Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Wise Man Once Said.....deno......share freely.

             The Pen from my fathers  pulpit. Ladies I am not picking on you. But I have to write the light given me. I write this in love for Jesus and for you..deno....Let the words speak for themselves if they be of God or just man. We all (just like wondering Solomon did,) we live and learn. We learn even by our sins and mistakes. I pray we all learn what God is wanting us to learn in this bread to the repentance light. Writer included.
       A wise man that I love once said, The way the woman goes morally so follows the man. We see this truth in the garden of Eden. Eve was hissed at by the Serpent. She was lured over to that which was forbidden by God. With the serpents subtle twist on the truth, sin suddenly look pleasurable and a thing to be desire. Eve gave in to temptation. Then after falling from her glory as the holy mother of the offspring of God to come, Eve took Satans place in the temptation and she herself tempted Adam. FROM THIS COMES THE OLD SAYING, "the way women go morally so follows the men, the children, and the course of the nation". That is why Satan works overtime everyday hissing at women from movies, thru songs, thru self exaltations, thru TV shows, thru suggestions, thru phone calls, internet etc. to bring the women of the family and of the nation into immoral captivity and into unbridled lust behavior. He knows well from the Eve Event that if he can get to woman morally, to cross the Gods established holy lines, she will wonder off to bring down the men for he knows God put it in man to desire her. She is the top choice of Satan to bring men, men of even honor and of God down. 
      Adam friends, was holier than us all. He was sinless and he fell by the pull of the woman he so desired. Don't think yourself unable to fall superman, for God reads the heart of us all. Even its every thought and imagination. Let us then HUMBLE OURSELVES BEFORE THE SACRIFICE.
      When the mothers and the women of the nation are moral women, the nation is supplied with precious SALT. But when the mothers and women lose their morals, cross over the holy lines that God drew and become immoral, that wondering spirit that is in them invades and effects their children. Eventually that spirit will come to fuller fruit and those children male and female will end up waking up and going to bed always looking for their sin fix as their immoral mothers do.
      The mothers role is moral Salt. If she looses her SALT, she is so far out of place in Gods role distributions. When the salt is lost, precious preserving power is lost and great place is given to marching evil spirits. These spirits do not march for the glory of light either. They come to lie, cheat, steal, kill, to corrupt, defile, make unclean, make perverse, and to turn the true light off so that they can execute their lust in darkness where they feel comfortable in their sin and in their deeds of evil. When sin is abounding in the land it is because light has been placed under a bushel, compromised, or dimmed. Salt has lost is seasoning.
       If you want to measure the nearness of extreme judgements, the morals of the mothers and of the women of a nation is a sure guide. And with that said we say this, Woe to men who become so demonized to take the role of women and to women who take up the roles of men in the holy union of they two shall become one flesh, this is the final straw. They have wondered so far away from God in their minds and in their reasonings. They have no real holy discernment anymore. This behavior God will not tolerate long for it gravely effects the moral discernments of the children to come. As it is fore written, It grieved God what men and women had become in Noah's day. God saw that their ideas, reasonings, their imaginations and convictions was set on sin and on evil continuously. A few days later, God rained down His Judgement and His Sentence upon them.....deno......share freely.