Friday, October 24, 2014

And With Christ We Sat Down Lesson Information #2......deno.......share freely.

       We found out in lesson #1 that Paul who served God with his spirit and who was spiritually minded was talking from the Spirit of Christ in him about the spirit of man that is in us. He was comparing spiritual things with spiritual (1 Corinthians 2:12-16). We learned that James 2:26 tells us that the spirit of man is real and that our bodies without the spirit in them die. Recall with me when Jesus on the Cross had paid the full price in His own blood for our sins punishment, the bible says Jesus cried out and said that IT IS FINISHED, and right afterwards Jesus said, Father into Your hands I entrust MY SPIRIT. When it is time for our bodies to die as well, we who believe and belong to Christ can say the same words to the Father concerning OUR SPIRIT. Stephen did just that (Acts 7:58-60).
        We also found out that Jesus in John chapter 3 was speaking of the spirit of man and that he called the spirit of man (MAN). We know that in heaven, in the paradise of God, in the city of the King of glory there is the Spirit of the Lord, there are the spirits of diverse angelic beings, AND THAT IN HEAVEN THERE IS THE SPIRITS OF MEN AND OF WOMEN AND OF CHILDREN WALKING AROUND IN GLORY IN FELLOWSHIP WITH THE GREAT KING IN THE GREAT CITY AND WORSHIPING IN THE GREAT CONGREGATION. Together they are called THE HEAVENLY HOST. The spirits of Gods heavenly realm. God is a Spirit. Angels are ministering spirits. Man is spirit, soul, and body (1 Thessalonians 5:23). But in heaven right now we are spirit and soul. We were created to enjoy all the realms of the creation of God, the spiritual and the physical. This was our God given us created glory and authority.
       Speaking of authority let us gaze further into this subject of AUTHORITY for a few moments in this lesson #2. This is needful and important light here that needs to shine on us. This information will help us as we seek and find more of the hidden treasures of Ephesians 2:1-10 which is our studies text. This very subject reveals and explains a whole lot to us about the fall of Adam and how his fall, his sin effected all mankind like a NEGATIVE FREE GIFT passed on and transferred to us by spirit from spirit, flesh from flesh transfer and hand off, by seed and by birthing without our own works involved in the transfer that occurs when we are conceived and born. And this information also helps us see how Jesus Christ who came down from heaven and BECAME for us the SECOND ADAM, how his redeeming, reconciling, restoring works from the Cross back to the throne blessed and POSITIVELY EFFECTED you and I. Which is also called ETERNAL REDEMPTION, and the so GREAT A SALVATION.
        None of us nowhere, gives birth to our self. NO ONES OWN WORKS HAS EVER CAUSED ONES OWN SELF TO BE BORN......Not on earth and not in heaven. On earth we are all from and born of Adam and his seed who was every bit created and born from God and His Words which are GODs Seeds. God gave Adam His image and His likeness by His Words that in-houses all Gods information which He transfers out of Himself into things to create matter and all things including MAN. Adam was to transfer that same holy information Image and that same HOLY SINLESS LIKENESS to us from the seed where in the glory for that holy information and holy nature transfer was in-housed and stored for sacred safe keeping and transfer when Adam would know his wife.  The information that formed and created all three parts of Adam spirit,k soul, and body came forth from the Spirit of God and was released thru God Speaking. The same thing man does. He transfers His beings information, his beings image and likeness by seed also, but not by spoken seed but by pleasure knowing his wife.
        When Adam sinned he betrayed God, and the sacred trust; He betrayed us, and the sacred equation, formula, and information that God used to form Adam and us and create us in His perfect holy sinless image and likeness. When Adam sinned, that sin he committed changed and rearranged that holy information line up and Adam became a cursed creature. Things in him and in his being changed dramatically and all that change, the biological change and the spiritual change was all together re-figured and recalculated and freshly stored in the physical and heavenly DNA information and man fell lower than the angels even to the taste of death, hell and the grave.
       The sin of Adam caused the curse and that curse was the change in all the information arrangement that God used to create us in His sinless holy image and likeness and a serious virus so to speak was placed in on the creation equation and the original formula that man was created with was changed for the worse. This was Adams NEGATIVE gift to us so to speak by flesh from flesh DNA  connection transfer AND spirit to spirit image transfer. In other words, the way Adam went and what he became in the spirit and in the soul and in the body whether of life or of death, whether of blessing or of cursing, so WENT THE OFFSPRING by the seed transference connection that connects US ALL to the first Adam. All this was in the reach of Adams God given him authority. If he chose life and blessing, life and the blessing remained. If he chose sin, then curse and death would become him. He had the power to lay it all down or to keep it all happy and safe. This was his God given him crown of glory and honor and Adam was highly created in an image whereby he could safely handle such a high calling of responsibility with joy and ease and great pleasure. But in the temptation, Adam sinned and he betrayed all of his crown and Satan took it up and wore it until the resurrection of Christ (Matthew 28:16-18).
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      His (ADAMS) condition whether good or bad would directly effect our condition as his offspring, for God had untrusted unto Adam THE KEYS (THE AUTHORITY) to the kingdom and all the children of the kingdom to come. This was the GREAT ENTRUSTMENT. He gave the FIRST ADAM the full authority and blessing to bring forth all the sons and daughters of God to come. God let go of the keys and He gave Adam  those keys which included that incredible blessing and authority to conceive and give birth to the children of God, to the reach of the replenishing of the whole earth and beyond. 
       God created Adam with us INSIDE THE SACRED BAG, in the precious bag of the HOLY SINLESS SEED and Eve He created with that precious secondary dust of the earth called the womb, THE PHYSICAL AND THE SPIRITUAL GARDEN OF THE SEEDS PLANTING for the offspring to come from. "Be fruitful and multiply, God said to Adam and Eve and replenish the earth". Populate the world that I have blessed you with and given under your AUTHORITY. Till it and maintain it and keep it all safe along with the up and coming tillers that you will give birth to "MY CHILDREN". Into your hands Adam and Eve I entrust everything even to the half of My own kingdom. I entrust unto you the spirits and the souls of the offspring to come. Into YOUR HANDS I give the keys to the kingdom. As it is written, Jesus said, Fear not little flock, for it gives your heavenly Father good pleasure to GIVE YOU THE KINGDOM. And yet that kingdom was prepared for all of us from the beginning of the world, but was lost to us at the fall of Adam.
       At that point when God let go and let Adam have the keys, that authority transfer, had Adam simply obeyed Gods one warning, that one commandment which was totally and easily doable, all of us would be living in a paradise world of heaven on earth every day with not a speck of the curse, and every spirit would automatically be ALIVE unto God in a divine sinless, holy Spirit in spirit  connection and delicious joy filled fellowship from the womb as John the Baptist was from his mothers womb. It is written, and John was filled with the Spirit of God (our heavenly Father) from his mothers womb. However, oh how all things changed after Adam did the unthinkable. His sin cause his spirit to undergo change, a change called spiritual death. His spirit change from a holy spirit that was in its original state created in righteousness and pure holiness into an unclean, defiled, unholy, ungodly spirit patterned after the image of the evil spirit of the tempter that tempted him into disobedience and into that horrific heaven shocking Jesus crucifying transgression. Jesus had to come and deliver us from this death of our spirits and of our bodies curse. AND YOU (by Jesus Christ) HATH GOD MADE ALIVE who were dead in trespasses and sins......We will discuss this more in the next segment called....And With Christ We Sat Down Lesson #3. God bless you.......deno......share freely.