Monday, October 26, 2015

Revelations on the Keys of the Kingdom...UPDATED......deno.....share freely.

........The Revelation Given Me of the Keys to the Kingdom...please pray before you enter this light...I was going over this post from yesterday and I became stirred up on the inside to write more and all this additional light cam flooding in..This is loaded with answers and revelations about spiritual keys and authority. Pretty lengthy but worth the read........deno......share freely.

        Friend as a christian it is important that we understand that when Adam disobeyed the first given Law of God, Adam warped and distorted the original perfect image of everything. God had given Adam the sacred keys to the kingdom and whatsoever Adam bound on earth was tied up in heaven and whatsoever Adam loosed on earth was set free in heaven. That is SUCH IMPORTANT LIGHT to know.
        Well another thing we all need to know about Adam having the KEYS to the kingdom and to  the earth is this. When Adam turned his back to God in his love for the woman and committed that GREAT & FAR REACHING TRANSGRESSION and Judas style betrayal of all that God had given and had ENTRUSTED TO HIM, at that point HE TIED GODS HANDS of involvement on this planet, he caused Ephesians 2:12 light to break out over all the world, and he tied Gods own hands to a needed reconciling redeeming Cross. His great sin caused Binding Covenants to have to be wrought in Great Swearings and Oaths sworn in blood to have to be formed, established between partners, and those binding covenants had to be committed to for God to re access what HE GAVE TO MAN...God yes created the world, but we must remember God is a giver. His givings, gifts and callings that He gives others He repents not about. God will swear and change not. He is holy. It is written let all men lie but God will uphold HIS WORDS even to His own hurt, the cross proves it.
         Well God yes created the world but HE GAVE it to man. He HANDED OVER THE WORLDS THRONE and ITS KEYS TO MAN (Colossians 1:15-16). Folks KEYS open doors and keys close doors. Keys have the power to shut things out and keys have the power to keep things in. Keys have a whole lot of power to them especially in the spirit world, the world of power and spiritual dominion. To Man God Gave THE WORLDS KEYS. If people do not understand this dominion transfer and gift, then they will not rightly understand the fall of man, redemption, and the causes of the miseries that are associated with planet earth RIGHTLY. They will point the finger at God and blame Him for everything. They will question His Love. They will call Him an absentee Landlord. But folks, listen. God is perfect and He is not the one facing hell or judgements, MAN and THE DEVIL is. The ones in the HOT SEAT are us and the evil one and we are to blame, not the Lord. That should tell you where the blame goes. 
      Folks in any system of truth, honesty, and of true justice it is never the innocent ones that are guilty but the guilty ones. But the devil has got the eyes of this world so damaged that down is up and up is down in spiritual sight and understanding. Even Christians, uh oh here we go, even we believers often times are blaming God THE ONLY INNOCENT ONE, for the things that others are guilty. God is being FALSELY ACCUSED and so often times so misrepresented.
         This is a truth about God, God cannot be tempted with evil neither does he tempt men to sin or to do evil. The dark rat of rats, he is to blame..Lucifer. 
         God is light and in him is no darkness or double mindness or double standards at all. NONE. He is Love with no evil hate in Him at all....NONE NONE NONE. His despising of you is in your mind and it is the reflection of your rejection of Him not of His rejection of you FOR HE HAS CALLED AND WELCOMED ALL into His House of glory, love, plenty and abundance sending out all His invitations to all the world from the Cross.
         Gods love is forever endless. He is eternal love. You cannot change what God is, YOU CAN'T, and God is Love my friend so if God is in action against us we have sinned greatly against PERFECT Love Law. We did the wrong not God who is Perfect Love and perfect in Holiness. But with the keys that God in his honoring you gave you, giving them to you as one of his created kings with a personal throne of power and dominion that He gave you to reign and makes choices, make decisions and to make Decrees with over your own personal life, if you so decree with those keys God gave you, to choose a life and an eternity without Him and God will honor your choice and decree.
