Wednesday, May 11, 2016

America A Divided Nation.....Let's be honest here......deno.

.........And at this time in our history America is a divided country and for so many reason. Here is one.
........ America is a land of the workers and of the achievers who are the givers and taxpayers on one side of the ile, and America is a land full of takers and freeby gatherers piling up on the other side of the ile.
..........The takers and the freeby lovers worry about them and theirs mostly and how they personally will eat and survive and their concern does not reach much beyond themselves and their personal little world. Their patriotism to the nation and to national cause is often times found the least as many of them even burn the American flag. Some of that is understandable, having been spoiled by the strategic political based freeby system enforced by a certain political party for their political advantage. When their freebies are threatened they threaten back with Anti American Antics in hope to keep enslaved the rest of the nation to work for their free ride.
.........But the workers and the givers and the taxpayers of America on the other side of the ile, they concern themselves not only with their own needs and American dreams, but they also are greatly concerned now how the whole Nation itself is going to survive and afford all the free giveaways that has skyrocketed, and do so in such a manner as to not crash into national financial debt, depression and destruction from within). There exist many ways to weaken and to bring down a nation. Massive Gigantic Debt is one of them. Is someone or some party plotting this Financial Crash of America?
...........If We ALL AS AMERICANS, do not find a common realistic affordable ground in this indebting us free giveaway system issue and overspending soon, the America that we know today and have enjoyed for centuries will become a BYWORD of the world's many historical powers. We will be a has been in the sight of the world and a use to be. Do we really want that?
...........All of us are going to have make personal sacrifices on both sides of the ils in order to mend our nation that is seriously financially sick. I pray to God that it's not terminal. Those that overspend and those that keep offering and promoting the free giveaway system are spreading the very cancer that can destroy the America that we know today. They are the very problem and not any part of the solution......deno.....share freely.