Saturday, October 25, 2014

America, There's Your Sign.....VOTE.....deno......share freely.

......Every Republican candidate wants Romney to be with them on their campaign trail and no wonder. They all know Romney is a great leader, a man of honor, AN HONEST HEART, and a Patriot, loving God and Country the traditional way, and that he in his integrity and honesty told us the truth back in 2012, while the president and his left funded media machine lied, lied, and lied even more, and deceived many in the nation with their spin of the truth and we are all now bearing the burden of carrying those lies, delusions, cover ups, and with all that misleading spin now in our nation....Now that is one packed sentence of THE TRUTH and HISTORICAL RECORDED FACTS......
........While the democrat candidates are distancing themselves from the President and his failed policies and from all the lies, the scams, the cover ups, and truth dodging which have been the ways of and are THE POLICIES of THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY...The Republican candidates are all wanting and inviting and welcoming Mitt Romney THE MAN OF INTEGRITY, HONESTY, and HONOR with them on all their campaign events. ....There's Another Sign America..
........America let us not be deceived again. If their own know that their policies and their leadership failed and they want to DISTANT THEMSELVES from the President, this means also they know their policies have failed the nation and the dream was A LYING WONDER and not Power House Leadership but was based on high deception PERIOD (REMEMBER)....Voters THERE'S YOUR OTHER SIGN....Remember his PERIOD SPEECH....The Democratic party speech makers were involved in that speech and in it's delivery..It was founded on MORE LIES that he and they were fully aware of to get the President and the Democratic Party re-elected....Hello.
.........We must DISTANCE OURSELVES FROM THEM.....Far Far away from them.....Vote for the RIGHT and not for the FAILED LEFT......and lets find that document called the Constitution and tape it back together and put this nation back on GODS TRACK and on the track that our founding fathers laid for this nations unstoppable course to peace, strength, and to personal and national prosperity. 

      (Extra....How? By The American Dream and by that Good ol God Ordained and God Blessed Thing He Called Honest Work. God blessed Adam and Eve and gave them the garden and then He Himself carried them and put them in the garden and then God instituted work as a way of the life and course of all men. He told them, "Now Till It." That means to work it. They were not to just go sit in a shade somewhere and wait for that pear tree to throw them some pears as they laid back in the shade. They were not to be lazy like that, such was ungodly. They were to go and pick and gather up for themselves the fruit, and herbs, and vegetables and to prepare for themselves the SUPPER FEAST. 
       Work is Gods Instituted Way For All Men. Do Something Friend, Something. And in the fear of the Lord be sure THAT SOMETHING you do is acceptable unto God.) Jesus said, Some gathered much. Some gathered little. But at least they were out there involved GATHERING.  At lest they were obeying God and were out there TILLING. Friend, you can do this. God created you to Till, not to steal. (John 10:10).
         God said. God said. God said, "Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord." I have had enough of all these negative curses we all can see going on in our society and in our nation due a whole lot in part to this anti God, and anti America, socialist democratic President and Party delusional agenda that removes the PRECIOUS PRESERVING SALT from our society. Yes they are the PARTY that bood God at their last democratic convention.......share freely......VOTE. CONSERVATIVE....VOTE GOD AND COUNTRY.......VOTE REPUBLICAN.....VOTE.