Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Trump Blessing..Read to understand THE TRUMP BLESSING.....deno......share freely.

......There came a time in our Lords ministry that he became greatly opposed. These enemies formed alliances against Jesus and over and over again tried to catch him in his words, embarrass him publicly, and tried to stir up the villages and cities up to turn their hearts against him....But one day seeing all their attempts had failed they finally in awe struck to the Lords fame and popularity, they finally consented saying, All our schemes and attacks against him do nothing, behold the whole nation has gone after him (John 12:19).....
.....Friends not any of us can be compared to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All of us including Trump need Gods grace, love, and mercy....But I wrote these words to say this....If God has His own hand on a person for a task, whether he super empowers and anoints that person for His cause, whether its to build a great Ark or be made His appointed ruler over a nation, if God has ordained it by His own mouth as to say THIS SHALL BE or THIS SHALL COME TO PASS; as He did in Solomon's life and reign; you can squall, scream, fuss, cuss, jump on cop cars and burn rubber all night AND ALL YOUR WITHSTANDING WILL BE AS NOTHING though you act like the devil himself in your resisting Gods plan....
.......Gods Word Spoken over the man will triumph just as it did when God spoke His own blessing word over Solomon.
.......God spoke from His mouth His own blessing and purpose into the life of young Solomon, to make him business wise, rulership wise, and decision making wise to rule His nation. And And And God spoke His riches and wealth blessing into Solomon's life and dynasty and kingdoms glory called the glory of Solomon.
.......God had his plan and hand on Solomon from the womb. God was being rich in Mercy for the nation of Israel. He raised Solomon up for the glory of God and Israel in the Temple being built days. Prosperity came to Israel from all over Israel's own treasures and from many other nations FAR BEYOND ALL THEIR YESTERDAYS. The sound of joy and happiness returned to Israel because of Gods Pronounced BLessing on ONE MAN who would rule HIS NATION.  It was great days of prosperity in Solomon's reign because God ordained it to be with His own mouth speaking His Mighty Blessing into Solomon, his life and dynasty in that generation.
........When God personally puts a man in His sights and speaks His favor and blessing and cause into that soul personally, all the world can try to stop it but Gods Word will triumph and prevail.
..........That word that God personally spoke for HIS CAUSE into Solomon (for Solomon and the nation of Israel) was a unique and special WORD BLESSING.
.........Gods spoken blessing into Solomon was so powerful that those words working their power into Solomon inside and out made Solomon rich, wealthy, wise, energized and determined. It even made the nation (THE PEOPLE) of Israel to partake of THE SOLOMON BLESSING and to enjoy for themselves exceedingly rich and wealth blessings, and to become energized to gather and to build, and to become business smart, skillful in task and in decision making and wise to rule and they were proud of being Gods People as ONE NATION UNDER GOD. The spirit of revival was in the land as the Temple was being constructed.
..........That word that God personally spoke for HIS CAUSE into Solomon (for Solomon and for the nation of Israel) was so powerful in there coming to pass power, that we read in the bible that not even the sins and failures of Israel and of Solomon himself, nor his personal human errors and failures had the power to stop the Word Blessing that God ordained and spoke into Solomon. Abounding Grace and Mercy was in the mixture of THAT MIGHTY BLESSING. When Solomon or the people missed it or sinned or even failed and grieved God in Solomons life, God had so empowered THE SOLOMON BLESSING with such abounding grace and mercy power that THAT BLESSING WOULD STILL PROSPER AND PREVAIL in Solomon's life and Israel's even when the atmosphere of Israel grieved God and sin was abounding.
.........This was a special blessing of God of great grace and mercy and favor power. This was a MOST POWERFUL BLESSING that God spoke Himself into Solomon and his life and for his governing the nation as its king. It was a blessing for the nation of Israel in that day and hour  for the great need and desire of God to come to pass in Israel, and THE SOLOMON BLESSING was so powerful in its coming to pass power, that we read in the bible that not even the sins and failures of Israel and of Solomon himself, nor his personal human errors and failures had the power to stop the Mighty Word Blessing that God spoke into Solomon. 
