Friday, October 16, 2015

His Word Is Burning In Our Bones and Refining Our Hearts......deno......share freely.

Deno Smith originally shared:

He said...His Word would burn like fire the hearts of His beloved to purify and to cleanse, to make right and to mend.

       Sin by believers robs them of their faiths confidence. When a believer is persistent to sin, the only area their faith will work in is, If we confess our sins unto the Lord we receive the promise of His faithfulness to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
       Believers that practice sin never bloom to the full fruit of the sweetest fellowship with Jesus. They live in a Quenching the Spirit of God fellowship state. The sin they keep practicing grieves the Spirit of God. The sin they keep practicing (being not laid aside) besets them and weighs them down. The double minded James wrote (James 1:5-8) are off track and out of the receiving position, and the lukewarm John wrote are in the position of being spewed out of the mouth of God. God does not answer the prayers of those whose love for Him taste so terrible in His mouth that He wants to spew them out. (Rev 3:14-16). Would you eat such bad tasting fruit?
       Before either wavering believer mentioned above can get back to receive from God they must get it right with God, stop the sin that so easily is robbing and besetting them so that when they pray their hearts are not condemning them. (Read 1 John 3:18-24).
       God is crying out to us all saying, Children its time. It is time to get it real. I'm looking  for the HOT, for the hearts that are a blazed with pure Zeal for their God and Savior. For these are the days when My People must be in the position of receiving from God. That position is all about where their heart is and what their hearts are Hot about. The lukewarm and the double minded are unstable, walking drunk and in derision.
       The out pourings of Gods love, grace, favors, provisions, and blessings are poured out and raining down from heaven and have been doing so since the OUTPOURING OF CHRIST. But the lukewarm and the double minded, their sins have them so off base and confused and drunk, they walk around with their CUPS UPSIDE DOWN. Though in God and in Christ they live and move and have their being, their lukewarm double minded sin practicing behaviors makes them NUMB TO THE PRESENCE OF GOD.
       Jesus our Lord, Savior, Master and Light was never numb to the Spirit and Presence of the Father. He even said to his disciple, You and the world may leave me, but My Father will not leave me. FOR I OBEY MY FATHER, I KEEP HIS COMMANDS AND DO THOSE THINGS THAT ARE PLEASING IN HIS SIGHT.......scroll down.
       Lord help us all to get it right in thy sight in all the will of God and become established in all that You delight in in Jesus Name. Amen.....deno....share freely.