Sunday, October 18, 2015

ONE OF MY PERSONAL TESTIMONIES....."REUNITED"......deno......share freely.

       Years ago I was personally going thru one of the most heaviest trials of my souls life. Oppression and severe depression had come upon me and I did not know why or how, nor the how come. As a kid for years I was RICH IN JOY and GLADNESS of heart and soul. But at the age of around 18 after being baptized in the Holy Ghost in my car and given a strange to me VISION OF THE CROSS OF CHRIST being carried on earth by what looked like an innumerable amount of people and told that one day in my latter years I would preach the gospel, all the tremendous sweet that I used to take for granted and used to take off and run on was turned into the sours of extreme bitter. My soul entered the first stages of refinements of many to come for even decades and I entered enemy attacks that I was so in the dark about. My soul was vexed and in a tie that binds.
        This gloomy unyielding depression had been on me for what seemed forever. and day unto days my eyes rained as over and over again i cried out to God in my upper teen complaints. Friends precious light can be in the spirit but the soul where the mind resides can still be in the dark about many many spiritual things in UNDERSTANDING. The mind is the battle ground.
        After tasting so much of this yuk in the soul, I was driving one day back from Alexandria La. I was down in my soul with this ugly dark depression that while driving down that long stretch of highway I began to voice my cry and my pain to God. God I cried. Why God ? Why am I so depressed? Why is my soul so down and gloomy? What did I do for this to lay itself holt on to me? God please I need you. I don't understand.
         God I continued to cry. Do you know what I'm going thru and how terrible this is? Do you know my affliction? I don't understand God. Why Why Why balling like a baby. Friends severe depression is a merciless grievance. Then I said, Lord if you know my pain. If you know what I'm going thru? If there is a reason and a purpose for all this then I I did not know at that time why I asked for this specific song then,  but it is what came out my mouth....I said, THEN LET THE NEXT SONG ON THIS RADIO STATION THAT I'M LISTENING TO BE THE SONG..ready?....the song was "REUNITED".....
        Well God as my witness and as surely as Jesus is seated at the right hand of God in the throne of His i waited for the song that i was listening to to end so that the next one could come on, I listened with hope extended toward God as my eyes were raining....Church and friends, God as my witness the very next song was the song....REUNITED.
        This song (REUNITED), even though it is mostly secular has a special place in my heart with Jesus....This event happened in the latter 70s....The other day I walked in a convenient store and this song was playing....My heart melted and I went to tears...It is a  Jesus and deno personal song...hope it becomes yours..Reunited and it feels so good....deno.
       Well my deliverance did come but not that day. But the Lord did wink at me that day and made a permanent mark of his grace that years later I would give testimony to. God Bless You.
        P.S. Jesus said to  me audibly 3 words that eventually, once I learned the real spiritual importance of those words and obeying those words I was totally set free from all that depression. Those 3 words were, WATCH YOUR TONGUE...Jesus said those 3 words to me with a shout. Then about 3 years later in England, the Lord connected me with the teaching ministry of a strong in faith  and wisdom man of God whose light set me free. I had walked for almost 3 years in that gloom wondering what WATCH YOUR TONGUE meant....deno is a simple boy.
       Then one day in England as I was sneaking a look  in the door windows of a church service going on watching a black congregation rejoicing in the Lord, with tears flowing down my eyes as I cried to God, Lord why can't I have the joy these are having. I had it as a child and in my teens. Lord why. Right then with tears coming down my eyes a tall man about 20 entered the chapel and asked me, How I was. He saw the tears. He handed me a teaching tape. He said the Lord told him to give  me that tape and that I was supposed to really listen to it until I understood its message importance.
        Friends by this time in my life my soul was starving...That young man handed me that tape and I looked at it. The title of its message was.....THE POWER OF THE TONGUE by Kenneth Copeland.. This was in 1981. Friends the bread of life and of grace that is in that tape the whole world should listen to and heed. It set me free. WATCH YOUR TONGUE Jesus had shouted at me audibly. Almost 3 years later thru Kenneth I learned why. Life and death are in the power of the TONGUE and they that love life , so that they shall enjoy good days, they will watch what they say out their mouths.....REUNITED...What a Word that means so much.....deno.....share freely.