Monday, October 27, 2014

The Sword of the Lord verses the Sword of the AntiChrist. The Sword of Light Verses the Sword of Darkness. The Fire & the Friction When Swords Collide.....WATCH VIDEO FIRST...deno....share freely.

       The enemies of Christ and him crucified and risen from the dead attacked His servants in the early years of the church tremendously. Threatening them. Terrorizing them. Hitting them. Beating them. Crucifying them. Mocking them. Laughing at them. Arguing with them. Feeding them to lions. Burning them at the stake and more as they told them in their stand against Jesus Christ and in their mysterious anger against the Lord and His Name how wrong they were etc.. As it is written, And they hated Jesus without a cause.
       Paul said part of his calling that he was graced by Jesus for was for the defense and for the confirmation of the gospel, of the truth that is in Christ that he himself learned the hard way when he was warring against Jesus and his Name and gospel. Paul said we must not back off of our defense of the gospel no matter the opposition and their treats. Paul was beaten, striped with whips, and imprisoned many different times showing and expressing his uncompromising love for Jesus, the One that showed Himself alive to him when he was headed to destroy the lives of Christians in the years his heart was blind. 
       After Paul saw and heard Jesus in his resurrection life and glory Paul could not deny the One who loved him and gave himself for him and that had great compassion and mercy upon him.....He could not back away from His stand for the gospel even if the whole world turned their combined forces and wrath on him. He said, In this calling I am crucified to the world and the world is crucified unto me. God nailed and fastened Pauls heart and life to preach to this world in darkness the light of Jesus Christ. He said, I MUST PREACH THE GOSPEL. He was nailed by God to this HIGH OBLIGATION AND CALLING.  What a calling is was and oh how faithful Paul was to Jesus and to the calling of Acts 26:14-18 & Acts 9:1-20. Eventually the world did spew out Paul from its mouth and killed Paul who would not DENY THE LORD that bought his soul with such great love as revealed in the wisdom of God concerning the cross of Christ.
      The beautiful woman in the video is precious to the Lord, her heart has been taken advantage of by the cunning wit of seducing spirits that deceives and upends the love that is in the gospel out of peoples hearts. Hopefully her eyes become reopened and her heart returns back to the Great Shepherd that loves her and gave his life for her. I pray she comes back home to Jesus THE SAVING TRUTH before its to late.
       Thru it all and I know it can be painful we must forgive and intercede for those who hurt us for our uncompromising stand for the love of the truth that is in Christ Jesus the light of Life....Hats off to the preacher. A mighty courages warrior for the truth that is in Christ...Jesus is Lord.
       Though God is love, PERFECT LOVE, yet now having evil in the creation brought into existence by Satan; light and darkness shall collide and that collision in the last days will be fierce and beyond any known friction or troubles ever before us since the beginning of creation (Jesus said that). Jesus also said, I have come into this evil world to give my life as a RANSOM for many. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him would not perish but have everlasting life. He said I have not come to condemn the world but that the world thru the blood of My Cross might be saved....Then later Jesus said in a private moment with His disciples, Think not that I have come to bring peace on earth at this time. I have come not at this time to bring peace on the earth but to bring a SWORD, and by this Sword frictions, wars, and divisions shall it cause. So much so that in some cases even a mans own enemies shall be that of his own household (Family), unto even the nations. The promise of the Everlasting Peace by Jesus Christ shall surely come but not until Jacobs troubles in the great tribulation has first fulfilled their days.