Saturday, March 19, 2016

Reasons To Hope to the End.......deno.....share freely

       Church, God has always had a remnant and God has always prepared for them a place no matter the worlds condition, whether its a needed Ark, or a Name that is a STRONG TOWER, or whether they need an Upper room for a passover meal celebration, or whether they need a CITY or a NATION...Remember what Jesus said to Paul ? Jesus said to Paul in a certain CITY,. He said, Fear not Paul, keep preaching, no one shall hurt you here for I have much people who belong to Me in this city.
       Persecution comes with the calling but in Numbers there is strength and Protection as long as we keep on the Whole Armor of God and STAY STRONG IN FAITH and FULL OF SALT. We also must keep the weeds down and the saints numbers the moral major faith majority.
       In America if we Christians would stop being double minded, luke warm, double standard christians and quit giving such great place to the devil by compromises after compromise, we could cast out and reverse a whole lot of  this Anti Christ Satanic activity. Many Christians in a town or city or nation in overwhelming numbers can run the city or the nation and keep persecution down in those places and run out most antiChrist activity..
       We must remember this. There is no dispensation where our Lords Name, the Name of Jesus Christ cannot bind up Satan or cast out demons. Jesus' Name that is above every name, it never loses its power and authority (NEVER). We just must not lose our faith in our Lords FAR ABOVE ALL Great Name of Gods Power and Authority placed in that Great Far Above All Name (See Mathew 28:18)..
         As with all the churches problems. God nor Gods power is not the problem. Its the churches blurry wobbling stand and our DOUBT and UNBELIEF that makes us to sink.
         Let us rise again in renewed faith in the faith of Jesus Christ....Like Jesus said, But when I return, will I find real bible faith on the earth??? And in another place Jesus prayed what we to must pray, He prayed that Peters faith would NOT FAIL. Its up to us Church. We need BELIEVING BELIEVERS....Like Paul said, Hope to the end.
         When Elijah's helper was fearing because of the the number he saw of the army that chased them, Elijah prayed, OPEN HIS EYES LORD....God opened Elijah's helpers eyes and what he saw filled him with confidence of VICTORY over their enemies. Paul prayed that we (THE CHURCH) would have our eyes opened to the EXCEEDING GREATNESS OF GODS POWER THAT HE HAS GIVEN USWARD WHO BELIEVE..
         In closing we write this. Jesus said, to us THE CHURCH...I give you power to TREAD on all serpents, and on all scorpions, and over ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL THE POWER OF SATAN..This great power and authority over the devil that Jesus gave us Jesus never takes back from His Church (The need for that power is TO GREAT). Let us not let the devil seduce this truth out of us and let us not let the devil trick us to lay the Armor and the power Jesus gave us down.......deno.....share freely.