      You see God is a God who lives by honor and honor rules. It is the way He operates. He is so sensitive about honor and people giving honor to whom honor is due that if a child does not honor his father and mother, Jesus said then let that child die the death. Well shall the God of glory and honor not honor kings that He made kings and gave those kings the KEYS to their personal kingdoms? Yes he will honor them and their choices even to the full of their independent throne that they sit and reign upon making choices and kings decrees over their own lifes courses. 
       Adam went to that forbidden tree and he did so reigning over his life and over all that God gave him and over all that God had entrusted unto him and he made a choice that carried with it the full weight of a KINGS DECREE and the whole world was brought into full subjection to the FIRST KINGS DECISION. 
        God because he is a God who lives by honor, when he honored Adam and gave him his throne of power and dominion, Adam was the king of his own castle with great power and authority. But if Adam the king chose wrong and chose to disobey His Fathers decree then HE DISHONORED GOD HIS FATHER and the effects of that was death to Adam and to all his offspring that God entrusted unto Adam and Eve to bring forth. It was such an dishonoring act that it even cost the peace, the blood and the life of the Son of God at Calvary. 
      Your choice is your own chosen course to peace or misery, NOT GODS. Your choice against the love of God is not any reflection of His love for you, it's your choice haunting and staring back at you. Gods reflection of his love for you is forever clearly seen from the view of His Cross. ALWAYS. 
       The worlds miseries are spawn from Adams far reaching first bad choice and from our own choices that reflects our association with evil choices by the many things we reap. If you get spanked by God you chose the whipping NOT GOD. Even Christians get spanked by God because THEY CHOOSE THE WHIPPING. God is not just whipping His children just to be whipping them. They CHOSE the spanking. Then in their ignorance when it seems all things are collapsing in their life under the chastening of the Lord, they wonder where is God. Well the real truth of the matter is He is right there, His presence has not left them. He is the one doing the whipping that those CHOSE. They just chose His whip by sin and transgressions instead of obeying Him to catch has favor and blessing. If we are Gods children in Christ Jesus, then by covenant honoring Gods presence is with us in the blessing times and in the spanking times. Thru Jesus Christ God Vowed His presence with us THRU IT ALL.
       Choose you this day still rules our course and the worlds course day by day. The tempter as always, he is still after that daily choice. He has a planned course every day for you to travel on and he has a designed end that he wants you to meet and it is not good. But yet so does God will us each day all HIS GOOD and GOODWILL TO MEN. CHOOSE YOU THIS DAY are His Never Ending Love Words for blessing if only men would choose God and the right path and not sin and wrong path. 
      Choice is a SPIRITUAL KEY that God has giving you to rule and reign as a king of your own personal God giving you kingdom. Your choices and your decisions to God are the DECREES OF KINGS...God honors all kings choices and decrees just as He expects us all to honor Him. He will never demand from us what He HIMSELF would not do or live by TO THE MAX.
        Judgements from our Holy perfect in love God, those judgements do not come from God because he is bored and or because he is a bully. It comes  because  Satan and mankind (People) are in the wrong) NOT GOD...Mean and evil dads may abuse and beat their children out of the pure evil in their hearts but a loving dad would not. His spankings come from love, care, and deep concern and he is trying to teach his learning child what is hazardous and dangerous and to RESPECT AUTHORITY.
      Well there is no Greater Father and no greater love than the heart of God and Gods hands are pure and clean. He has always wanted peace and goodwill for His man from mans beginning life with God. But what Adam did BY HIS SIN OF BETRAYAL to God in the spirit world is similar to what the world did to Jesus when he came unto His own but they received him not and cast him away from THEIR WORLD, FROM THEIR LIFE and FROM THEIR PRESENCE. 
       We can see this looking back at what happened to Israel when they cast the Lord out. Lets look at what happen to Israel when they cast off God and His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus turned right around and said to them when they chose to cast the Lord away from THEIR LIFE and FROM THEIR PRESENCE, He said, I'M GONE BY YOUR CHOICE....He said, You shall not see Me here again, not until you welcome Me back saying, Blessed is He (Jesus Christ) who came to us in the name of the Lord.
