being we are IN CHRIST JESUS), our TRUE ARK has DOCKED. And where did our TRUE ARK Land or Dock??? At the right hand of the Throne of God.
........In Christ Jesus (which is the True Ark), we who believe have landed FAR ABOVE in Christ and with Jesus in Gods Heavenly Places. We have docked there safely in Jesus and with Jesus (Eph 2:1-9).
.......Noah's Ark was like almost impossible but all things are possible WITH GOD and GOD WAS HUGELY WITH NOAH, even to the shutting of the door.  Grace was all over the man. Gods Grace was all over that ship to. Even in and upon every plank and nail that bind. There was NO WAY that ARK was going to fail its God ordained mission or come apart NO WAY. The same power that God poured into Jesus when He raised Him from the dead was functioning in great measure in that Arks Construction. (Powerful God Infused SPECIAL GRACE was in and upon Noah and that Ark). The world in its humanistic arrogance always forgets to include the GOD FACTOR in the Noah's Ark Upholding Power and Strength. God the bible said Shut the Door. When that happened the blessing of the Lord was all over the wood, the nails, and everything and everyone in it. He that upholds Hid Universe and all things thru the Word of His Power upheld that Ark and Its Saving Mission and the eight souls in it.
....... God was so greatly with Noah that the world will not understand the energy and the great heavenly determination that worked inside Noah mightily. Elijah out ran the horses by the same. Samson had incredible strength by the similar grace to slay a thousand soldiers to his one. Noah had MIGHTY GRACE UPON HIM TO. Building Grace. Patience Grace. Determination Grace. He had an I will not quit or fail Grace in him. The world will not understand or accept this just as they cannot understand or accept the Holy Spirit, but Noah was a big man with a lot of BIG HELP.
.......Noah's Ark was a mighty shadow of the so great a salvation that was to come thru the Cross of Christ and that so great a salvation has come. The Lord from heaven Jesus Christ had come to us in the flesh.....It is written....And He (Jesus by the Cross) shall save His people from their sins. And in a another place....Jesus saves us from the wrath to come...Also it is written, In Christ Jesus we have REDEMPTION thru His Blood, even the FORGIVENESS OF OUR SINS..It is also written, In Jesus we are saved  and thru HIS BLOOD we who believe are justified and have peace with God by trusting In Christ.
...... Jesus landed back in Paradise safely. We who are IN HIM and that REMAIN IN CHRIST have no other landing but the same as our Lords landing, in perfect peace with God..After all, if the truth be revealed and made known, We all went there together with Jesus from the Cross to the Throne..As it is also written, I was crucified WITH CHRIST....And, We Are Risen With Christ....For God has raised us UP TOGETHER (With Jesus) and GOD HAS MADE US SIT TOGETHER (With Jesus) in heavens highest seats (Thrones of honor) in heaven (Ephesians 2:1-10).. We Are Risen With Christ (Colossians 3:1-4)....deno.....share freely.

In judgment, our God provides salvation -- the Ark Encounter will remind the world that Jesus is our Ark of salvation.