Sunday, March 31, 2013


On a Hill Far Away. Stood An Old Rugged Cross.....One day out here in the gulf I banged my shin on some iron and you talk about hurting. It was like a wasp sting mixed with fire mixed with OMG help me Jesus....Then it hit me. All that Jesus went thru. All that he allowed to be done to his body by a hateful world. That beating. Those stripes. That lashing. Then those sharp nails driven deep into him nailing him to the Cross.....And instead of jumping around like I did when my Shin got smacked screaming because of the pain and discomfort, JESUS NOT ONCE MURMURED, NOR COMPLAINED.....INSTEAD HE SAID..."FATHER FORGIVE THEM"....Friends & Family.....WHAT A SAVIOR...Jesus only you are worthy of all true praise, glory and honor..... You died for our sins and God raised you up from the dead for our justification. FOR OUR REAL & EVERLASTING TRUE HOPE.....Amen

O my crucified Lord Jesus, I kneel at your feet. Do not cast me out, although I come to you as a sinner. I have offended you much in the past, but I resolve to no longer do so in the future. Help me, dear Lord, for I desire to become good at any cost. Uproot, take away, and destroy in me everything that is contrary to your will. Enlighten me that I may be enabled to walk in your holy light all the days of my life. Amen.