       They kicked Jesus out of their life and casted the Lord away FROM THEIR PRESENCE though he still wanted to do his peace and His goodwill for them that we find in (Matthew 23:3739). Israel made the choice to cast the Lord out and from that hour to this present day they have been reaping the whirlwind of Satan warring against their minds and against their covenant with God heritage. They became the BY WORD that the Lord warned would happen to them if they chose evil and disobeyed the Lord and turned their backs to Him. 
      In their darkened state and by their deceived minds they crucified the Lord of glory, who was their covenant God Emmanuel with them in the flesh who cam to them with the intent to save and bless them far beyond their greatest dreams. But they used their kings keys and chose to cast the Lord out and now they themselves have become the people of Ephesians 2:12, alienated from the life of God, strangers of His redeeming blood,  having no hope and without God in the world. And until they call back on the Name of Jesus Christ, their TRUE MESSIAH, the Son of God they will remain in that strong separation and darkness. God is HONORING THEIR KEYS, their choice keys. He honors every souls keys even a the way to heaven or all the way to hell. 
        Now because Israel chose against Jesus, what was at the first the glory of Israel is upon the believing Gentiles THE CHURCH while the original branches are under strong delusion. That is bible backed and that is bible fact. But once the original branches wake up out of their delusion and call upon Jesus Christ, in that day Jesus is going to SHOW BACK UP and HE IS GOING TO SHOW UP MIGHTILY TO MEND AND TO HEAL and to reinstate and glorify the original branch. In that hour they shall weep over all the things they once said about Jesus and for their stout standings against him over the centuries, as they stood against HIS ATONING BLOOD. 
        Even to this day Jesus is on the OUTSIDE of their heart, outside of their life and is looking at them from the outside in. That  same thing also happened when Adam disobeyed his covenant with God and ate of the tree that God forbid and foretold such a choices consequences. 
       When Adam sinned he kicked God out of his kingdom. He kicked Gods Spirit out of his heart, out of his life. He kicked God out of his presence and he kicked God out of his world. HE HAD THE KEYS GIVEN HIM TO DO SO. By those KEYS Adam could have kept God inside or by those KEYS Adam had the power to cast God out.
      When Adam chose disobedience by the devil, this tied Gods hands MORE THAN THE WORLD CAN SEE and now for Gods will to be done on earth men would have to pray for it, it would not again automatically happen without WAR IN THE HEAVENS involved. For Gods will to be done on earth Men would have to ask for it to be done but they would have to ask for it now IN FAITH NOTHING WAVERING or the world would still go on barely receiving anything from God or from His Heaven. For the scriptures REVEAL that doubt is wavering and that doubt wavering is double mindness and double mindness makes men unstable in all their ways. James said all of that doubt and double mindness makes man unstable to receive from God. It puts men in the position of not receiving ANYTHING FROM THE LORD. Friends that is such a terrible position to be in on this planet especially when the world has a roaring lion and a spiritual murderer roaming about seeking whom he may devour.
       It is because of these spiritual instabilities (doubt, unbelief, double mindness, lukewarmness in those on earth that NOW have the keys to the kingdom in their hands that the world is starving and drying up for its lack of receiving things from God and Heaven. You see it is only those who HAVE THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM OF GOD THAT CAN ASK and RECEIVE FROM GOD and HEAVEN. The rest draw from demons and deceiving spirits unawares. 
     But the keys to the kingdom of God, Those keys HAVE BEEN re-obtained by Jesus Christ and given to THE CHURCH OF THE RISEN CHRIST who thru his redeeming triumphs OVER DEATH, HELL, and THE GRAVE,  ALL KEYS BOTH IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH WERE WON BACK and THEN RE-GIVEN to the children of the Second Adam. Children who are born again in their spirits not of corruptible seed as of the flesh but of the heavenly imperishable SEED of the Word and Spirit of Jesus Christ in their spirits. (See Matthew 28:18-20).
