Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Heart of our Cause as the Trump Party....Keeping it plain & simple...written by deno

        If you see any blue highlights in this writing, they were not put there by deno, nor were they authorized. This writing was hacked. We are looking into this matter. Thank you.
........Had the establishment been able to control Trump he would not have won, Had Trump followed the normal course and standards of political correctness in campaigning he would not have established his edge and triumphed as big as he has. Had Trump been soft and tender, the professional career politicians would have taken advantage of his lack of political experience, polish and shine and they would have taken control of the debates and stole the stage from Trump. Trump kept those on the stage and the whole establishment feeling awkward and off balanced as they needed to be to lose their confidence in their normal approach to political competition, Only a wise and witty man and a strong staff could have done so. What the establishment and the career politicians tried to do to Trump fell on them. I call it the TRUMP BLESSING...Every negative thing they try to do to bring Trump down only makes him rise higher with Votes and with the Voters.
.......Had Trump compromised and kissed the backside of the will of the big cigar boys he would not have won. Had Trump let the professional politicians on the stage or elsewhere (remain comfortable in their own) personal and political skin then the show up (YOU and I) would have been yata yata same o same o and SO BORING, but this witty man WOKE THE NATION UP and for the first time in decades America has heard the TRUE GIGANTIC Voice of the SILENT MAJORITY that had given up on the same o same o lying career politicians whose true politics quit putting America First a long time ago.
.......Trump has woke the Nation Up. We feel real American Hope in the air and not one that others spawned by massive (free give away *programs*) without any work or service involved. Such programs only make (free give away addicts) out of people, spoils them from entering a productive and fruitful life. They become welfare junkies and the government itself is their pusher. Its all for THEIR DEMOCRAT VOTES and that's the Crooks (crooked bottom line). Crooked Hillary is all a part of that crooked system, as they buy their votes with the Taxpayers (hard earned money) which they take and buy votes with thru the massive (free giveaway programs). THAT CORRUPTION IS GOING TO CEASE. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The courts must stop this tyranny,
       The Left (Democrats) gives hope by the (FREE MONEY PROGRAMS) and that attracts crowds, some legit yes, but it also attracts loads of crooks and criminals. What do we mean? Well look at it this way. The Democrats political party, those crooked people lie and lie and lie in their reasons for given out (the free money). (They say they give all that tax payers wealth away to the takers in the name of compassion, but GOD SEES the deeper evil that they try to hide underneath the FRONTS of that certain POLITICAL PARTY). Those massive (FREE GIVE-AWAY PROGRAMS) are more so crooked political moves that the Democrats use to pad their vote books with (registered numbers). Then they use those (REGISTERED NUMBERS) to PAD their voting numbers in hope to steal the elections with bought votes. Its also evil and crooked and involves criminals BECAUSE people or THE TAKERS of the (FREE MONEY PROGRAMS) often lie and lie and lie some more on the forms to get (the free money). This theft, this corruption must be stopped or the nation will get even sicker financially. This correction pill to some will be hard to swallow at first for some, but in the end the weight of their dishonesty that has haunted and possessed and marked and troubled their soul and character for years will finally be lifted off of them and they can go free before God and start anew the right and honest way.
        It used to be, COME TO AMERICA for there is plenty of work, (plenty of opportunity) and dream as big as you like, or as big as you want your personal empire to be. Work hard and lawfully and the nation will applaud the gains from your hard work both great and small. But now the Left (THE DEMOCRATS), the crooked side of America says, Come to America and (register to vote) and we will give you plenty of (free unearned money) and a (free ride without working for any of it. They have loaded up their voting books with this kind of corruption. THIS MUST STOP....BUILD THE WALL TRUMP...BUILD THE WALL AMERICA....Take Back the CONTROL OF YOUR DESTINY...For when THE TAKERS OUTWEIGH THE WORKERS AND THE TAXPAYERS SOMEONE IS DESTROYING THIS NATION with its OWN MONEY....HELLO.
       The Democratic Communist Party of America is the Party all behind the GIVE AMERICA AWAY PROGRAMS....They have an ultimate goal and it is sure not AMERICA FIRST MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. It is to change all this nations freedoms and rewrite our Constitution and redefine our nation. The more we let the Democrats stay in power the more frustrated the productive and the fruitful America Loving Patriots will get...Lets vote them out and forever keep them out...Never again elect a deceiving Obama politician ever again. And Hillary says she will continue down Obama's same ol tyrannic policies....We must as a nation BLOCK THE CROOKED to save us from the corrupt.
        BUT SUCH TAKING or SUCH TAKERS (THE FREE LOADERS) CANNOT BUILD A NATION, plant a seed, grow a tree, till a garden, nor harvest a crop, or MAKE A NATION STRONG. Such will eventually leave only dirt to kick up in the fields and no food to harvest FOR ANYONE. It will indebt a nation tremendously and that will eventually remove all the corn off the stalks until there is no more corn to give away to anyone, not even to the TAX PAYERS AND THE WORKERS.... THEN WHAT???? 
         Folks the crooked and corrupt political system itself made the nation grieve in sickness and caused the great need of an American government healing physician to rise up from outside of the crooked system. The system is so full of sweet smiling crooks on the take in government and on the streets and in the cities and fields of America that its stench itself reached the heavens and the heavens like responded and rained down upon us grace for American Recovery. 