........Solomon was divinely called, divinely chosen, and empowered by God for Gods purpose in the nation of Israel. God can do His Similar Blessing for now for other nations who call upon the Name of the Lord, who have humbled themselves and prayed for HIS DIVINE HELP and BLESSING on their nation...MILLIONS HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR AMERICA FOR DECADES...
......... Gods Word Blessing into men's lives when He has HIMSELF spoken those words into that mans life, those words come to pass no matter what that man does and no matter what his enemies do. Study this truth in the life of Solomon.
..........Even though Solomon was gifted beyond comparison he still made personal mistakes. Its in the record for all to see. And yet so have we all. I know I sure have, many times. God does not bless a nation always according to their goodness, but as He did in Solomons life, sometimes God blesses a people and a nation because of HIS GOODNESS and MERCY not because of any goodness of the people.
...........God gifted Solomon with increasing wealth and wisdom, and though Solomon had great great successes and some huge failures in his personal life and fellowship with the Lord, still that Word that God spoke into Solomon was so powerful and filled with such favor, grace, and mercy multiplied so greatly, that Gods SPOKEN Word Blessing into Solomon still kept on making Solomon wiser & wiser, and more famous and more famous, and more richer and more wealthier all of his life. Even though he Solomon had personal successes and personal failures and even though His sins grieved God, Gods Spoken Word Blessing into Solomon still kept coming to pass no matter what....IT WAS THE GIFT OF GOD TO THAT GENERATION THRU A MAN CHOSEN AND ORDAINED BY GOD..That was a POWERFUL WORD that God spoke into Solomon and his life for that generation. A word like unto what God spoke into Abraham saying, IN BLESSING I WILL BLESS YOU....and I will raise you up for MY PURPOSE......and I will BLESS YOU so that you will be My Blessing to others.
........Look at all they have done and try to do against Trump, no matter what they form against him by word, by political strategy schemes. or by deeds, Trumps fame keeps increasing and he gets record attendances and votes...Gods Blessing is on the Man.
.......Gods has a good plan for us and for our nation thru him....The best thing for all of us to do is to jump on the TRUMP TRAIN.
.......God has something great for this nation on His mind...He has seen what all these lying deceiving professional politicians have been doing to HIS NAME and to our Faith, and against IN GOD WE TRUST. These unpatriotic disloyal betraying America Politicians, they promote and allow the plundering of our nation as they smile and over and over again lie and deceive us, and He has seen how they have schemed to dismantle our nations blessings, faith, our economic, military, and religious strengths.
.......So God has gone outside the Box to get HIS WORK AND BLESSING PLAN accomplished for our nation With TRUMP. He did the same with David and with the 12 disciples and with Jesus our True KING.
........God has a special and grace abounding blessing plan for America.....God has put it into Trumps heart to bring His Goodwill plan to pass in America.
........IF MY PEOPLE WHO ARE CALLED BY MY NAME Will Humble Themselves and Pray and......., well many did as God said to do in that scripture promise...Its time for the democrats and all the opposers to let go and let God.
.......Trumps His Man for the hour we live in now..He has His Blessing in store for America...He is a present day Solomon. A blessing to America in our generation...Lets all thank God for him, pray for him. support him and put him on the throne...God has put in in his heart to love our Nation and to Favor our Nation. We have had enough of these down days where America was put on the bottom of the list, its time to WIN AGAIN AMERICA and COME TOGETHER AS ONE NATION UNDER GOD....America First. With Gods blessing on His Man lets make America Great Again....Lets let go and let God.....Democrats and Republicans its time to put down your stones, and burn your signs. and embrace THE BLESSING.....Trump is Ordained by Gods Mercy and Blessing for the Nation.......This does not happen often.... We must embrace the gift and the blessing in the man and be thankful for this blessing and gift to our generation.......Amen.......deno....share freely.