        But though thru His Son He has poured out all His peace and goodwill blessings to man,  people walk around with their CUPS UPSIDE DOWN. They do this by the power of unbelief and by the robbing power of to much doubting and by the absence of light. All of these (LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN) ALL OF THESE  are KEYS of our own personal kingdom that ties Gods hands and response and keeps God's peace and goodwill from happening to the full measure for us.
       Like we said earlier SPIRITUAL KEYS ARE POWERFUL. They open doors and they close doors. They can keep things out and THEY CAN KEEP THINGS FROM COMING IN or COMING INTO OUR HEARTS AND LIVES. All this light is Spiritual Law and the key of faith or the keys of doubt and of unbelief  HAS DOMINION over all things that pertain to eternal life and to our receiving or not receiving from God or From His THRONE.
         The keys of faith or the keys of doubt and unbelief mostly measure all things from God to us or from Heaven to earth. IF GODS WILL GETS DONE ON EARTH IN YOUR LIFE or IN MY LIFE or IN THE WORLDS AFFAIRS we must ask and really believe for it and if not, then the worlds demonic ridden course will continue and have almost complete free course unhindered by heaven until even Satan who is being barely resisted by the SALT of the earth, is given such place in this worlds dominion that he places His Demonic Son on the Worlds upcoming #1 Throne of power and authority (AntiChrist)(Hello)(Revelations 13:2).
                              *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  
         Lets look at those keys some more...Thru all that humanity has said and does say about God because they are blind to spiritual Law, truth and reality, to all their mocking and scoffing and spitting in His face, God answered back in His Love sending His Son to the Cross to intercede for us...And  on that Redeeming Reconciling Cross Jesus even prayed an intercessory prayer for us all praying, Father forgive them for they are blind. He and His Cross and His Prayer were KEYS. His Cross and His prayer opened the door of grace and mercy to all people, to WHOSOEVER...His Cross and His intercessory prayer opened up heaven, GODS KINGDOM and the Spirit of the Lord and eternal life to all people. But men must find that kingdom and find the door of entrance into it. They must seek to find it and they must ask to receive it and they must knock to enter it. All are welcomed and all are invited but the door must be knocked on as we honor the Son and we do the Father and that door opened for us to enter. Jesus is that door and He is the only door of entrance into the Kingdom of God.
                               *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
.......Even though the Keys God has given us of faith, hope and of love and authority can do us all great good, though all the love and power of God has been opened up unto us and poured out upon the world, if we do use our keys and do not mix faith with those keys, we then keep our RECEIVING CUPS UPSIDE DOWN and we benefit nothing from what God has given us though God has willed us all HIS BEST and HIS GOODWILL thru His Sons Out Pouring of Himself to bless.
        The Spiritual KEYS of power and dominion are THAT POWERFUL. They can keep curses out and they can keep blessing in or they can keep blessings out and curses in. Those KEYS of faith or of unbelief either saves the soul, justifies the soul unto eternal life, or the soul is lost and separated from God forever. That is what Jesus was saying, revealing and defining in Mark 16:15-16...The keys of the spiritual Law of the dominion of faith or unbelief hold the result of peoples lives and eternities. 
         Personal Spiritual KEYS of faith or of unbelief weigh heavily upon us all. God will not go against WHAT HE HAS GIVEN to us all concerning our free will and concerning our personal independent spiritual KEYS. When He said, Behold I stand at your door and KNOCK. In that God is still honoring us and honoring our free will just as he expects us to show Him respect and honor. He will not force HIS WAY IN or FORCE HIS WAY INSIDE ANYONE. The Father and Jesus would never dishonor another being that way, THAT WOULD BE  SPIRITUAL RAPE.
         We must in faith and in trust OPEN OUR HEART TO THEM...That is faith and love mixing and uniting together, not by any spiritual forced invasion or rape, but from FREE WILL, making all entrances LEGAL to a God who lives BY PERFECT LOVE, INTEGRITY and PERFECT HONOR unto HIMSELF AND TO OTHERS in all things.  
