Friday, October 16, 2015

The Importance of the Name of Jesus to Us Who Believe........deno......share freely.

         Even the most righteous Christians who are really good and faithful servants of the Lord, when they pray unto God the Father, they still must pray in Jesus Name believing and depending on the perfect flawless record of his unblemished righteousness for God to hear and respond to their cry. No where in the scriptures of the New Covenant can we find where it says to us to cast out devils using our own names, to lay hands on the sick and heal the sick in our own names and by our own record of righteousness do those things. Nor do we find it said anywhere in the new covenant scriptures for us to pray and approach God in and by the righteous record of our own name. All approachment  to God must be done thru faith in Jesus Christ blood and Name. That is strict New Covenant light and law that contains no add ons. Jesus said, IN MY NAME...IN MY NAME....IN MY NAME.
         Paul preached to all the churches of his day that in all we say and do, (which includes praying) do all in the Name of Jesus Christ and he understood the manifold reasons why. He knew none, no not even one of us including himself with his Sizzling Hot for God passion were not worthy to approach the holiest of all outside of Christ Blood and Name. But he also knew this and preached this as well. He preached that thru faith in Christ blood and thru faith in His Great Name we all have BOLDNESS and ACCESS WITH CONFIDENCE UNTO THE THRONE OF GOD AND GRACE to obtain promises and help in our times of need.
        Think about this. Come upon a real demon inside a person situation and try to cast the demon out in your own name. Do you really think that you will get anywhere in that situation? That devil want listen to you or obey you. That devil will laugh and snarl and growl at your powerless name and word you his way and we just might get Exorcist 4,5 & 6 movie episodes out of it based on a true story......And he may even strip your cloths off like those demons did to those 7 sons in the book of Acts, saying at you, In your own name, Your Joking Right?
      Those devils fear no one but God and Jesus Christ. I think your mature enough to handle this revelation and to be let in on an open known secret that warring saints need to see in the scriptures and know. Study the scriptures about those devils and demons and their approach to Jesus when he was on earth. Jesus had the Spirit of God without measure upon him but that alone by itself did not  automatically scare off the devil or keep the devil away. Jesus had to RESIST HIM just like we do.
      The bible reveals to us that it was AFTER Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit that the devil came to him, NOT BEFORE. It also says that they devil tempted him.  Here Jesus has been given the Spirit of the Lord without measure and we find that that in itself did not run the devil off or keep him away. We read other wise. We read that the devil came to Jesus and TOOK Jesus to a hing mountain and to the highest part of the temple. (TOOK HIM-TOOK HIM -TOOK HIM and tested him---go read it...(Luke 4:5-13 ).
      We also find in other places of Jesus dealing with demonic confrontation that evil spirits inside people, they ran AT JESUS not away from him, fussing and foaming and trying to get him to leave them alone and they tried to strike a deal. They ran at Jesus screaming at him saying LEAVE US ALONE, if not then PERMIT us to do this or PERMIT us to do that. Well whistling Dixie, what do you suppose they would do to you standing there contesting them in your own strength, in your own flaw filled self righteousness, and in your own human name before them? Its called seeking whom He may devour that is what they would do. We NEED CHRIST.
        We all need top to bottom, side to side, inside and out Christ Christ Christ and His Name which is above every name. Only His Name gets the ear and the attention of God and only his name the demons are enforced to obey. It is established Law in the spirit world.
        Well God will not let us side step Jesus' Name either or swap his name out for another who toots his own horn saying or claiming that he is somebody great or super man in self righteousness. God is sworn to honor, exalt and to glorify again and again the Name of His Son our Savior and our Maker Jesus Christ. He alone is worthy and when we use and believe on Jesus' Name, we are standing in that names perfect righteousness, glory, exaltation, power, honor, and worthiness. (See Ephesians 1:16-23 & Philippians 2:5-11).....scroll down.
         Knowing now these needful truths,  only the hard headed stubborn person, deaf, dumb and blind would want to go against the powers of the devil or approach the Living God in his own strength and not in the Name above all Names Jesus Christ. We Need Jesus as our All in All in all things on earth in this life and in all things in heaven, for all power and all authority in all of heaven and on earth has been given unto Jesus and is placed in HIS NAME that is endowed with Gods full authority and power which is ABOVE EVERY NAME both in heaven and on earth (Matthew 28:18-20)...So let us do all that we say and do in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST...Jesus Is Lord.......deno....share freely.