Saturday, March 19, 2016

In Christ Jesus We Are All Members of Christ......deno.....share freely.

......Being the Body Of Christ is something unique and very special in heaven and on earth. VERY SPECIAL. Being members of the Body of Christ we all should be highly happy about and in a good way very proud to be a part of.
.......Being a member of Christ flesh and bone Body is a place of exceeding high honor and of exalted positioning. No being and no created creature either in heaven or on earth can become more attached or connected to or more One with the Lord of glory above being One Spirit with him as Paul said we are who are In Christ Jesus, and as being His Body, His Flesh and Bone the very fulness of Him that fills all with Himself.
.....Jesus said, If you have done it unto the least of these that belong to Me, you have done it unto Me. He said that because in His Heart and in the greatness of His love for us, we the Body of Christ are a part of the one that said ME.
.......I know to say this will not be accepted by all, but someone was told one day by the Lord in a whisper, "You the church, are just as much a part of ME as I am of Myself". The Oneness we are with Jesus by the greatness of Gods love is extreme when seen thru the eyes of the love of God and His Revealing Spirit of Truth.
.......Every time that Jesus sees HIS BODY, whether it be his hands, his feet, his shoulders, his legs HE SEES US...THE CHURCH....THE ENGRAFTED MEMBERS OF HIS BODY. THE LOVE IS THAT GREAT AND THAT INTIMATE..
....... In the love revealed to us in the New Covenant, Jesus did not want us to be just known as His People all though that is a great name to have, but MUCH MORE intimate than that Jesus wanted HIS CHURCH to be. He wanted us be a real part of HIm, even of His Name and of His Life as in marriage form, as in Father to Son seed, as in one looking into the mirror at the fulness of Himself. (One-One-One Persons Body Made up of MANY MEMBERS and that Body is the Body of Jesus Christ. So to accomplish this redemption glorious ONENESS, Jesus made us  ONE SPIRIT with His (1 Corinth 6:17) and He made us His Body, the very fulness of Him that fills us all In Christ (Ephesians 1:22-23)....Go now and read your bible in Ephesians 5:28-32 of the great mystery concerning Christ and the church.
.......Friend, Church, Body of Christ YOU ARE GREATLY LOVED and CHERISHED and One with Christ in ALL THINGS.
.......Note....The Cross of Christ the Son of God by no means is to be interpreted that God did not love His Son Jesus (God greatly loved Jesus even as He loves Himself). But rather the Cross of Christ means that God and Jesus Greatly Love Us, even as they love themselves as they have always preached for you and I to do, To LOVE ONE ANOTHER...Love thy neighbor as a THYSELF....The world gets so much uglier and so much more a terrible place to live in the less and less we disobey that great love thy neighbor as thyself commandment...The breaking of this commandment so greatly in the last days is the root cause of God bringing the present world to its end....The new heaven and the new world to come will be filled only with the love of God New Creatures In Christ Jesus....Even so, Come Lord Jesus......deno....share freely.