        When God gave Adam the keys to the kingdom and to the earth Adam was ENTRUSTED with all the offspring of God to come and he was ENTRUSTED with the presence of the Spirit of God on earth. By the use of those keys he could have kept God on EARTH and we all would have enjoyed days of heaven on earth and Satan would have been bound out, Adam had the power. The problem is he made the demonic choice instead of the God choice  when he sinned and God was bound out and Satan came marching in. NOT GOOD.
        When Adam used the KEYS given him of the Kingdoms of THIS WORLD and closed his life and heart to the Spirit of God and attached HIMSELF and THE WORLD  to the spirit of Satan, that spirit SWITCH OUT on earth changed the course of this planet and everything in it. All original images of everything became warped, distorted and even disfigured. Light was turned into darkness.This happened in the spirit realm of man and in all the  physical things that were placed under Adams power and authority that was given him in those DOMINION keys. 
        The worse thing Adam could have ever done against God, against himself, against us, against the planet, against the course of the world and against the life of Jesus Christ the Son of God HE DID IT. His one sin reached into all of these mentioned things and cursed all. Nothing went UNTOUCHED by the Curse (Nothing, not even mans knowledge and perceptions of God).
         Man lost so much in his sin and in the fall. He lost all knowledge of his TRUE ORIGIN and MAKER..So much so that God had to RE INTRODUCE HIMSELF TO MAN in HIS APPEARANCE to Abraham in Genesis 17:1-4) but even in that we see God STILL HONORING mans KEYS to his own personal kingdom saying, AS FOR ME....AS FOR ME.....AS FOR ME MY COVENANT IS WITH YOU.....but Abraham, what about you?  Will you enter into COVENANT WITH ME ALMIGHTY GOD.
       God honored Abrahams choice and God honored Abrahams faith. Abraham could have said no in his own AS FOR ME part of the deal and God would have left the scene in search for another willing vessel. That is HOW MUCH GOD HONORS THE KEYS OF FAITH AND OF A MANS FREEWILL CHOICES. 
       God will also honor every mans faith and choice keys even to the heaven or hell length. God is that Holy and Pure in heart in His honoring all beings that He gave complete independent faith and freewill unto. It is the most beautiful thing when all is and remains love and holy, but when creatures rebell and USE the KEYS THE WRONG WAY,  God and man then has a mess on their hands and a devil taking names. It is such a mess that only the BLOODBATH OF THE CROSS OF JESUS CHRIST WAS ITS REMEDY and even that, (though it is Gods Answer filled with ALL HIS REDEEMING POWER and MIGHT IN IT TO SAVE), God's GREAT love and Hands there ARE TIED AND LIMITED when people have no faith and no not believe the Message of the Cross.  
        Adams sin, Adams Law of God transgression was so great in consequence and so far reaching that not only did it bind the souls of men to Satan and hell, as if that was not horrifying enough, it did not stop there in its consequence reach. It reached into the Throne of God and effected the life of the Son of God forever. Oh the power of Adams Dominions Keys..Jesus would come down from His Eternal Perfect  Peace from heaven, become flesh, and his peace would be highly disturbed tasting the Cross for every man to be reconciled to God and to bring many sons unto God thru redemption. Adams transgressions consequence was not only our worst nightmare but even Christ worst day in all His eternity. It effected and changed us all forever.
        In closing I'm led to say this. All this evil we see going on on this planet with all these terrible disasters and free whiling storms etc, with all this hate and evil that men do on the planet, all this darkness came not to us from God but from Adam who detached us from the Spirit of God and from the  blessed and perfect paradise of the kingdom of heaven and attached us and the course of this planet on an independent course of its own with much of the strings in the hands of Satan the tempter, the deceiver and destroyer Acts 26:15-18 & Colossians 1:12-14).    Most people not knowing all this light blame God for most everything, not understanding THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM LAW  & LIGHT.
