Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Whatever Happened to America ?.......deno.....share freely.

Whatever happened to America.....deno.
.........(And at this time in our history America is a divided country. America is a land of the workers and of the achievers who are the givers and taxpayers on one side of the ile, and America is a land full of takers and freeby gatherers on the other side of the ile. The takers and the freeby lovers worry about them and theirs mostly and how they personally will eat and survive and their concern does not reach much beyond themselves and their personal little world. But that's understandable, having been spoiled by the strategic political based freeby system enforced by a certain political party for their political advantage. While the workers and the givers and the taxpayers of America concern themselves not only with their needs and American dreams, but they also are greatly concerned now how the Nation is going to survive and afford all the free giveaways that has skyrocketed and not crash into national financial debt, depression and ruin). There exist many ways to weaken and to bring down a nation. Massive Gigantic Debt is one of them.
.......For many generations in America the present generations have been blessed with the works, the sacrifices and the achievements of the former generations. Their hard work and blessings achieved, the next generation after them inherited. This went on for many generations, and generation unto generation the blessing continued. But after awhile something really terrible happened. Let's talk about it.
........As the nation grew and progressed, eventually the nation became so great and so beautiful that some really spoiled and bratty people came to power who lost sight of the sacrifices of those who ran the race in America before them. The generations before them ran their race to make it better for the next generation being taught that it was our nation's responsibility and love duty to do so as the heart of Christianity was the nation's dominance and light, but suddenly a generation was born who somehow grew to have different views from the bible path and a selfish indulging DO WHAT YOU WILL spirit began to be introduced into the nation. It was channeled into the nation thru the means of new music being introduced to America, even from afar.
........A wild and partying undisciplined generation of gluttonous covetous people that decided to over indulge in all forms of undisciplined sensual pleasure filled behaviors and to overspend the goodies of our nation on themselves and not put away for the next generation's financial health and prosperity and well being took holt to the reigns of the nation. National self serving indulging people became a massive part of America as the hippies roamed the land seeking new pleasures, new highs, new sensations to explore. A very radical self serving people were multiplying in America that one day would enter into the politics of America and they would shake the nation even to its traditional foundational settings. A change to old America was being born and the anti traditional American agenda was being set in slow motion. The John Wayne type of spirit and rugged heartfelt patriotism and love of God and country was soon to become almost extinct and would be replaced by the form of a spirit that I will call the sugar and spice of sweet evil. Evil and wrong would now be presented and would be made to taste so sweet, so spicy, and look so good yet after taking its full course in the people it still would destroy is prey in the end.
........Those gluttonous greedy self serving people became a spiteful, spoiled generation that began to take for granted the former generations sacrifices, labors, and great wealth achievements and they began to govern over those former generations achievements recklessly having no longer in them the richer spiritual depths that the former generations possessed to care for themselves and for the future generations of America. 
.........And because they did not have to really work for the national greatness that they were born into, they, looking at the great wealth that was in the nation's treasury, they thought to themselves that this could never end. The wealth is just to enormous. So they began to wheel and deal foolishly and wastefully. They forgot to be real grateful and truly thankful because they did not push that spirit anymore as America's former generations cleaved to. They even began to war with God and pushed an anti God agenda little by little and SERIOUS CORRUPTION SET IN to the course of our nation.The betraying spirit of Judas had entered and was rampant in the American government and Courts of America that began to attack Americans former Christian traditions and beliefs and from there America began to slip and slide itself away from the former generations blessings that had sustained them for several generations. The betrayal of God and of America's christian faith and traditions was now on and it is still taking its course in the American society to this day.
..........In this corruption something happened to their minds reasoning and thinking and those spoiled, unthankful, anti God anti Christian people began to handle the nation's wealth in manners that were soon to become even dangerous to the nation's security, the nation that was once the richest nation in the history of the world. The plundering of America's wealth began as the nation became governed by people that seemed to not be able to find the off button to their spending. They began to feed the world with all kinds of political giveaways and by backyard deals for America's interest and advantages and this was being done so recklessly that in time they hit a wall and a crack was put in the hull of the Great American Ship. A crack that even to this hour no one knows how to fix it without first sinking the ship and transporting the people to another boat and SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT. Something very important was just simply said there.
........They began to dish out grants, fatly fund all kinds of programs. They began to cast their pearls before the swine and the pork all of the sudden was everywhere. They became addicted (for political gain) to give out free money to people to help them, but at the same time they perverted and polluted that helping hand by buying votes thru that welfare system to grow their political parties numbers (more corruption)
......... Seeing they could buy votes that way they began to call out for more and more immigrants to enter the land even illegally, put them also on the take, buying their votes with the unearned giveaways also, to keep their political numbers increasing for their corruptive control of the nation. The citizens kept seeing the massive increase of immigrants into America and saw its problems and they thought, how so strange it is, that our American government ignores this problem. (It was to their political advantage to look the other way because they were increasing their vote power to take power away from the real tax paying citizens of this nation.
