Friday, May 6, 2016

The Redefining of America by the Left.......written by deno.

         This is America and we with our present freedoms can believe whatever we want. You may not believe in God and you may not be religious, but a least let us be honest.
         Think about it. The Democrats pile up and pile on so many government regulations to operate businesses in America that the weight of those regulations slows business growth in the nation and causes the establishment of the Republicans & Democrats Rich & Famous who do have the big businesses here (even for years and decades), to pack up and move to Mexico and other places outside America to get away from the BIG GOVERNMENT regulations that are causing them unacceptable higher overhead. And there goes OUR BETTER PAYING JOBS.
         America, this activity mentioned above (BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENTS WEIGHTY HAND) is THE ENFORCEMENT of the dismantling of our Nation....Since Clinton's NAFTA Agreement in the 90s, this has been going on...The Communist Party of America (The Democratic Party) wants the nation "Government Dependant"....WHY? So that you want go and vote or go against THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU NO MATTER WHAT COURSE THAT HAND TAKES THE NATION EVEN IF ITS ON A COURSE FOR THE RIPPING UP OF THE CONSTITUTION unto Social Communism and the compromise of liberties. Every time you hear a Democrat speaking of a change is coming to America they mean Communism is taking over. That is what they are talking about. Lets just put it out there as it really is. It is Bigger Government at the Price of lessor Freedoms.
       We have so many people in America today on the government free give away programs and payroll that put nothing into it, that they would not dare go against THE HAND THAT FEEDS THEM.... As long as they are getting their freebies and checks monthly THE HELL WITH THE FISCAL HEALTH OF THE NATION and the hell with the CONSTITUTION of the Nation..JUST GIVE ME MY FREE MONEY.
        And this same Party also wants the flood of illegal immigrants and refugees (millions and millions of them to continue) so they can put them on the free give aways program to feed them (making them government dependent addicts), then afterwards register them to vote so that they will vote for and not go against the hand that feeds them. This is also, by the Hand of our own Government, the government strategically moving its hand to TAKE AWAY the power of the TAX PAYING TRUE PATRIOTIC AMERICAN CITIZENS and run the elections by the pile up of the numbers of the people on the government welfare payroll (dependency) and freebies program, And by those BOUGHT VOTES paid for BY THE MONEY OF THE TAXPAYERS, use that power to control the elections by the takers, taking the power away from the givers (THE NATIONS TAX PAYERS). This is so wrong but yet so clever that it is demonic. The hard working Taxpayers are allowing their own money to pay for their own Nations destruction and takeover from within by the Socialist thru the freebies and the unearned checks of those who put nothing into the system or that lie to steal the loot..
         But then we ask why and how could they do all this dismantling and all this tyranny to America the land of liberty who strove for a more perfect union of all both small and great AS ONE NATION UNDER GOD united together by the glory of heartfelt national patriotism? Well here is the answer.
         By the de-faithing of the nation (Our Children) thru the avenue of our Universities (using Evolution indoctrination) we remove God, and God convictions and loyalties to the sacred text (which was our common ground for centuries in America), which if we can de-faith the nation, then the Constitution written by the moral code and laws founded from God's Bible can be agreed upon by these new founded atheist to be ripped apart or rewritten by a generation who no longer believes in God or at least strongly doubts His existence. So being de-faithed by the lie of evolution and being no longer esteemers of the morals of the sacred text, (with the nation gone wild) being they no longer subject themselves to the morals of the commandments of Gods Law, then they have also no guilt in being disloyal to the Constitution that was based upon fear of God and the bible. Rip it up and rewrite America....That is THE CHANGE....That is their play for their Redefining of New America.
          Pay attention......They are already redefining our traditional convictions that we have always esteemed and embraced from the bible. They take Christ out of Christmas & Easter WHICH REPRESENT THE BIRTH and RESURRECTION OF CHRIST and turn those days into secular holiday's though they were formed purely by the Christian faith. In God We Trust that was a common ground of America for many decades, they want removed to no longer be our nations motto. And as in their latest redefining of marriage and gender identification confusion, doing this is their boldest attack against all we have held to be holy and sacred in America. They know if we all bow to this They have conquered the nation and overcome old America.....It is sick what they are doing to this Nation. We must STOP THIS MADNESS.
         And also at the same time thru the bombardment of verbal pounding(Music Industry) and IMMORAL IMAGING (Hollywood & Porn) overload against America's Moral & Ethical Code called The Bible, thru all of this overloading of the mind and soul of the nation, America would undergo an inward hardening and change within contrary to her former sacred God given convictions of Americas former generations who applauded IN GOD WE TRUST... Then by this inner hardening against God and the sacred text, the nation would in time and THAT TIME IS NOW, would become a nation of people who love and prefer money over God, pleasure over sacrifice, entertainment over discipline, fame over moral code, and prefer mammon over country, patriotism, and national loyalty. Just get yours no matter what, no matter the lie, or the theft...GET YOURS.
         The nation by all these tactics and others has been divided and demonized by the Democratic Communist Party and by the lack of real resistance of the Republican party who are supposed to be God and the Conservatives Political Salt.Yet not to make everyone religious, but that the non religious would not take power and use that power to suppress the freedoms of the religious ones that the Constitution was written to protect. America was actually founded by believers for the protection and the religious freedoms of believers. Any change to this Constitutional setting is tyranny against the founding causes of this nation. Yet oh how this is now going on more and more in present America.
         To really save America, it will take a Man and A Stand greater than ever before of the American people who love this nation and who see what is really taking place to rise up in a movement and a revolution to return this nation to her former cause and glory that our founding fathers intended for THE FREE.
         Well now we have THE MAN, and we have THE PEOPLE and We ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK....ON THE TRUMP TRAIN.
          Our voice will again rule the nation and we shall dismantle from our nation THOSE PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS THAT HAVE BETRAYED US who have been dismantling our nation, our freedoms, and our jobs for all these years and sending them to other countries while overloading our nation with the influx of millions and millions of people who have no reason to be loyal to the sacredness of our Constitution or to American Patriotism, nor to God...JUST GIVE ME THE FREEBIES AND THE FREE MONEY....but to be loyal to what the rest of the nation and our Constitution is all about they don't give a damn. They raise up their own flags of the nations they fled from and fly them over ours. This is INVASION and TAKEOVER....I'm sorry but I love this country and refuse to see this tyranny continue.. We Are The Trump Party and We Are American Correct.....deno.....share freely.