       Most being in the dark of the way God operates in Honoring beings they put most of the blame on God for everything. Let me put it this way. God is such an honoring others force that Jesus, yes Jesus said in the Law if a child does not honor his parents let him die the death, BE STONED  TO DEATH. Well if God does not honor men and men do not honor God shall nothing happen???? 
       Folks we are to honor God with the highest respect and even if we don't GOD WILL STILL NOT DISHONOR OUR AUTHORITY  AS TO GO AGAINST OUR FREEWILL. CHOICE. He will HONOR our freewill choice even though we sin and make the downward choice to reject Him, His Love, His Son and to spit on His face. He is a Holy God that does not go where beings created to be honored on king levels allow him not. 
        All this evil and sin and bloodshed and disasters going on in the world, while the devil sits back in the spirit realm and applauds the skill of his deception on the interpretations of men, If men BY FAITH do not rise up out of their sleep and do some real FAITH REBUKING against those storms THOSE  STORMS will continue their course of destruction (Remember Job). For since we saw them (the storms) rise up against the Son of God himself while he was on earth, what shall happen on earth when He ascends back up into heaven and GIVES ALL KEYS BACK TO HIS BODY ON EARTH THE CHURCH to do the rebuking themselves as kings of the KING who empowered them???? It is up to their FAITH, up to their REBUKING, or THEIR UNBELIEF. It is the Law of the Kingdom....
        Folks the real truth of the matter is God is such a good God. He really is. Heaven bares record to this truth. Heaven bares Gods  True Witness of Himself and His True Testimony of His Love and Goodness. There is perfection and pure love and holy order in all of heaven at all times. No murders, no hunger, no rape, no hate, no sin, no evil, no disasters, no curse whatsoever, no disfigurements or deformities. In heaven the image of all things from leaves to all the creatures is PERFECT. 
        Gods will is done unquenched in Gods Paradise so all is love, peace, righteousness and joy in the Holy Ghost with no curse any where.....ALL IS PERFECT. Yes Heaven gives full witness and full testimony to all the GOODNESS of God..But the present earth GIVES ITS WITNESS and ITS TESTIMONY OF OTHERS and Not of God.
        The earth is full of the witness and the testimonies of sin, rebellion against God. The earth gives its witness and testimonies of the curse that ADAM used his KEYS TO OPEN THE WORLD AND US ALL UNTO....It also give its witness and its many testimonies to the presence of Satan the deceiver who comes only to steal, deceive, confuse, distort, deform, disfigure images and the truth by lies. And who also comes to kill, steal, and destroy and to deceive the whole world into thinking God is doing it because HE KNOWS most of the world have no idea what KINGDOM KEYS, POWER , AUTHORITY AND DOMINION carry in weight to God who honors the freewill of all and who honors every ones faith or unbelief. 
          So God is blamed for everything and the church world is even confused about what really is the will of the ALMIGHTY. They Blame Him or Make Him responsible for everything that happens in this world whether good or evil.
          But friends, if we will stick to EVERYTHING WE SEE AND HEAR IN JESUS, we will perfectly see the will of God perfectly expressed and in perfect action. For it is only IN HIM where we can perfectly see ALL THE GOOD  and ALL THE TRUE OF GOD, and the perfect image of all HIS WILL (See Hebrews 1;1-4 & John 6:38).
         Here on earth Gods hands are still a whole lot tied until all the worlds Governments are forever on His Sons shoulders controlled by all of HIS SONS KEYS EVERYWHERE AND IN ALL THINGS and the church is walking in the fulness of Grace in real bible faith and in Gods lovingkindness to the saints (Ephesians 2:7). Until this, man and this planet is still suffering from Adams sin and from our and this planets severance from the fulness of God and His Blessing...Man is still suffering from his and this planets independent course given all by Adam's sin  and choice to dishonor God.
        Man and this planet is on such a totally independent course from God that God even has to knock on the door of mans heart and even wait for man to open that door for He to enter in. If the man refuses, that man suffers his own present and eternal consequences and Gods hands are tied to do anything about it. Heaven Weeps......deno.....share freely.