......... A subtle and yet different kind of takeover of the democratic socialist communist party of America was underway). Money was flying out of that treasury year after years as if there was no way the nation could ever run out of money, They took the hard working tax paying people's wealth and funded wars and started buying off both immigrants, people, and nations, not to mention the under the table side bar deals that made politicians rich together as they packed bills with political pork for stealth politician feast. As the bible says of covetous leaders, those covetous people feast themselves on the people's givings.
.........America was full of citizens of great giving hearts but unfortunately greedy wolves in sheep's clothing crept into the power seats of their government singing God Bless America in order to get in and they were positioned by a people deceived on the power seat of the receiving end of the nation's givings and charities (The fiscal budget of America). They are corrupt politicians. Gangsters in fancy three piece suits with red, white and blue ties that sing publicly God Bless America only to hide their evil hearts of greed and the secret plundering of the American People's Taxes and Wealth. Giveaways Giveaways Giveaways to help others they pound and preach, but they preach that only to appear and to COME ACROSS as being charitable themselves ( a charitable party), but this has been going on for decades of the corrupt politicians to divert the attention of THE PEOPLE off of them and their own person political plundering of America's Tax Wealth and to BUY and to SECURE MORE VOTES so that they can continue to increase the size of the crack in the American Ships Hull. What's that old saying about that old con man, He deceives them, killing them by their love. 
.........These same spoiled people kept and keep on with all that reckless GIVEAWAY spending until one day they looked into the nation's treasury and bank account and said uh oh, we are out of money and we have all these checks to honor. Welfare checks, Military and government retirement checks, social security checks and all these other checks. What are we going to do? The nation's wealth we have plundered.
........They came up with an idea. They went to the printing machines and began to fabricate the government's wealth status with the printing of paper money backed by no gold. They call it borrowing money out of thin air, out of the THE FUTURE GENERATIONS in order to pay for their present reckless generations bills. That generations reckless mishandling of the nation's wealth had to reach for the first time into the FUTURE GENERATIONS WEALTH status for the first time in American history to cover its own greedy consumptions
.........These evil careless and covetous politicians have plundered America's former wealth, present wealth and now even America's FUTURE WEALTH to cover the debts of their plundering of America. GIVEAWAYS GIVEAWAYS GIVEAWAY is the main campaign strategy, even though they know that America can no longer afford that...... (20 Trillion dollars in debt-Unbelievable Financial Nightmare). Talk about an irresponsible greedy gluttonous politically corrupt people.
...........They tell us our children and their children's children shall have to pay it back. How so unfair that is. We even give so many other nations all kinds of money (Billions and Billions and even trillions) while we curse our own American children's future generations with what could be an irreparable sinking ship. These evil people should be tracked and then TRUMPED for getting us into this BIG MESS. Donald Trump and his witty mind of finance and wealth gaining blessing AMERICA NEEDS DESPERATELY. We cannot afford the professional politicians any more. THEY ARE UNTRUSTABLE AND THEY ARE THE PROBLEM AND HAVE BEEN FOR DECADES as is seen in the words of this simple writing and as clearly seen in America's Gigantic Debt. We as a nation should literally THANK GOD that a man like TRUMP is even willing to take the wheel of the nation to help us with his financial wits and experience to increase America's wealth ratio.
..........The reckless spending and borrowing money out from the future generations is today still going on, even more than ever and it is 45 plus years later. For almost 45 plus years now our government's own reckless irresponsible spending of the nation's wealth has bankrupted what was once the richest nation on earth and if it were not for all those printing machines printing huge amounts of fabricated wealth and calling it money and borrowing it out of the future, the American Empire would fall and that like a mighty financial crashing of biblical proportions. 20 Trillion dollars in debt and climbing. UNBELIEVABLE,
..........Hillary Clinton and many other professional politicians for the last forty years had the ability to attack this problem but did not. They created this problem. Out of control they themselves kept adding to this reckless spending behavior. They all kept spending more than the year before until operating in a bigger and bigger deficit became like a horrible drug addiction that our government could not kick. Now we are 20 trillion dollars in debt and that debt is in itself the worse national security threat to present America.
..........Right Now, we as a nation MUST CHOOSE the right candidate for President this time at this stage in our nation's financial crisis, that can create jobs and real wealth and control cost at the same time or at least set in motion a real feasible means to pay the debt down, we could lose America soon if we don't.
..........Donald Trump is the man for America for what our nation is facing now. We have to, we must now put America First and Make America Great Again or the America we love and know could be gone forever...In Washington it can longer be government business as usual. We must excel in achievements and prosperity and financial disciplines far above our known yesterday's. Donald Trump is the most qualified person to help the nation do all this. Let us not let go of this gifted man given to our generation for such an hour as this in America......deno.....share freely.