         Nothing is pretty about this infection that is in our nation and government and the overcoming of this corruption want be a flower garden scene either. The corruption infection is as gross as of the worst infection and to remove that infection things will get and look ugly as the corruption is faced head on and removed BY THE VOICE AND FORCE OF THE PEOPLE...THE TRUMP PARTY. 
         But Friends the fight to overcome it and to remove our countries corruptions and infections is worth it all. We have a serious disease in this nations government and political system and its roots have grown deep, but it still can be uprooted. By our faith, by our Patriotism, by our strong United Determination, by our United Common Save America, Put America First, Make America Great Again Goal and Cause we can As One Nation Under God restore our nation. 
       The time is now for this restoration and not one for the tomorrows. If we elect Hillary we elect the same o same o. We elect then the same old diseased system already infested with the political infection that is destroying our country from within. The True Americans, the true WORKING TAX PAYING American Loving Patriots have been feeling our nations sickness and disease for along time now and we are fed up with it. It is time for Americans to love being Americans again.
        Do you know the heart of the democratic party really does not like for any American to feel patriotic about being an traditional American. The only time they show much patriotism is around election times for election purposes. Otherwise take that American RED WHITE AND BLUE Hat off your head young man. Take that IN GOD WE TRUST shirt off at school, for in New America its offensive. Take that American flag off your house sir. Take One Nation Under God out of the pledge of Allegiance. Take that American flag off your truck at school. But they will split the heavens on people's (immigrants and the haters of America) right to BURN OUR FLAG as a freedom of expression.
        To them (the heart of the democratic party) such patriotism is not the way they want us now to identify ourselves as being the people in this nation. Such traditional identification and patriotism they call and tag as political incorrectness by those who are trying to rewrite and redefine America, our traditions, our heritage, what marriage is, and what an American now is by their change to America.
        What I am about to write is VERY IMPORTANT. God open our eyes.
        Natural born citizens of America is NEVER EXALTED ANYMORE AS A PRIVILEGED POSITION OF AMERICAN HONOR (Have you not noticed this????).
        The American Born Citizen, YOU'R THE ONE THAT THE American Haters and the IMMIGRANT EXALTERS PLATFORMS HATE AND DESPISE. YOU ARE THEIR ENEMIES. You are the adversaries of their diverse manifold take over of the nation and of what they are wanting to do to our nation in their redefining of our most sacred traditional traditions and our American Traditional Identifications. Their goal is to take this nation over from the AMERICAN BORN PATRIOTIC CITIZENS and our traditions so they use against us weaponry words like PREJUDICE, HATERS, BIGOTS. If you oppose them in any way THEY SCREAM THOSE WORDS AGAINST YOU in hope to try to shame you, make you feel ashamed of YOUR AMERICA or embarrassed at being an American in hope to back you down. That is why things have not been going OUR WAY FOR A LONG TIME...We have felt this inside tyranny for TO LONG NOW...We Are Enraged at this tyranny and WE ARE UNITED AND ARE STOPPING IT. The Trump Train is going to run all this tyranny over for good. We Are Taking Our Country Back.
         Notice what we hear all the time now in the media and on the political scene these days. Its all about the present immigration, the new immigrants, illegal or not and how we must bend to them in all our elections for it is THEIR VOICE THAT DECIDES THE ELECTIONS OUTCOMES. IT'S ABOUT THE EXALTATION OF THE FREE-MONEY TAKERS and about the enslavement of the Workers and the Taxpayers, the American Born Citizens.
          For years in STEALTH STYLE OPERATIONS the Democratic Communist Party has been at work to take the power of this nation away from the BORN CITIZENS OF AMERICA. and put that power into their own Socialist Hands thru ever increasing immigration. THAT THE TRUTH....They are and have been trying to turn the nation upside down this way. The hell with that is now and must be our American Right and Retaliation fury. We now fight for our survival. We now fight even our own nation's Democrat Government Party to save the birth rights of the American Born Citizens.
        Trump has been given to us as a gift. Seems that even the Statue of Liberty herself, after the tyranny of the last 7 plus years of the Democratic Party against our Freedoms gave birth to this special All American Loving Man of Means to take over the reigns of our nation to help us recover from all this political corruption and tyrannies against our Constitution and Liberties and AMERICAN TRADITIONS, and all this political tyranny and war to take from the American Citizens the Power of our Nation.
        AMERICA we must not fall for the same ol same ol or that is what we will get. Hillary brings nothing new to the plate but the same old polished political lies and false promises of the establishments spin and delusions that they use to maintain their power, control, and corruption over our nation. Its just the same old lies spun with new lines but it is still the same old system.
        LET US STICK WITH TRUMP IN A MASSIVE UNITED FORCE and TAKE OUR NATION BACK....Let us keep our sleeves rolled up and political muscles still working and MASSIVELY MAKE IT CLEAR WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS DOWNSIZING AND DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA AND OF THE AMERICAN DREAM and TRADITIONS ANYMORE. Remember why we are angry with our government and let us not let go of that anger until we as Americans Are Truly Proud To Be Americans Again and are Stronger than ever before as a nation...America First and Make American Make Great Again....Trump Wins We Win....share freely.