Friday, October 16, 2015

Simple Words That Made An Atheist Rethink His Stand......deno.....share freely.

       Atheist scientist say, The Universe is just to big and to great to come from a powerful eternal God....Then in the class room they turn right around and give this answer for how it all began...They say the mighty power of something called NOTHING did it all. Nothing which has no yesterday, no today, nor a tomorrow BECAUSE IT DOES NOT EXIST made everything that now is and was yesterday and shall be tomorrow. Well how logical is that? Yet such insight and wisdom astounds the intellectuals of our day. Yes and Amen cries the intellectual Atheist. Baloney says those that know their God.
      In the beginning God created all things thru HIS ETERNAL POWER AND ENERGIES which no man can measure, he can only ponder and wonder at the Glory of the Power of He that is called Almighty. I don't know about you but I BOW MY KNEES.
      We haven't even the science nor the technology to define what a Spirit is or what a Spirit is made of. It is like a foreign substance and like an alien world to us. A world beyond our natural physical driven wit yet so incredible in its eternal glory. That is why only those that have Gods Spirit in them can know him and understand the Lord and spiritual things and substances. Yet even with that, with the present grace, we still look and understand as seeing thru a smoked colored stained glass window. But when we have shed this life, thru Jesus Christ we shall ascend into that glorious world of Jesus and His Father and see things face to face with given us beautiful clarity....scroll down.
      Jesus thru the ANOINTING OF THE SPIRIT of GOD demonstrated measures of Gods Spirits Love, Glory and Wonder thru the many miracles of healings and provisions whose legacy of revealing God to us astounds the world to this today..In awe of HIS WONDER I still bow my knees to our Risen King and Savior....JESUS IS LORD.....deno.....share freely.