Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Donald Trump will win the Election 2016.......deno.....share freely.

.......(Thru-out the many generations God has set before People His Blessing or A Cursing. He told them how to receive His Favor and Blessing, but He also told them that THE CHOICE WAS THEIR'S TO MAKE, NOT HIS. HE WAS ALREADY SET TO BLESS THEM BEYOND MEASURE, and He already had everything lined up to make it happen if they would only believe and choose the right path that He set before them for their nation to lay holt of it...It was up to them to lay holt of it.
.......So speaking of God's blessing let us read..... And God put HIS BLESSING UPON A MAN NAMED ABRAHAM AND SAID...I the Lord will place My Favor and My Blessing upon Abraham and I will bless those that bless Abraham and I will curse those that curse Abraham.
........Before these words of the divine blessing came into Abraham's life, Abraham was an idol worshiper that did not even know the One True God. Nonetheless Abraham was lavished richly with divine favor that he himself at the first did not even understand nor naturally deserved. When he got the call to the blessing of the Lord that would bless many others, even many nations, he laid holt on to the blessing by faith and thru many test and trials he endured and still yet it is written that God blessed Abraham and made Abraham rich and in time God's blessing upon Abraham made Abraham even a blessing to many nations.
........ It is amazing what the blessing of the Lord can do if people connect to its timing, favor, and power.
.........Now let us go into the further given light.
.........We do not approach this given light in any form of self goodness or self righteousness to bank on or to brag about. This is God intervening and doing the goodness from HIS RESERVOIR OF GOODNESS and not from any goodness of any man or of any of us. If America got what she deserved she would be 6 feet under as a nation, for great are the sins of this people and of us all. On the left or on the right, we all have greatly sinned and we have all done so many wrongs. Lets stop all the stone throwing. Its a waste of time.
........WE WILL WIN THIS ELECTION and within two years jobs will be crazy abundant all over America and American loving patriotism will be at a mighty astounding resurrected high all over the nation. Huge Prosperity business and industry booms will be happening all over our country. New and old businesses and industries will be resurrected and popping up everywhere in the United States, because the plundering and the dismantling of our nations wealth, power, and strength will have ceased. The America First Agenda will be enacted and will prevail to the tremendous blessing of this nation that has for decades sacrificed so much of its blood and wealth itself to bless the world.
......We will be putting our billions and billions and billions unto the trillions of dollars back into our American pockets and not the pockets of our competitors who have dealt America all kinds of bad hands in the card game of trade competition and goodwill relations because of the incompetence of our leaders and because of political sell outs. 
.........We will be producing and buying and selling our own coal, oil, solar, and gas energies. The world has been allowed to take advantage of our nation's generosity for 50 years thru the abundance of American charity and compassion and goodness, but those days are numbered. Our nation's deficit now requires and even demands that from now on America and her citizens must come first.
.........Strength and strong Pro America Leadership will finally be back in Washington to replace those who put everyone else before our Vets needs and before the true American citizens needs. It is good to be charitable Jesus taught us, but he also taught us the importance of taking care of our own first. He said and we quote, It is not right nor is it proper to take the (citizens) bread and to cast it to the outsiders. He said that it is just not right to do that. Even Paul wrote, If a man does not first take care of his own household, he is a betrayer of his own.
........To our allies we will be that friend that sticks closer than a brother, but to our enemies that have taken advantage of our generosity and tolerance they will feel the squeeze of American retribution and regained power under President Donald Trumps 8 years administration of the America First Make America Great Again Revolution Agenda....And our IN GOD WE TRUST MOTTO WILL BE REAFFIRMED.
.......Soon something really good is going to happen in America and for America thru the Donald Trump Presidential legacy.....So hang on America, God's grace and goodness unto you has not ended yet. He has heard our cry, the cry of His people and His favor comes down from heaven once again upon our nation to bless and to empower us once again, a thing which so many of our enemies within and without strove in stealth to cease.
........These many good things do not come upon us because of American exceptionalism or because of any man's own goodness for none of us, no not even one can boast right now how good or how sinless we have been, nor because Americans have the right to boast about anything. It comes from a promise of God being fulfilled and of works before us remembered that have come up for a memorial before God working the power thru the avenue of great intercession that has stood in the gap from those who ran the race before us.
.......Let us all remember that God's greatest blessing and goodness and His salvation came upon the world when the world was totally UNWORTHY, so evil and so ungodly and so undeserving. Still yet for God so loved the world that He blessed us with His greatest blessing above them all, Jesus Christ His Son and all that His Son did for us.
........We learn from the scriptures that God knows how to bless and rain his blessing on the deserving and upon the undeserving. HE IS GOD.. Its called grace and mercy and the goodness of God and not of men. Therefore no man can boast but to God he gives the glory and that must not be forgotten.
.........We are not to let go of this abounding grace and mercy that rains upon our nation in these God ordained fruitful upcoming years..We have endured the satanic scheme sent to us for the last 7 plus years to divide us apart and to oppress with dread. We survived the storm against our nations freedom course and against our faith traditions and heritage, and now comes the blessings and the riches that the 7 year storm tried to hide and sought to keep from happening to our nation.
......... In those days to come under the Donald Trump presidential reign over this nation (AND IT IS TO BE NOTED THAT THIS BLESSING and FAVOR IS UPON DONALD TRUMP and upon no other) it shall be heard in the heart and in the streets and across this land that God has blessed America again and Happy Days of rejoicing and thanksgiving shall be heard as it was and in surpassing measures exceeding all former years. And the more they press against Donald Trump the more God will increase His lift of favor with the people as He has been doing. A thing which baffles all of us, even his enemies.
.......Also there will be also something else taking place that is so heavenly delicious in those years, a thing of which I will not speak of at this time but those who are sensitive to the Spirit will know what is about to occur in the light of abounding favor and grace. He that has ears to hear let him hear..God is a merciful God and God is Rich and Rich in Mercy.
........P.S. And it comes with persecutions but so do persecutions company many of the GOOD THINGS GOD DOES ON EARTH FOR HIS PEOPLE...This is not written to be a downer to the blessing but to preach the fulness truth..Even the happiest of souls and the wealthiest of families and friends on earth laugh a lot and cry a lot. That is just part of the present life...share freely.....deno....May 11, 2016.